As winter holidays and the New Year’s Eve are drawing near, everyone is trying to give their homes a fresh new looks, to welcome their guests and enter the new year in a cozier, clutter free house. But there is a long way to go from good intentions to actually decluttering your living room, or other rooms which are a magnet for all sorts of unnecessary items. Since the time is short, we decided to give you a helping hand by looking around for inspiration from other people, including interior decorators. Here is what we gleaned from our research:

#1 Get Rid of Old Newspapers and Magazines

These are among the worst offenders on the list of items cluttering your living room. Make a very strict selection of what you consider a collectible, and throw away (better, recycle) everything else. Many people will keep an entire newspaper or magazine just for one article. Cut it out, file it somewhere, and get rid of the rest.


Source: Huffington Post

#2 Fill Up Your Bookcase

So, you have various items lingering on tables and the sofa, but some of your bookcase shelves are empty? This is simply not acceptable. The most unpleasant form of clutter is having objects which do not belong on every horizontal surface. Instead, in a bookcase or an armoire, they do belong and look neatly arranged.


Source: BHG

#3 Invest in Furniture with Storage Space

Coffee tables with storage space for cups, saucers and cutlery are the easiest to find item of furniture of this kind – either retro pieces from the flea market or brand new ones from stores. The storage space they offer can help you put away a great number of items cluttering your living room.


Source: Kaodim

#4 Create a Focal Point of Interest

In many situations, a room appears cluttered because there seems to be no logic behind the way furniture and decorations are arranged. In this example, the large TV set holds pride of place, as all pieces of furniture are facing it. As you can see, although the living room has quite a lot of furniture, nothing seems to be in excess.


Source: Stagemyownhome

#5 Hide Cables

Cables are not just annoying and unpleasant to see, they can even trip people and cause incidents. If you have small children of pets, there is a serious danger of getting chewed, too. So, hiding away your cables behind false screens or cable tubes is not just pleasant for the eye, but safe for everyone living in the house or visiting you.


Source: Coldwell Banker Blog

#6 Organize your DVDs

Movies or video games are a huge part of our lives and they are usually kept in the living room. In time, they tend to occupy every flat surface and produce clutter. One way to keep the situation under control is find free space in cabinets in other rooms of the house and keep there the DVDs you do not use very frequently.


Source: My-alternative-life

#7 Embrace Symmetry

As we said before, the impression of clutter is not always given by having too many items in the room, but by the way they are arranged. A simple way to remove this impression is by arranging your furniture in a symmetrical manner.


Source: Kuwait-Transfer

#8 Opt for Decorative Storage Solutions

When you cannot hide away all the items in the living room, and you cannot think of parting with them either, the best solution is to invest in several decorative wicker baskets where you can store them safely. The baskets will look really nice on your shelf and help you keep the clutter under control.


Source: BHG

#9 You Can’t Leave Your Coat In Here

This apparently inoffensive habit is creating lots and lots of clutter: people come home from work, walk straight into the living room and leave their coat and hat on the sofa. Children will do the same thing by imitation and soon your sofa and chairs will become covered in piles of clothes. Time to send them back to the coat hanger in the hallway!


Source: Huffington Post

#10 Install Wire Baskets on the Walls

This is a secondary solution for all the newspapers and magazines you do not want to throw away. But if your want these wire baskets to be truly useful, assign a role for each of it and stick to it. Otherwise, you will have another unwanted newspaper collection hanging on the walls.


Source: Kaodim

#11 Organize a Wall Gallery of Framed Pictures

Scattering framed pictures and drawings on all the walls makes the living room look cluttered. Instead, keeping them nicely arranged on one wall will create a focal point of attention and allow people to admire all your artwork properly.


Source: Coldwell Banker Blog

#12 Opt for Lightweight Furniture

Heavy pieces of furniture make a medium to small room seem cluttered. Instead, a system of open shelves will help you arrange and display various items without being too overbearing.


Source: Kuwait-Transfer

Now that we have reached the end of our recommendations, we hope that you have sufficient motivation to start decluttering your living room – we have provided you with the inspiration.

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