Today I have thought about a few practical ideas for those of you living in a small house with a yard. After seeing how you can maximize the space in your garage, how about building a small shed to deposit various tools?

Considering not all of you have a shed in your yard or garden, I thought I’d first give you an idea on how to build a small shed and how to arrange it so it can be your new favorite storage space.

#1 How a shed should look like: small but has plenty of room for storage. As you see in the picture, this shed has storage places both in and outside. Plus it has a bright, cheerful color, and is a great decor addition to your garden.


image via Bhg

#2 Now let’s check out some empty sheds and use our imagination to fill up all that space.



image via Tuffsheds


image via Home4lifenow

These are two different ways of modelling your shed, depending on the size of the shed and what you want to store in it. In my opinion, the second one could also be used as summer house.

#3 But let’s return to our main goal: shed storage ideas. This one looks quite practical and is perfect for really small gardens.


image via Mixer2mower

#4 This is one is a bit more elaborate, but it is easy to organize by placing some shelves on the walls. With some wood chip boards and a bit of handicraft skills, this is a totally doable project.


image via Shedliquidators

#5 This is another idea for small sheds. Actually no one needs a large shed to just occupy space. All we need is a small storage space. I think this is why sheds were invented.


image via Oneprojectcloser

#6 This one is for sportsmen. Are you in need for a space to put your sport gears in? Here’s the perfect sports equipment storage solution for you!


image via Worldrealestate

#7 Now that we’ve moved to specifically dedicated storage spaces, this a great idea for storing gardening equipment in the shed. The little rings used to hold the tools are actually PVC pipes.


image via Ashbeedesign

#8 This a traditional shed storage idea for those of you who are not in the mood for elaborate shed organization ideas.


image via Houzz

#9 This is a great ideas for those who lack space. See how many things were accommodated in that little space?


image via Flickr

#10 Collected too many bottles, vases and ornaments throughout the years? I’m also not immune from that sin. This is an idea for those of you collecting old stuff you just don’t want to get rid of or has too much sentimental value.


image via Ciaonewportbeach

#11 Look at this! This small shed is built on one of the house’s wall. You don’t even need that much space to build this. Plus you can select the size you want depending on what you plan to store in it.


image via Dyincrafts

#12 Boxes again. The good thing about boxes is that you can fit them anywhere, so why not in the shed? They’re also great for keeping dust away if you don’t use those thing for a long time.


image via Designfanatic

#13 Here’s another idea for turning the shed into a pantry. After all, why not?


image via Hative

#14 This is for all the guys passionate about their tools. You can simply place racks on the walls of your shed and accommodate your tools how you see fit.


image via Mothersniche

#15 And the last one! How about turning your shed into a dryer? I found this idea here.


image via Hometalk

Let’s recap! The shed can be used not only for storing things, but can also be transformed into a dryer or a pantry, or whatever you can think of.


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