Many singles and small families have to make do with very small apartments, even studios. One thing which such apartments do not have in abundance are separating walls. They would be too cumbersome, reducing the available space and blocking sunlight. However, people need their privacy, especially in the bedroom. They want to have an enclosed space of their own where they will not be disturbed. Since walls are out of the question, what is the alternative? We looked around and found it: a series of simple, functional and creative room dividers for small apartments. Let’s check them out!

#1 Mirror, Mirror…Instead of the Wall

This young family decided to ensure privacy in a practical and ingenious manner: they installed a ceiling to floor mirror which creates an effective separation from the dining area and also reflects natural light, making the room seem larger and more welcoming.

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Repurpose Old Doors

Two or three doors united by hinges create a unique and vintage looking folding screen for this small apartment. The advantage of such a divider is that you can extend or fold it in as much as you need. When you want to put it away, just fold all three doors in and place it against the wall.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#3 The Projector Screen

Do you want to see movies just like at the cinema without going there? A projector screen does the trick. It also creates a division between the bedroom and the rest of the small apartment in a simple way, without blocking light or access.

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Source: MakeSpace

#4 The Lego Wall

How cool is that? A separating wall made of Lego pieces and with a creative entryway! We are certain that this couple is extremely creative in their entire outlook on life and can always find a great solution for any space usage problem.

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Source: Inhabitat

#5 The Secret Door

This home office is excellently disguise behind book shelves with a mobile door. Just like in detective stories! This creative and clever divider is both helpful for establishing space boundaries and for arranging books and other items on both sides.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#6 Cubbyhole Wall

This wall is not solid, but with many cubbyhole perforations to let the light shine through and to provide valuable storage space for decorations, for the TV set and for books. With its double duty function, this kind a wall is a smart choice for a small apartment.

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Source: AmazingInteriorDesign

#7 Bar Style Dining Area

Bedrooms are not the only special function areas which need dividers – the kitchen is in the same situation. Apart for the need to keep the cooking smells contained, home chefs do not want their secret recipes exposed to all family members. This bar style dining area is the perfect solution for a small apartment: it allows everyone to sit down comfortably and eat their meals and it provides an effective screen for the kitchen area.

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Source: Domino

#8 Folding Screens

Inspired from the Japanese culture, folding screens are life savers for tiny apartments and studios. Beside providing portable privacy for any area of the apartment, they can also be decorative, with various prints on both sides.

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Source: Bustle

#9 Arabesque Style Separating Wall

With its perforations and complex patterns, this type of separating wall guarantees both privacy and the access of sunlight in the bedroom area. There are so many arabesque patterns you can choose from, according to your tastes, or even geometric shapes for more rigorous natures.

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Source: HGTV

#10 Curtains

When you really want a quick and cheap solution for creating a room divider, curtains are the answers. Light and airy for more natural light, or thick for more privacy, curtains can separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment in a simple and effective manner.

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

#11 Frosted Glass

When you really want both privacy and light, frosted glass is the answer. You do not have to go and order special and expensive glass Рall you have to do is purchase  a roll of self-adhesive layer from the home improvement store and quickly place it over regular glass. Simple, inexpensive and effective Рwhat more do you need?

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Source: HGTV

#12 Give Pallet a Chance

Old wooden pallets can become effective and rustic looking folding screens for your small apartment. You can also use them to hang artwork. Plus, they will let some light pass through. Why invest in an expensive folding screen, when you can have an upcycled one?

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Source: Buzzfeed

#13 Floating Clothes Rail

This store style clothes rail is useful both as a divider and as a space saving way of keeping your clothes. You can create a full enclosure with these rails and expand your wardrobe without fear of running out of storage space.

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Source: MakeSpace

#14 Sliding Screens

Once again inspired from Japanese culture, sliding screens are very effective for creating privacy, or allowing you to enjoy the full expanse of your small apartment. Made from textiles or rice paper, these lightweight screens are an efficient option for small apartments, and can be used to separate various functional areas without making the place look small and glum.

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Source: AmazingInteriorDesign

#15 Planters

When all else fails…return to nature. More precisely, to apartment planters and crawlers. They make a lovely decoration for any kind of apartment and they can provide you with much needed privacy.

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Source: Domino

So, having reached the end of our recommendations, we hope that you have realized how simple and affordable it is to create functional and creative dividers for small apartments. Good luck with your redecoration work!

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