We have talked about using accent walls in small bedrooms to create a pleasant atmosphere. But many of our readers do not really grasp the idea of what an accent wall it. It is more than just painting the wall a different color. It has to be something original, something that people look at instinctively when they enter the room and say “wow, that is amazing!”. To give you a clear idea of what we mean, we looked around and picked no less than 12 amazing and inspirational accent wall ideas to share with you. On you marks, ready, be amazed!

#1 Repurpose Old Wooden Tiles

Wooden roof shingle, parquet tiles or pieces of pallets represent a valuable material for people who love the rustic look. This family decided to repurpose their old parquet after replacement. They covered and entire wall with the tiles and created this spectacular, rugged look.

accent wall 2

Source: BHG

#2 Stripes and More Stripes

It looks like child’s play, but there is actually a lot of thought behind this accent wall. The colors are complementary and mostly warm, to give the room a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Contrasting cold colors are used sparsely, as transitions.

accent wall 3

Source: HGTV

#3 The Unfinished Wall

There is something intriguing about the wall behind the bed. It starts off in the bright fuchsia color of the adjacent wall…then it stops. This oddity is actually the result of planning: the eyes are drawn towards the corner close to the window, and towards the view outside.

accent wall 5

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Actually, the mirror IS the entire wall, with decorative designs at the edges to create a little diversity. But the idea in itself is brilliant: the mirror wall reflects the entire room, making it feel double in size. Plus, you can always be sure that you have a perfect view of how you look in a brand new outfit.

accent wall 8

Source: TopInspirations

#5 The Lovely Dots

How do you decorate the baby’s room on a budget and give your child something interesting to look at as they start discerning colors? With lots of dots in all the primary colors. The dots can be either painted, or applied as decals. As your child grows up you can replace them or add various other designs between them.

accent wall 9Source: DesignSponge

#6 The Huge Blackboard

Some people like to draw on the walls even when they grow up. This is why this couple set a large blackboard, covering the entire wall. Beside being a place for artistic expression, this accent wall serves as message board, replacing the post-its and fridge magnets.

accent wall 11

Source: TheUncommonLaw

#7 When All Else Fails…Do It Yourself

This family was at a loss for ideas on the accent wall. To bring peace, everyone got hold of a brush and…this resulted. An accent wall can always turn into a fun weekend project for you, your spouse and your children (just make sure everyone paints the same wall).

accent wall 1

Source: BHG

#8 It’s All About the Texture

A black wall is an accent wall per se, but this family took matters a bit farther. They chose tiles with a unique shape and texture to create this outwordly surface which cannot fail to draw attention. Seriously, is this the boudoir of the creature from the Alien series?

accent wall 4

Source: HGTV

#9 Create a Faux Arcade

You almost feel like walking through the yellow arch to see what rooms are found beyond it. But it is just a wall, with a clever design to create an accent, and to make the room feel larger, opening to something more. But really, you cannot follow this particular yellow brick road…

accent wall 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#10 Beautiful Timber

Tree slices are a remarkable decorative material. No paint, no carving, just the beauty of natural wood essence. This person decided to fill up a wall with these tree slices and now we can’t take our eyes off it.

accent wall 7

Source: TopInspirations

#11 Beyond Words

This persons clearly loves book and to make their preference known to everyone visiting, they covered an entire wall with pages from an old book. While this decor will need replacing as the paper fades out, one thing is certain: you can never get bored in such a room!

accent wall 10

Source: DesignSponge

#12 A Spectacular Mural

If you are willing to test your artistic skills on your wall, do not be afraid and go for it! And don’t make a small one, but as big as the wall. You will never get bored in that room ever again!

accent wall 12

Source: TheUncommonLaw

And this concludes our list. We hope that these inspiring accent wall ideas give you the right idea to turn your walls from a simple house feature into an expression of your personality and style.

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