Whether it is their birthday, or just a weekend with great weather, you want to throw a party for your children. After all, socializing with their friends is very important and it is always preferable to engage children in games and other activities, than see them play video games all day long. Children’s parties are fun even for adults and they give you a great opportunity to make friends with other parents and neighbors. The only impediment: your house is small. Really small. And you don’t want your children’s guests to notice that and feel cramped in their games. Today we will share with you some fun and practical ideas of children’s party in a small apartment. Let’s get started!

#1 An Oscars Evening

Turn a simple evening of watching a movie into an exciting event for your children and their friends. A few cardboard props, a piece of red cloth used as stage curtain, and your TV set will become the scene of an amazing event. It doesn’t take lots of work, because children’s imagination will expand everything to movie star proportions.

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#2 Arrange Food on a Cabinet

Long cabinets with drawers are very useful when you throw parties. A festive table cloth, some decals above the wall and you have created an open buffet for your guests. Since these cabinets are usually not very tall, they are perfect for children to reach for the food and drinks.

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#3 Organize an Indoor Camping Party

A few improvised tents, board games, healthy treats and some removable decorations on the wall and your children’s room is instantly transformed into a cool camping area. Your little adventurers will barely notice how close together all the tents are.

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Source: Parenting

#4 A Pinata Party

The pinata is a Latin American tradition at its origin, but now has become more and more popular for children’s party. Pinatas are usually shaped like animals and filled with treats. There are various ways of breaking a pinata, but if you have a party with many children, each should be given a string to pull, until the treats fall on the floor. Let the hunt begin!

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#5 Host a Tea Party

Tea parties used to be very popular decades ago, both for adults and for children. If you have a really small living room, this is a good party idea, because children will sit down and enjoy their treats and tea and the mess will be minimum. After tea, board or card games will keep them entertained for the rest of the party.

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#6 A Fairytale Party on a Budget

A piece of light, transparent curtain, fairy lights and a few shiny decals, and you have managed to give your daughter the princess treatment she dreams of for her birthday. You do not have to decorate the entire house, find the best corner to arrange the presents and the food and drinks, and you’re done.

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#7 A Sleepover Party

Children love to tell each other secrets and imagine fantastic scenarios when they are left to their own devices. Pajama parties o sleepover parties require minimum preparation from you: some healthy snacks, board games and no snooping at the door while the children battle aliens or find the best way to save the princess.

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#8 Organize Indoor Games

If you want to minimize the amount of mess left in your house after the party, keep the children engaged in a game in a specific areas. For instance, organize a contest of paper plate ring toss and reward the little champions with fresh fruit, toys or whatever you consider appropriate.

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#9 Decorate the Ceiling

It is known that children are not at all gentle with any item they get their hands of. If you do not want to spend the whole night picking up pieces of decorations from all the unexpected places, then place those decorations where children cannot reach them: on the ceiling.

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#10 Bring Play Dough

Play dough is a life saver for people out of interesting activities for a children’s party. For one, the children will be fully involved in modeling various objects. For another, you will be able to assign them to a corner of the room and keep them under supervision as they play.

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#11 Send Children on a Search for Clues

Let you children’s guests play Sherlock Holmes and watch the detective spirit take over them. Hide clues all over the room where you host the party, and reward the first child to finish the game with a special treat. If the weather is nice, the hunt for clues can extend outside, in your back yard.

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Source: TodaysParent

#12 Organize a Cooking Party

Here is a fun way to keep children entertained: teach them how to prepare delicious treats during a cooking party. Prepare to clean the mess in the kitchen afterwards, but we are sure you won’t mind it after the explosion of joy and enthusiasm from your little trainee chefs.

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As you can see, it does not matter that your house is small. Children do not need a lot of space to have fun and play together. Whatever idea for children’s party in a small apartment you may have, it can be done. You just need a little patience and to think of the happiness you will create for your children and their friends.

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