Probably everyone has gone through the panicky moment of losing a key. It happens in the most inconvenient moments, when we are in a hurry and we really cannot spare the time to look for them. Truth be said, keys are easy to lose. Even if you keep them together on a key chain, they can slip behind a piece of furniture, under a seat cushion, or under the coat hanger. They seem to have an uncanny ability to get into the most difficult places to retrieve them from. Not anymore! These scenes will be a thing of the past if you choose one of the following key storage ideas.

#1 Repurpose Old Tableware

Here is a simple and fun DIY project for your entire family: take old forks and spoons, bend them at an adequate angle and glue them to pieces of wood or plastic and arrange them on the wall of the entryway in a handy area. As an extra tip, paint the wooden or plastic supports in bright color, to draw your attention whenever you feel like leaving the keys elsewhere.

keys 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Magnetic Holder

Keys and key chains are made of metal, so the safest way of keeping them in check is a magnet. This creative cloud shaped magnetic key holder is a must have if you are a fan of such a way of storing your keys (note: magnets do not “wear off” – so they are good to use for a lifetime).

keys 9

Source: BoredPanda

#3 The Key Hanger

Just as we have coat hangers, why would we not have one for keys? This creative and stylish model can be easily glued or nailed in the entryway, offering sufficient hooks for all the family’s keys.

keys 3

Source: Livinator

#4 Give New Meaning to an Old Frame

A great looking frame without a picture to hold is not necessarily useless. With a few sturdy metal hooks embedded in it, it can become a great looking key holder which will certainly not pass unnoticed.

keys 5Source: Homedit

#5 Keys Holding Keys

In an ironic twist of fate, old and purposeless keys can end up becoming holders for other keys. You will need to use a vice to bend them (for obvious reasons, keys are made of sturdy metal) but you can be sure that your new DIY key storage board will last for a long time – and will remind everyone in the house where to leave their keys.

keys 7

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#6 Lego Key Holder

If you look among your children’s toy bin, you will certainly find a few extra Lego pieces. They are very useful to make a few practical accessories, such as a key storage solution. AllĀ  your family will love this simple and clever holder, and it is also possible to extend it easily as you add more keys to your family’s collection.

keys 8

Source: BoredPanda

#7 A Hiding Place

Sometimes, keys need to be hidden away, especially when you leave for holidays. There are many solutions for hiding keys, but many of the traditional ones are not safe at all. Instead of doing what you heard from your neighbors, invest in this clever key box which looks like a very realistic piece of rock. Place it in the terarium or your garden, in a place you can easily identify and your keys will be safe from prying hands.

keys 11

Source: FurnitureFashion

#8 Shutter Mail and Key Storage

An old wooden shutter is still useful after applying a fresh coat of paint and adding a few hooks. It can be used to arrange mail and store keys. Being very visible in your entryway, your family will quickly learn the routine of leaving their keys in the designated place.

keys 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#9 A Touch of Style

This key holder is the perfect choice for people who strive to create an air of class and elegance in their home. The metallic busts with extended branches offer sufficient storage places for many keys and impress by their artistic design. Who said that small practical things cannot be beautiful as well?

keys 4

Source: Livinator

#10 Child’s Play

Here is a cute idea for parents: turn your children’s artwork into something useful and durable over the years. Stick their paintings to a sturdy piece of wood, add hooks and voila!, you have a 100% original key holder which everyone will treasure.

keys 6

Source: Homedit

#11 “Honey, I’m Home!”

This extremely creative key holder offers generous storage space for many keys and a unique shaped key chain for every key in your home. The clever coupling between a specific key chain and the holder will make you always remember to put your keys in their proper place.

keys 10

Source: BoredPanda

#12 Color Coding

If you are used to identifying keys by colored tags, this storage solution will certainly appeal to you. Simple and effective, this key holder is easy to affix on the wall and the brightly colored and sturdy plastic tags will always help you find the key you need.

keys 12

Source: FurnitureFashion

We hope that these simple and creative key storage ideas will help you keep all your keys organized and never have to waste time looking for them all over the house. As always, we welcome other ideas and creative solutions, so feel free to share your own way of keeping your keys organized.



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