As Christmas is getting nearer and we all get into the festive spirit, there is only one problem plaguing many people: how could they decorate their tiny living space? All the garlands and the mistletoe branches they see in store would fill up their home. The tall and stout Christmas trees barely make it through their front door. How can you deck a tiny apartment? We understand that it is a painful issue, overshadowing the joy of celebrations, and this is why today we will try to help you. We have searched and selected the most beautiful and practical Christmas decor ideas for small spaces. Let’s get started and deck your halls!

#1. Raise Your Tree

The beauty about buying a small tree is that you can arrange it neatly in a basket and then place it on a chair. Now it does not look so small anymore (plus you gain extra space for Santa to leave more gifts).

small space 1

Image source: Elledecor

#2 Christmas Decor Ideas for Houses: Deck the Bannisters

Here’s a great idea for houses with two floors. The bannisters should not be left bare, but decorated with Christmas tree tinsel, ribbon and fir branches. Now everyone will feel the holiday spirit as they go up and down the stairs.

small space 14

Image source: BHG

#3 Be Creative with the Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a beautiful way of preparing for Christmas. They can be made by the whole family and arranged in some places which are unfit for other types of decorations, such as the narrow side of a wardrobe.

small space 4

Image source: Buzzfeed

#4 Deck Your Windows

Do not forget about your windows! They are great places to arrange a small handmade Christmas decorations like the one in this photo. A few baubles, string and colored cardboard and you’ve created a unique and great looking window decoration.

small space 13

Image source: BHG

#5 Don’t Forget about the Walls

Place beautiful Christmas card and adhesive decorations on the walls. This could even act as an effective replacement of a Christmas tree when you really have no space for it.

small space 3

Image source: Buzzfeed

#6 Embellish the Front Door

Snow spray and cut out patterns are an ideal way of decorating your front door frosted glass windows. Don’t forget about the fir tree wreath with ribbons! Your friends and neighbors will feel welcomed from the moment they ring the bell.

small space 2

Image source: Elledecor

#7 Decorate the Serving Tables

Prepare snacks and drinks for your family and friends, arrange them on tables and do not forget to add a few Christmas decorations. A simple wreath is sufficient to create a festive atmosphere.

small space 6

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#8 Ecological Christmas Decor Ideas: The Faux Tree

Instead of a natural fir tree, opt for a small artificial tree, which is available both in green and white colors, or even in silver and gold. Once the winter celebrations are over, you dismantle the tree, place the parts in a box and then put it away until next Christmas.

small space 12

Image source: Styleathome

#9 Christmas Dinner In the Attic

If you live in an attic, the best place for your Christmas dinner table and decorations is right under the attic window. Just look at the beautifully lighted table and wreath!

small space 15

Image source: Houzz

#10 Paper Globes

Light and easy to place around the house, these decorative cut-out paper globes are the ideal solutions for small living spaces, where you have small children and pets.

small space 8

Image source: Houzz

#11 Another Great Use for Windows

Place your table right next to the window and add some hanging decorations. This will save you a lot of space and make your Christmas table look more cheerful.

small space 9

Image source: Elledecor

#12 Tiered Treats Stand

If you do not have enough tables to arrange all the cookies, cakes and pies, this elegant and festive looking tiered stand will help you save space and provide enough goodies for all your guests.

small space 10

Image source: Buzzfeed

#13 Hang the Mistletoe

There is no real Christmas spirit without mistletoe. Maybe you do not have a large chandelier or a high ceiling, but you can place your mistletoe just in front of your living room door. Now everyone walking inside it will be lucky!

small space 11

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#14 Deck Your Doorways

Do not leave any part of your house without decorations. A few fir tree branches will transform your house into Santa’s retreat.

small space 16

Image source: BHG



#15 Light Up Your Hallway

Narrow hallways will look absolutely fabulous with the help of these twinkle lights. Plus, you can become very creative with the arrangement of the lights.

small space 5

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

As you can see, your house can look beautifully decorated, even if your house is small and you do not have enough space for the standard decorations you find in everyone else’s home. With these simple and innovative Christmas decor ideas for small apartments and houses, your holidays will be full of joy, cheer, and most importantly, love!

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