Whenever you decide to declutter your home, some items are always excluded from this purging process: clothes, books and children’s toys. It is hard to part with them and we also cannot stop buying more. Over time, they gather in the most unlikely places and, more than often, you never find the precise item you are looking for. Today we decided to help you put some order in your clothes. We understand your love for all the fashionable items you’ve gathered over the years, and therefore we looked around to find inspirational, space saving and creative clothes storage ideas. This is the result of our in-depth research on this topic:

#1 Organize Underwear in PVC Pipes

PVC pipe sections are ideal for rolling up and keeping in good order men’s, women’s and children’s underwear. For an added touch of style, paint them in bright colors before placing the sections in the drawer. The good news is that you may not even need to buy the pipes – just ask any neighbor who is doing repair works for the leftover pieces.

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Source: DIYnCrafts

#2 Place A Rack Behind the Bed

The lack of a closet should not deter you from keeping shirts and suits neatly arranged on hangers. Create some space between your bed and the wall, install a curtain and you will have your own private dressing area. This option is ideal for small studio apartments, where each inch of floor space is worth its size in gold.

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Source: Freshome

#3 Boutique Style

If you have to keep your clothes on exposed racks, at least do it with style. Look at exclusive clothes boutiques and learn how they arrange the merchandise, pairing main items with accessories and shoes by style or by color. Apply the same principle to your wardrobe and all your friends will be impressed.

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Source: TopDreamer

#4 Make Use of the Attic

The slanted roof of the attic will not allow you to place standard wardrobes or cupboards. But this does not mean that you should not make the most of this challenging space. A series of custom built cubby shelves or cupboards with drawers will help you create plenty of storage space for your clothes.

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Source: Homify

#5 Find New Uses for Towel Hangers

Large circular towel hangers can be extremely useful to store your fine lingerie. Just look at how many chemises and babydolls you can hang on just one such towel hanger!

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Source: GoodHousekeeping

#6 An Impressive DIY Project

This minimalist looking clothes organizer is really impressive by its clever, creative design, and the amount of storage space it offers. Whenever you are running out of storage space in the wardrobe, flex your creative muscles and you will be able to come up with something similar – or even better.

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Source: Digsdigs

#7 Once Again, Plastic Bins Save the Day

There is no way we could imagine life in a small apartment without plastic storage bins. With their generous storage space, the possibility to attach labels and to stack them when full, these bins are among the best space saving storage solution. For this family, transparent bins help them keep clothes organized and easily reachable. This is also an ideal option for putting away off season clothes.

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Source: HGTV

#8 His Corner

Men love their particular accessories, as well. They probably have as many ties as women have scarves, and the same goes for belts. This creative woman made sure her husband has all his accessories neatly arranged. An old mirror frame, a cork board and various pegs created this stylish “his corner”.

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Source: TopDreamer

#9 A Cheap Way to Keep Shoes Organized

Large soda bottles, cut to size, make a perfect storage solution for one pair of summer shoes. You wouldn’t have thought of this manner of organizing shoes, right? To be honest, neither did we.

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Source: DIYnCrafts

#10 Hanging In There

If you want to spare the floor space, then look up at the ceiling. This woman found a clever way of installing a clothes rack without having to place it on the floor. There is always a creative solution when you are in dire need of it.

clothes 12

Source: Freshome

#11 Bye Bye Summer

The colorful and comfortable flip-flops are out of season now, to be replaced by warm shoes and boots. But don’t just toss them inside a cupboard. They will be bent out of shape until next summer. Instead, use this simple and clever way of storing flip-flops to keep them looking as good as new.

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Source: TopDreamer

#12 The Secret Stash

Some people really don’t want others to see their clothes. Or their wardrobe. This family took the deception game to new heights with these practically invisible built-in cupboards. Once the door is closed, you wouldn’t guess that a whole wardrobe is hiding behind the wall.

clothes 5

Source: Homify

#13 Divide and Conquer

Are you tired of untangling tights and leggings every time you want to pick a pair? This woman found the perfect solution to keep them neatly organized: a honeycomb type of dividers, creating enough individual storage areas for each pair she owns.

clothes 6

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#14 The Scarves Organizer

A simple wooden board, a little glue and a dozen or so clothespins – these are all the materials you will need to create this simple but efficient organizer for all your scarves and shawls. The same system works just fine for baseball caps or hats.

clothes 9

Source: Digsdigs

#15 Two Ladders, One Clever Dresser

When creativity and need meet, amazing DIY projects will appear. Here is the perfect examples: two old wooden ladders became the key elements of a spacious and original looking dresser, with enough storage space for clothes, shoes and accessories.

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Source: HGTV

And this is the end of our list – for now. We are sure that you have also discovered other useful and creative clothes storage ideas, so don’t be shy and share them with us!

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