If you have a small apartment, finding space for your tiniest things can be a daunting task, let alone finding space to fit your bicycle. Don’t worry, we feature below 15 practical and cool bike storage ideas to help Tour de France fans store their bicycles.

#1 – Simple DIY bike rack on the wall

Mounting your bike on the wall can be a huge space-saver, Etsy has a great collection of bike racks that are not only creative and effective but also come at great prices.

bike storage ideas garage bike rack

#2 – Bike rack and book shelf in one

Fancy these modern bike rack slash book shelf? They are available at Knife and Saw for $299 each.

bike storage book shelf

#3- Simple wall mounting bike rack

This wooden bike rack is not only super simple and is also a huge life saver. This handmade also only costs $24.98 from Etsy!

bike rack wall mounting

#4 – DIY bike rack made from IKEA Stolmen post

Have a knack for hand work? Try creating your own bicycle rack from IKEA Stolmen post, a full tutorial can be found here.

DIY bike rack

#5 – DIY wall-mounting bike rack

This tutorial from Mini Penny will show you how to make a bike rack that can be mounted on the wall, which is a superb way to save space.

bicycle storage diy custom

#6 – Tent as simple outside bike storage

outside bycycle storage idea

#7- Bike storage solution for the artistic

stylish bike storage solution

#8 – Hanging the bike from the ceiling

Yes, it’s possible. And this tutorial is going to show you how to do it for under $4!

bike storage idea hang from the ceiling

#9 – Attached to a shelf

bicycle storage solution shelf

#10 – Strapped under a shelf

bike storage idea under shelf

#11 – Super artistic wooden bike rack

This super cool wooden bike rack from Peri Bike Rack is a piece of wall art by itself! This bike rack costs $300 and has been opened to be pre-ordered.

bicyle storage idea wooden rack wall

#12 – Tree chunk bike rack

bike track tree chunk

Have green fingers? Idea #13 and 14 will show you how to combine your knack for gardening with bike storage solution. A perfect idea if you have a small outdoor space to build a bike rack!

#13 – Green roof bike storage

bike storage solution outdoor

#14- Outdoor bike rack garden

outdoor bike rack garden

#15 – Storing your bike in the cupboard

Don’t fancy the hipster bike-on-the-wall look? Hide your bike in a cupboard like this guy did in his apartment.

bike storage solution cupboard

Have any other bike storage solutions you’d love to share? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section!

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