Summer is here and so is the children’s vacation from school. The long days and warm evenings invite us all to spend more time outdoors. So, what could be more exciting and entertaining than hosting a small garden party for your family and friends? And if you worry that it will slice too deep in your family’s budget, please relax: we don’t mean a big, fancy, formal affair, but a cheerful party, where you spend a bare minimum but get lots of enjoyment. To give you an extra hand in planning it, we are going to show you how to save money by using DIY decorations for a summer garden party. Here are our best ideas:

#1 Welcome Your Guests with an Adequate Wreath

Wreaths are good indications that a special event is being celebrated in your house. What is the best way of welcoming your summer garden guests than by placing a lovely and colorful wreath made from cocktail umbrellas? In truth, they will all be impatient to get to the back of the house and start enjoying the cool drinks.

decoration 2

Source: Deavita

#2 Make Folding Chair Party Accessories

Simple plastic folding chairs are really not going to help you create the wow factor in your garden party set-up. They need a little customization – one which you can achieve in minutes with a can of spray paint. Choose a bright, cheerful color and even add patterns, stickers and anything else you can think of. Now your chairs will become a big part of the overall vibe of your party.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Sunflower Cupcakes

What if food became a major part of the decorations for your garden party? It is more and more important to make food look good when you serve it to others. And it is not even so hard. This creative person displayed the cupcakes as a beautiful sunflower, with berries as the dark colored center. You can arrange your food as anything, really: flowers, animals, even complex landscapes. This works wonders for fussy kids who pick at their food!

decoration 6

Source: Martha Stewart

#4 Colorful Fringe Flags

These fringe flags look amazing, especially when the wind blows gently. How can you make yours with minimum expenses? Just look in the cupboard for leftover napkins from other events and parties (every family has them, stacking up year after year and unusable in any other way).

decoration 8

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#5 When In Doubt, Count on Flowers

Not sure how to create beautiful decorations which all your guests will love? Here is a simple solution: bring out all your flower pots. Not only they will appreciate the extra natural light, your guests will absolutely love the way you’ve arranged your small garden.

decoration 3

Source: BHG

#6 DIY Paper Doilies

Doilies are useful to prevent the table cloth from staining too much when your guests accidentally spill glasses or drop their food. But they can also be a beautiful decorative item, especially if you make them yourself from colored paper and cut them into fancy shapes.

decoration 10

Source: CountryLiving

#7 Chinese Lanterns

No matter what the occasion is, Chinese paper lantern are a beautiful addition to the decorations for your party. You can easily make them from crepe paper, with strands of colored thread attached to the bottom.

decoration 1

Source: Deavita

#8 Ribbons Galore

Lacking a festive table cloth, this family scoured through their cupboards and cabinets and found an abundance of leftover ribbons from various craft works. And guess what? They simply placed them across the table, one by one, creating this colorful decor.

decorations 11

Source: HouseBeautiful

#9 Paper Straw Holders

Straws are a must have accessory for cocktails and fresh drinks. If you don’t want to buy fancy ones, with various appendages and holders, you can make your own from cut-out colored paper. For this party, butterflies appear to be the central theme.

decoration 5

Source: Martha Stewart

#10 Colored Votive Candles

An evening garden party needs light – and the most creative way to provide it is by using candles. This party host bough simple votive candles (very useful, they are wind proof) and painted the bowl in various pastel colors to go with the overall theme of their party.

decoration 7

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#11 Scented Place Cards

Some people love to add a bit of formality to their garden parties by assigning places at the table. Place cards come in all shapes and color, but you can add an extra something by adding a small flower arrangement to each of them.

decoration 9

Source: CountryLiving

#12 Recycle Old Bottles as Hanging Lanterns

Colored glass bottles can find a new lease of life as lanterns for your summer parties. Group them by complementary colors, turn on the lights and watch your garden turn into a magic wonderland.

decoration 4

Source: BHG

As you can see, creating DIY decorations for a summer garden party is neither difficult, nor expensive. Truly, your own imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve to make your party a memorable one. Good luck!

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