Most of us love nature and would like to live surrounded by it, even when we are at home. If you are not lucky to have a little garden in front of your house or live in an apartment complex, the next best thing is bringing in as many indoor plants as you can. There are many species of plants which fare well inside our houses and look amazing. However, if you have children or pets (especially cats and dogs), you should be careful about what indoor plants you keep. Small children and animals are very likely to explore the world around them by biting and chewing and some popular house plants are highly toxic, even deadly to them. Today we want to help you make the right choice by giving you a list of 12 safe indoor plants for pets and kids.

#1 African Violet

The African violet needs plenty of sunlight and water, but will reward you with beautiful, brightly colored flowers, from pale blue to deep indigo. What is most important, both the “furry” leaves and velvety flower petals are completely safe should they get into your children’s or pets’ mouths.

plant 1

Source: Dengarden

#2 Bamboo Palm

The bamboo plant adds color to any room with its brightly green leaves. It is also known for its air purifying properties, which makes it a great choice if you live in a busy city area with many sources of air pollution. The bamboo plant is both safe for kids and pets and easy to look after: it thrives both in direct and indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered when the soil looks dry. Do not over-water it, though; pour just enough to make the soil look and feel moist.

plant 4

Source: Lifehacker

#3 The Baby Rubber Plant

This plant is very cheerful, with its rounded and shiny leaves and not fussy at all. It loves indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered when the soil becomes completely dry. It does not grow very tall, so it is an ideal choice for small rooms and balconies.

plant 5

Source: Decoist

#4 Blue Echeveria

If you are a fan of succulent plants, the blue echeveria will certainly win you over. It is a small sized, compact plant, with a beautifully geometric growth, extremely satisfying for people who like neatly ordered things. The blue echveria is also safe for children, cats and dogs.

plant 8

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#5 The Bromeliad

This plant is certainly an eye catcher with its rich foliage and its brightly colored flowers. It is a tropical plant, but it has been adapted for living in an indoor environment. It loves warmth, sufficient air humidity and indirect light.

plant 9

Source: Mom

#6 Fittonia

Also known as the mosaic plant, this is a safe indoor plant for kids and pets which will also draw people’s attention. Its leaves feature a brightly contrasting pattern between the deep green and the light pink nerve-like designs. The fittonia likes lots of water and indirect sunlight,  so it is perfectly adapted for apartments.

plant 11

Source: ABeautifulMess

#7 Miniature Rose

Almost everyone loves roses, but they are not adapted for living indoors. However, among the thousand varieties of roses, there is a miniature one which has been adapted for indoor conditions. Its beautiful and brightly colored flowers are just as fragrant as regular roses. However, they are quite demanding: they need a constant temperature all year round, exposure to direct sunlight (the best place for them is in front of south facing windows) and careful pruning in spring and autumn. But they really are worth the trouble.plant 2

Source: Dengarden

#8 The Spider Plant

If you do not have the time or dedication to look after roses, then the spider plant is the ideal option for you. It is not pretentious at all and you can easily multiply it from their side shoots. Also, it seems it helps purify the air, according to NASA’s Clean Air research. Spider plants look best in hanging baskets or in balcony trays.

plant 3

Source: Lifehacker

#9 Ponytail Palm

This miniature palm tree is the next best thing to an actual bonsai: tiny and fun to look at, it is completely non-toxic to kids and pets. It is also not fussy about its living conditions, just place it in the best lit area in your apartment and remember to water it once a week.

plant 6

Source: Decoist

#10 The Christmas Cactus

This plant does not flower just at Christmas, but it got this name because it is quite similar to the poinsettia (which is toxic for pets, so you want to avoid it). Each arm of this cactus will sprout a bright pink flower, making it a highly decorative indoor plant for any house.

plant 7

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#11 The Donkey Tail

Also known as the burro’s tail, this succulent plant originates from Mexico and looks just great in a hanging basket. Its plump leaves are smooth and its sap is not toxic either to children or to pets. It loves plenty of sunlight and moderate watering.

plant 10

Source: Mom

#12 The Prayer Plant

This is another spectacular leafy plant with a beautiful pattern and color contrast on each leaf. It is an eye catcher in any room and does not require special care. Moderate to low light and moderate watering (without pouring water in excess, just enough for the soil to become moist) are sufficient for the prayer plant to thrive in any apartment.

plant 12

Source: ABeautifulMess

Since we have reached the end of our recommendations for safe indoor plants for pets and kids, we are sure that at least one of them has caught your eye. Don’t forget to share your own recommendations and photos with us!


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