If you are a music lover, you certainly own a turntable and lots of vinyl records. Despite the modern trend in digitizing everything, the best sound quality cannot be obtained from a mp3 file on your smartphone or digital sound system, but on a vinyl record. Plus, these records are highly collectible, some first editions being sold in auctions for incredible amounts of money. Whether you have an old collection from the ’70s and ’80s or are just starting to build it by purchasing newly pressed vinyls, one thing is certain: you need to store your records carefully. Vinyl records are quite large compared to other media formats and fragile, too: you must not drop them or place heavy objects on them. Therefore, you need to find a space saving and safe way of keeping them. Today we will show you 15 crafty and creative vinyl storage ideas for your collection.

#1 Invest in Cubby Furniture

We have presented various ways in which cubbies help you keep your house neat and put away various items. As it turns out, the standard cubby unit is large enough to store vinly records in the recommended position, that is, vertically. Each unit can hold up to 30 records – thus you know exactly how many units you need for your collection.


Source: Buzzfeed

#2 LP Record Crates

This product is the result of a crowdfunded project. Someone who loves vinyl records as much as you do found a way of creating a modular storage system. This system consists of individual crates, made to measure for vinyls, which can be stacked by simply snapping them together. Thus, you can create as many configurations as you need, according to your available space and number of records.


Source: ColoredVinylRecords

#3 Vintage Wine Crates

Having a cool retro look and a generous storage space for vinyls, wine crates are the ideal choice if you want to embrace the ’70s style in your home. You can find them at yard sales or at wineries which are replacing their older packaging materials with plastic ones.


Source: ThatSpecialRecord

#4 Display Shelves

Record covers are carefully designed and represent works of art by themselves. So, why would you not proudly display them on your walls? A few floating shelves with stoppers to prevent the records from sliding off them, and you can store your records, decorate your room and have these records handy at any moment – all in one.


Source: LPRecordStorage

#5 The Library Cart

Remember those carts in which librarians collect returned books to place them back on shelves? This simple accessory is now reinterpreted by furniture companies and designed for holding magazines, correspondence and vinyl records, as well. This vinyl storage solution is great because you can easily move it from room to room and put it away when you need extra space for a dinner with friends, for example.


Source: VinylMePlease

#6 Repurpose a Bar Cart

If you don’t want to invest in specialized vinyl record storage solutions, then you should turn once again to yard sales and the flea market. You will certainly discover an old bar cart which, with a little tender loving care, will make a fine storage solution for your vinyl collection.


Source: NME

#7 Correspondence Rack

You can find them in any home improvement store and they make great storage solutions for vinyl records. Correspondence racks have a slim design and can be easily integrated even into a small room.

vinly12Source: HomeTweaks

#8 Repurposed Flower Boxes

Even if you do not have balcony plants you should make a trip to the gardening section of your favorite home improvement store. You will find flower boxes of various sizes and shapes which can be installed as floating shelves instead and store your vinyl collection.


Source: Buzzfeed

#9 Invest in a Turntable Station

The turntable station is an affordable and space saving alternative to other improvisations. You can have both a turntable stand and a storage solution for your vinyl collection. It has a minimalist design and fits in any type of room decor.


Source: ColoredVinylRecords

#10 Under the Bed Storage

As always, it is worth investing in pieces of furniture with incorporated storage areas. In this case, instead of keeping bed sheets and duvets, you can store an impressive vinyl collection in the storage areas incorporated in the bed.


Source: NME

#11 Open Bookshelves

Some people love books, others love vinyl records, but both categories can keep their treasures nicely stored on a simple system of bookshelves.


Source: HomeTweaks

#12 A Simple DIY Solution

If you don’t feel like investing a lot of money in a storage solution for vinyls, you can make it yourself from a few pieces of wood and some nails. This isĀ  a smart solution if you have very little space for your collection and need a custom made solution.


Source: ThatSpecialRecord

#13 Retro Cabinet

Remember those old linen airing cabinets in your grandma’s house? Ask her nicely for one and you can repurpose it into a turntable stand and storage cupboard for your vinyls.


Source: VinylMePlease

#14 Vintage Magazine Rack

As you can see, vintage and retro are the top trends of this article. Now we will introduce the old and reliable magazine stand – a simple and space-saving solution both for storing and for displaying your favorite vinyl records.


Source: NME

#15 Double Duty Sofa

This seating solution is a must-have for people living in small apartments. The ingenious compact design allows you to invite friends over and have them comfortably seated, while keeping your record collection safely stored underneath the seats.


Source: HomeTweaks

What do you think? Are you inspired from at least one of these vinyl storage ideas in a sufficient degree to create it in your house? Share your ideas with us!

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