All houses have a personality of their own. Some of them are rustic, some of them rigorously minimalist, some of them are old and creaky, while others are brand new and modern looking. There is one thing which most of these houses seem to have in common: awkward corners. You know what we mean: that weird angle in the corner of a room, the space between the kitchen and the living room, the dead-end of a corridor…These spaces are difficult to furnish and put to use – but not impossible. Today we will share with you twelve creative ideas to utilize and decorate awkward corners in your house.

#1 A Cozy Eating Corner

The electric blue vintage looking sofa gives this awkward corner the look of an eatery in Grease or Saturday Night Fever. The 1960s look is completed by a simple round table fitting the area perfectly and a couple of chairs of vintage design. With this simple arrangement, you have a place to serve breakfast to your family or chat with friends over coffee and you put to great use an otherwise awkward area.

corner 3

Source: ElleDecor

#2 Enjoy Peace and Relaxation in a Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are very trendy, because they are the next best thing to a hammock. Plus, they take literally no space on the floor and help you relax in a small corner of your house without being in the way of your family members.

corner 5

Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Your Small Beauty Corner

Have you ever dreamed of being able to have a small toilette table to style your hair and apply makeup but your house is too small for it? How about that weird corner between the bathroom and the bedroom? That’s right, you can install a cabinet with drawers and a mirror and enjoy some me-time making yourself look prettier.

corner 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 A Quiet Writing Corner

Whether you keep a diary, write for a living or simply keep track of your bills and expenses, you need a writing desk with a chair where you can sit in peace and quiet, without distractions. An awkward corner is exactly what you need for arranging a writing desk, because you will not be in the way of anyone walking through the house.

corner 2

Source: ElleDecor

#5 Create a Children’s Corner

Kids need their personal space to play when they have friends over or to do their homework. This creative arrangement is both decorative, attractive for kids and space saving because it helps you arrange manuals and coloring books.

corner 7

Source: UltimateHomeIdeas

#6 Have a Coffee Station Handy

An asymmetrically shaped living room can be used to the maximum extent by arranging a coffee station in the corner where no piece of furniture can be well fitted into. In this way, you do not even have to leave the rooms when you invite friends or enjoy a movie with your family.

corner 10

Source: Decoist

#7 Install a Full Body Mirror

Do you want to make sure that you look perfect from head to feet before you walk out of the house? A tall and lean mirror is the ideal choice and it can be installed in a difficult and tight corner in your bedroom or hallway.

corner 11

Source: Refinery29

#8 Display Artwork

The small and practically unusable corner resulting from enlarging the entryway and removing the doors to this living room was cleverly put to good use by creating an arrangement of framed paintings and photos. Now, the corner looks attractive and complements nicely the rest of the house architecture.

corner 1

Source: ElleDecor

#9 Arrange a Reading Corner

Reading is one of the most pleasant ways of spending spare time and everyone deserves a cozy corner where they can sit surrounded by their favorite books. And this is exactly where an otherwise awkward corner becomes useful: a reading lamp, a comfortable armchair and a few floating shelves on the walls and, voila, you have your reading corner!

corner 4

Source: HouseBeatiful

#10 Install a Soothing Aquarium

Watching fish is considered one of the most relaxing things you can do, so much so that large companies are placing aquariums next to their employees workplaces to help them reduce stress. You can also reduce stress at home by arranging an aquarium in an awkward corner and turn in into a zen area for your family.

corner 8

Source: UltimateHomeIdeas

#11 Place the Family Entertainment Center

With custom made furniture to fit an awkward corner, this family found the ideal place for installing the wide screen TV set and home cinema system. With a clever arrangement of furniture, everyone can enjoy the movie in comfort.

corner 9

Source: Decoist

#12 Bring In Some Plants

Last, but not least, if you have a corner in your house which is too small and tight for any other kind of use, you can always arrange a few indoor potted plants and give it a lively aspect.

corner 12

Source: Refinery29

And now we have finished our list of recommendations for creative ways to utilize and decorate awkward corners. We hope that you find inspiration in these examples and can put to good use the difficult areas in your house.

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