We all try to stay fit, especially as summer is right around the corner and we try to get our beach bodies ready. But there is so little time in our busy daily schedules, and most of the gym subscriptions are wasted money, because we never keep the schedule. For some people, working out next to others is a major inhibitor. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a small workout corner at home? Definitely, that would be the best solution! Oh, but where will you put all the equipment you need in a small home? Plus, it would cost a small fortune to equip a room like a gym. However, here are two key issues: first, you do not need many gym equipment at home – even at the gym you barely use 2 or 3 fitness machines. Second, with a little creativity you can find an area where you can create a small home gym. Here are 12 clever solutions we discovered:

#1 Take Advantage of Open Space

Many modern apartment buildings are built with lots of open space, to allow natural light to reach to all the corners and to offer more walking space. With a little planning, you can have a small workout corner, a home office and a laundry area all next to each other and without creating inconvenience for the other members of your family.

gym 12

Source: HomeEsthetics

#2 In the Attic

The attic is usually used as storage room, or guest bedroom. But if you really need your private space for working out, you can turn the attic into a small home gym. In fact, it doesn’t even look so small. And as time goes by, you can add as many gym equipment and accessories as you need.

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Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#3 The Multi-Purpose Garage

Garages are very useful annexes to any home. They can be used in so many ways: workshop, laundry room, storage area and gym, of course. With some clever planning, you don’t even have to banish your car out on the driveway. A treadmill, a few dumbbells and a yoga mat can nicely fit on one side, leaving the rest of the space free for parking your car.

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Source: HGTV

#4 Small Workout Corner in the Transition Corridor

Older homes are built with a transition corridor from the living room to the kitchen. This space is quite large to walk through it and place airing cabinets, but you wouldn’t call it living space. However, this family managed to make the most of their corridor: they arranged not one, but two treadmills and now enjoy working out at home.

gym 11

Source: Rachel Olsen

#5 Create a TV Fitness Corner

Many people use video fitness routines to stay in shape. These routines are usually promoted by fitness gurus, celebrities and are designed to help people get fit little by little. The best part about such fitness programs is that they only need a few training accessories, which you can neatly arrange on open shelves installed around the TV set.

gym 6

Source: Brit

#6 Have a Patio? Use It!

As warm weather has set in, there is nothing more pleasant and energizing than to exercise outdoors. If your house extends to a patio towards the backyard, this is the perfect place to install your gym equipment for the next 3-4 months. It is away from prying eyes, does not inconvenience other family members and helps you workout in fresh air.

gym 9

Source: Decoist

#7 Set a Good Example for Your Kids

The children’s room is yet another great space for arranging your small home gym. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids and you teach them a healthy lifestyle from an early age. It is a win-win solution for everyone.

gym 10

Source: Homesthetics

#8 Improvise Gym Equipment

Do you really need to buy a fancy and expensive stationary bike? Not really. Your regular bike is just as useful. Add a few props to keep it still and stable, and you’ve got your gym bike ready for working out on rainy days.

gym 1

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#9 Create a Private Workout Corner

Privacy screens are very useful in small homes. They delimit various areas, look beautiful and provide you with a separate corner, away from everyone. A foldable privacy screen helps you create your very own small gym at home and then free up the area once you are done exercising.

Source: HGTV

#10 In Your Bedroom

We are most energetic in the morning, after waking up. This is also the most recommended moment by experts to work out. So, why shouldn’t you install a gym bike or treadmill in your bedroom? It is certainly discreet and it does not create inconvenience for the rest of your family.


Source: Rachel Olsen

#11 Add a Floor Length Mirror

All gyms have floor length mirrors to help you observe and correct your movements, preventing accidents. In a small room crammed with gym equipment, the mirror also helps create the illusion of a larger space.

gym 8

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#12 Surround Yourself with Motivation

A calendar of your progress, motivational quotes on the wall and bright, lively colors will help you continue with your workout even when you feel less enthusiastic and ready to give up.

gym 7

Source: Brit

And we’ve made it to the end! As you can see, it is quite possible to have a small home gym and stay fit without having to exercise in a public place. You just need to be a little imaginative and find a place in your home and to keep your motivation to continue your fitness routine. Good luck!

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