It’s never enough. The brushes, the blushes, the pressed powder, loose powder, eye shadows, highlighters, lipsticks and at least ten foundations ranging from matte to semi-matte, from sheer to full coverage. Oh and I haven’t mentioned the collection of cute lip balm jars that I picked up at least ten times before on impulse. Needless to say, you can see that I have a major makeup and cosmetics storage problem, and I bet so do millions of women around the world.

If you are one of the women who need to think all the time of ways to store your ever amounting makeup supplies. You are in the right place. To solve my makeup storage problem, and yours also, I have gathered 12 beautiful yet practical makeup storage ideas in this article. So however your makeup vanity corner looks like, I can find a suitable solution to keep your makeup organized and easy for access.

#1 – Keep them in mason jars

Mason jars are the most versatile storing/decorating items I have ever seen! Each mason jar can be used to store a different type of cosmetics so you can find and retrieve them easily.

makeup storage ideas mason jars

Creative makeup storage


#2 – Store cosmetics on a cake stand

makeup storage ideas cake stand

Cake stand as makeup storage


#3 – Vanity cases

Well this is the official way to store makeup and cosmetics, and very portable too, as they are often used by cosmetics saleswomen. I actually have never owned a vanity case before, but I can see that they can look very stylish and offer many sections to classify your makeup. You can find great looking vanity cases from $10 on Ebay or Amazon, many beauty brands have them too.

makeup storage vanity case

Vanity case


#4 – Makeup organizer behind the door or on the wall

Mounted on the wall or behind the door, this plastic makeup organizing bag can save a lot of space and provide a great deal of storage for your cosmetics.

makeup storage bag wall

Makeup organizer


#5 – Organized shelving

Makeup storage boxes are labelled and placed neatly on shelves for a clean and modern look, as well as easy access.

cosmetics storage ideas shelving labels

Shelving and labeling


#6 – Clear acrylic makeup storage

These see-through acrylic makeup cases are not only stylish but also offer a lot of storage room. This is one of the Muji makeup cases, a 5 drawer case costs $27 and is a very convenient way to store and organize your makeup and beauty product supplies.

makeup storage ideas muji acrylic case

Muji case


#7 – Get organized in the drawers

Any cabinet’s drawer can become your makeup storage unit with a bit organization. Use small boxes, divider or inner trays to help classify and organize your makeup supplies. IKEA has a lot cheap and durable trays for this purpose, the VARIERA tray for example is for kitchen utensils but it works just as well for storing cosmetics.

makeup storage ideas drawers

Makeup in drawers


#8 – Makeup magnetic board

OK, finally it comes to my favorite makeup storage idea: a DIY magnetic board! There are so many ways you can customize your magnetic board, from using wallpaper, using a picture frame, chalkboard paint to make notes about each product, etc. The makeup magnetic board below is from Laura Thoughts and you can head over to her blog for an awesome tutorial to make this stylish and practical board for your cosmetics.

makeup magnetic board diy tutorial

#9 – Mason jars and wooden board

A storing unit on the wall is a great space saver and a potential stylish decor at the same time. A combination of mason jars and a wood board mounted on the wall can be a practical and stylish storage solution for your make essentials.

makeup storage solutions mason jar wooden board

Mason jars and wood board for makeup storage


#10 – Creative shelves on the wall

makeup storage ideas shelve wall

Nice shelving for makeup


#11 – Baskets mounted on the wall

These baskets mounted on the wall would be a great solution for makeup storage in the bathroom. This specific basket wall system is from Pottery Barn, however it can totally be a DIY project with some small baskets, a bar and some curtain hooks from IKEA.

makeup storage ideas baskets mounted wall

#12 – Bowls as makeup storage

Lemondrops Simple Stuff got a great idea to use this 3-tiered dish from Kohl’s to store her skin care and makeup products. A very clean and stylish solution!

makeup storage solutions bowls

Makeup in bowls


You might have to combine several solutions if you have too much makeup. Remember that “organized” is the key here as even if you have very good storage places, cosmetics are just cramped and mixed up inside drawers and boxes, you will not find what you need easily, especially in one of those mornings that you are already late for work or school.

If you have any creative makeup storage ideas that you would want to share (and please do, we can all learn from you!), please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below!

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