The winter holidays are just upon us and everyone is busy planning gifts and decorations, to turn homes into magical realms of celebration even for just a week or two. Some people go all the way with fairy lights, the most expensive and modern Christmas decorations and a tall and proud Christmas tree. Do not feel discouraged if your budget does not allow you to match your neighbors’ decorations. After all, it is not a competition – it is all about adding cheer and joy to your house. And you can do it without breaking the piggy bank. Today we will show you how to create adorable, cheap and easy DIY winter wreaths to hang on your front door and welcome your guests. Let us get started.

#1 Chestnuts and Acorns

This beautiful and original star shaped wreath is very easy to make with a few handfuls of assorted acorns and chestnuts glued on a frame. The frame can be easily made from wood pieces which you can get for free from any of your friends and neighbors who are redecorating.


Source: Craftionary

#2 Burlap

Burlap is one of those versatile materials which are good for so many thing, that we can’t imagine what we would do without it. When it is clean and nicely pleated, adorned with a few Christmas decorations, it can make a lovely and rustic winter wreath.


Source: HappyHourProjects

#3 Paper Cut-Outs

Colored paper (glossy if possible) is a useful material for wrapping gifts and for making lots of creative cut-out decorations. In order to make a winter wreath, you will need to draw a pattern and create as many cut-outs as you need to paste together.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#4 Buttons Galore

You will need lots of buttons for this model of winter wreath, but thankfully they are very cheap. Once you have them, and a bottle of glue, you can start gluing them and layering them, until you are happy with the result.


Source: Addicted2Decorating

#5 Enter Snowman

Why should you have a simple wreath, when you can have a dashing snowman welcoming your guests? A handful of twigs, a scarf and a Halloween costume top hat are all you need!


Source: PrettyDesigns

#6 Mistletoe

Tradition says that mistletoe brings luck, so it is one of the best materials for a winter wreath. Why limit your luck to the inside of your house? Start from the front door! Your guests will also feel lucky as they come to visit you.


Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#7 Pine Cones

Traditional winter ornaments, pine cones are one of the best ways of adding holiday cheer to your home. Collect a bagful of them, glue them together in a wreath shape and then add a coating of silver or snowy spray paint. As a final touch, add a few Christmas decorations.


Source: Craftionary

#8 Clothes Pins

It will take some time to paint the side of the clothes pins, but once you are done, all you have to do is to arrange them around a piece of solid wire twisted in a circle. Simple, cheap and original, right?


Source: HappyHourProjects

#9 A Charming Nest

Twisted twigs and a cut-out paper bird will make a lovely winter wreath to adorn your front door. When you go making your own decorations, you are free to express your creativity without necessarily following traditional patterns.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#10 Coffee Filters

Do not throw away used paper coffee filters. You can use them to create a lovely winter wreath, by arranging them around a  piece of wire and twisting it into a circle. The coffee stain will give your wreath a lovely tawny color.


Source: Addicted2Decorating

#11 Balls of Yarn

Yarn is one of the favorite toy for cats, but you may want to keep a few balls away from their claws and make a lovely wreath out of them. You do not need to permanently stick them together, just use double-sided scotch tape and once the winter holidays are over, you can reclaim your balls of yarn.


Source: PrettyDesigns

#12 Shiny Baubles

You must have a few extra Christmas baubles which you cannot put in the tree. Either they are broken on a side or they do not fit well with the other decorations. There is no need to throw them away. Instead, arrange them into a wreath and glue them together. Look how beautiful this one is!

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#13 Fir Tree Branches

The extra branches and twigs you had to trim away from the Christmas tree can be very useful to pleat into a simple wreath and adorn with a few colorful bows and pieces of tinsel. This is the classic Christmas wreath and possibly the easiest and cheapest to make.


Source: Craftionary

#14 Yarn Wreath

For this model of wreath, you need to do some more work than just glue the balls together. Take a round shape frame and start wrapping yarn in various colors until you finish the wreath. Get as creative as you want with the patterns and colors.


Source: Addicted2Decorating

#15 Flowers

Some flowers, such as hydrangeas, last longer and thus are the ideal choice for arranging into a wreath for the winter holidays.


Source: PrettyDesigns

And this is the end of our list of recommendations. As you can see, it does not take a lot of work and skill to create any of these cheap and easy DIY winter wreaths. If you get your entire family involved, it will be great fun creating your own 100% original Christmas decorations on a budget.


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