One of the challenges of living in a small home is inviting friends over for a meal or coffee. Where will you seat them? How can you host a small party with all the guests huddled together, either on your bed or on an uncomfortable sofa barely squeezed in the corner of a room? This is a very annoying aspect of living in a studio or small apartment, so we have decided to put together an extensive list of seating solutions for small spaces. So sit back and take note, at least one of these seating solutions must be exactly what you need!

#1 Pillows and Poufs Do the Trick

When you have a really tiny entertainment area, instead of a cumbersome sofa, opt for large and comfortable pillows and poufs. Choosing clever combinations of patterns and colors, you will be able to create a cheerful spot in your home, where you and your friends will feel comfortable, at ease and ready to have fun watching a movie or playing board games.

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#2 Hanging Seat

This romantic and comfortable rattan seat hanging from the ceiling serves a double purpose: you can use it as a swinging chair at any moment and it takes up zero space on the floor. It is amazing how much space you can save in your house if you learn how to use the vertical space available.

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#3 Seat Folding into the Floor

This one requires some DIY work, but if you have a really small terrace it is worth the effort. Bringing chairs in and out is quite annoying, so what if, after the party is over, you simply fold the seat down into the floor? It is quite an ingenious solution for minimum clutter and fuss.

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#4 Chairs In the Same Color as the Walls

If you want to create the illusion of less clutter in a small room, opt for furniture (especially chairs and sofas) in the same color as the walls. Thus, the furniture will blend in with the walls and the room will appear more spacious and less cluttered.

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#5 Create a Nook Under the Stairs

Once again, we remind people living in small homes that they need to take advantage of every available inch of space. One of the simplest seating solutions for small spaces is arranging a seating nook under the stairs, where you can read, take a small nap if you are working from home or even invite one or two close friends for a chat.

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#6 Repurpose an Old Chest as Coffee Table

Remember grandma’s old wooden chest? With a fresh coat of paint and even some special lacquer to give it an aged, retro look, that sturdy chest which took up too much space in your bedroom could become a lovely coffee table. Add the fact that you can also store various items in it (such as the coffee cups and saucers) and you have created both a seating and storage solution!

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#7 Coffee Table with Nestable Chairs

This seating idea has become a trend even among people who live in larger homes. The idea of being able to stow furniture away when you do not need it is appealing, because everyone enjoys the freedom of walking through their homes without bumping into a chair or table.

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#8 Go Small…Literally

If you live in a small house, it makes sense to pick small pieces of furniture. What good is a 4-seat sofa if it takes up more than half of the space of the room? Look at the way this room is decorated. Everything is in the right proportions, and there are enough seats to host a party of 6 people.

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#9 Do Not Place Furniture Against the Wall

The best way to tell people that you live in a truly tiny home and you barely have space to seat them is by placing sofas and armchairs flush against the wall. It does not create the illusion of more space to sit comfortably for a coffee or a chat, but the contrary. The best solution is to create a seating area in the middle of the room, with sofa, chairs and a coffee table, and let people walk freely around them.

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#10 Get Creative on the Balcony

Do you have a tiny balcony where you would love to sit and enjoy coffee, but there’s barely enough space for a regular chair? Then you should become more creative in viewing the seating options for your balcony. Minimalist design is what works for such spaces. Look at these small chairs and ingenious table hanging from the balcony! Don’t they look absolutely lovely?

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#11 Chair and Hanger

How would you like to pick your shirt from the hanger and then grab the hanger and turn it into a chair? This is not a rhetoric question – it is as direct as it could be. This ingenious chair model is available and can solve the solution of stowing away furniture when you do not really need it.

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#12 Foldable Mini-Bar

Small party in the corner of your room? With this cool and simple to fold in and out bar it is possible! Once the party is over, all the chairs can be folded under the table, which will take up just a little space in your house.

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#13 Create Seating Areas Around Windows

Windows are great places for arranging a small table and two armchairs in order to create a cozy nook for conversations, board games or a quick snack. These arrangements do not take a lot of space and can solve the problem of where to sit with your best friend in your small home.

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#14 Take Advantage of Corners

If you have a corner area with lots of natural light, then you should save it for a sectional sofa which can be turned into a bed if necessary. In this way, you can have a reading and sleeping area at the same time.

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#15 Create Mini-Seating Areas

This is a regular sized living room. Yet, you can clearly identify three different seating areas where people can spend time in private conversations, having coffee or a snack. And it does not look cluttered at all. Instead of creating a large and burdensome seating area, break it into sections and you will not believe how many people can sit comfortably in the same room.

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These simple and effective tricks will help you use judiciously every inch in your house without creating too much clutter. When seeking seating solutions for small spaces remember that in many cases the way in which you arrange furniture makes all the difference between a spacious looking room and a cluttered one.

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