Everyone who loves home cooked meals has a large assortment of pots, pans and other vessels for preparing food. They are generally quite large and do not fit regular kitchen cabinets. In most of the cases, people own a collection of pans and cooking pots in all possible sizes, each of them having a specific use. The issue of storing and organizing them is a true pain point for these people. They are practically running out of space in the kitchen, because these cooking vessels are everywhere. Not anymore! Today we will show you various ways to organize pots and pans and save space in your kitchen. Let’s get started!

#1 Use Floating Shelves

The number one rule for small rooms of any kind is to make the most of available vertical space. After all, you won’t hang artwork on the kitchen walls, right? So fill them with floating shelves and arrange your pots in an attractive manner, by combining contrasting colors.

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Source: Brit

#2 Hang Pans on the Towel Rack

A towel rack installed on the side of the kitchen cabinet will offer you extra storage space for a few pans. If you have a tall cabinet, you can install 2 or even more racks, according to the length of your pans.

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Source: GoodHousekeeping

#3 Repurpose a Drying Rack

This chef found a very simple solution for making the most of their kitchen shelves: a drying rack helps them stash the maximum possible number of shallow pans. This system is also useful for the many lids accompanying your pots and pans.

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Source: OrganizingMadeFun

#4  Just Where You Need Them

What is the most ergonomic way of storing pots and pans? Right above the cooking stove and cutting board. Just grab whatever you need. As an extra bonus, this person also arranged the pans by size and keeps them spotless clean for a pleasant view.

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Source: Reader’s Digest

#5 Reuse a Bike Wheel

Did you recently have to change your bike? Do not hurry up to throw away the old one. A bike wheel, properly cleaned and sanitized, makes an excellent holder for pots and pans. Just add a few hooks and you’re done. Plus, you can get the pot you need simply by pushing the wheel around.

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Slide-Out Shelf

When you really have no extra space on the walls, this custom made slide-out shelf will help. As it is pushed in, the pots will go one into the other to save space, so it is very important to arrange them by size.

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Source: OrganizingMadeFun

#7 The Pallet Saves the Day

Pallet furniture has been in the trends for some time now. You don’t even need to do any remodeling work to create a pallet holder for your pots and pans. Just make sure the wooden pallet is properly cleaned and treated with a protective coating to prevent damage from steam and high temperatures.

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Source: Houzz

#8 Buy a Kitchen Cart

Retro kitchen carts are back in trends as space saving storage solutions for small homes. They can be found in garage sales and at the flea market and look really great in any kitchen. On their 3-4 tiers you will find sufficient space to keep an appreciable number of pots, pans, lids and even other cooking utensils.

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#9 The Ever Useful Peg Board

We have shown so many ways of using a peg board, that we didn’t think there was anything left. However, we were wrong: peg boards are an amazing holder for pans, lids, cheese graters and pasta strainers.

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Source: GoodHousekeeping

#10 An Old Fashioned Airing Cabinet

This may not look like a traditional piece of furniture for the kitchen, but if the shoe fits…Airing cabinets have generous shelves, both in width and in depth. Thus, they make a perfect choice for organizing your pots and pans.

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Source: OrganizingMadeFun

#11 The Ceiling Hanger

A sturdy wooden board with metallic hooks suspended from the ceiling makes an excellent storage solution for pots and pans. In this way you will free up lost of space in cabinets and on shelves and you will always have the cooking vessels ready to use – just lift up your hand and grab them.

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Source: Reader’s Digest

#12 Under the Table

If hanging your pots above your head is not to your liking, here is the opposite choice: apply the hooks to the bottom of your cooking table. There isn’t any possible way you could use the respective space anyway, right?

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Source: Houzz

See? It is not very hard to have a neat kitchen if you apply one of these ways to organize pots and pans. You do not have to pick which ones to keep – you can put them all away in a space saving manner and have them always within reach.


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