The fine, warm weather prompts every proud house owner to keep their small kingdom as clean and neat as possible. Daily or weekly cleanings are a second nature to everyone, although some people will finish the job faster, because they live in a small home. This would be one of the positive aspects of having a small apartment or house, but the issue remains: where can you store all the cleaning supplies? We understand your dilemma, so we have looked around, compared various solutions and selected the most affordable and ingenious cleaning closet organization ideas, adapted for people living in small spaces. Here they are:

#1 Be Very Creative with the Potential Storage Areas

One of the key traits for people living in a small home is their increased creativity and spirit of observation in identifying even the most unlikely area as a potential storage place. These home owners made the most of the space under the kitchen sink and created a clever system of pull out shelves for the cleaning supplies.

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#2 Organize Cleaning Rags in a Bag

Old shopping bags are very useful to keep your cleaning rags organized. You can separate them by clean or dirty, or special rags for kitchen tiles, furniture and home appliances. This is not just easier for you to find them, but also reduces the space they would otherwise take up in the closet.

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#3 Keep Them Rolling

The simplest way to store your cleaning supplies and have them handy at all times is to place them on a system of shelves with castor wheels. This item can be found in any house and garden supply store and will make your life simpler whenever you need to do a bit of cleaning in your house.

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#4 Use Every Shallow Niche

Older houses and apartments are designed with various decorative niches, presumably for displaying paintings or other decorations. However, these niches cannot be left unused if you live in a small home. A custom made system of shelves with doors will turn it into a very useful cleaning supplies cabinet.

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#5 Create a Multi-Purpose Storage Cabinet

Built around the fridge, this piece of furniture serves both as a kitchen cabinet and cleaning supplies cabinet. The owners decided to sacrifice a little walking space around the fridge in order to create an efficient and ingenious storage area.

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#6 Label Your Cleaning Products

This is one of the simplest and most effective cleaning closet organization ideas: store your supplies in transparent bins and label them. In this way, you can always find exactly the items which you need without going through all your supplies.

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#7 Store Supplies According to the Frequency of Use

Some cleaning supplies are needed on a daily basis, while others only during the weekly and monthly general cleaning of the house. In order to keep them neatly organized, store them in a way that gives you the fastest access to the most frequently used ones.

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#8 Install a Pegboard

Pegboards are life savers for people living in small apartments. There are so many things which you can store on them! For example, this house owner installed most of the cleaning items which are used frequently on a pegboard placed just behind the main entrance door.

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#9 The Reliable Shoe Organizers

Just like the pegboard, transparent shoe organizers are multi-purpose items which, in this case, can help you keep your cleaning supplies neatly organized in a small space. You can hang the shoe organizer on the inside of the door to the cleaning cabinet and save the shelves for larger and heavier items.

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#10 Master the Art of Stocking Your Cabinet

It takes practice to be able to store so many items in such a small place, but as you can see from this image, it can be done. All you need is resourcefulness, patience, creativity and a little DIY work to add extra shelves and storage rods.

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#11 Align Brooms to the Wall

This simple but effective system of storing brooms and floor mops will help you save a lot of space in your cleaning supplies closet. Plus, you will always have these items close at hand whenever you need them.

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#12 Organize a Cleaning Supplies Caddy

Always keep a cleaning caddy with with everything you need for the general cleaning of your house, from carpet scrub brushes, to furniture wipes and rags and detergent for cleaning bathroom tiles. Whenever you start doing a major cleaning, all you have to do is grab the caddy and set to work.

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#13 Suspend Spray Bottles

Window and bathroom cleaning spray bottles can be kept very neatly organized by suspending them from a towel rod installed in any place which is out of the way, such as under the sink.

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#14 Repurpose an Old Toolbox

Your dad’s old toolbox must be still somewhere around in the garage. If you were planning to throw it away, think instead of turning it into a very useful organizer for your cleaning supplies. Practical and space saving, this old toolbox can be carried wherever you need to clean up.

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#15 Install Extra Baskets

The interior part of cupboard or cabinet doors is the ideal place to create extra storage space for a lot of items, not only cleaning supplies. These simple plastic baskets help you store more items without inconveniencing you in any way.

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Now that you have reached the end of our list of suggestions, we hope that you can find at least a few cleaning closet organization ideas which you can apply in your house. Don’t forget to share your results with us!

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