As autumn is coming, everyone starts putting away their light and colorful summer clothes, and take out the warm cardigans and coats, the dependable jeans and boots. In such moments you may realize that over the summer you have bought quite a lot of clothes and it is hard to find a place to store them. Whether you live in a tiny studio or a small apartment, whether you have a wardrobe or not, the problem is always the same for everyone. Today we have decided to share some creative storage ideas, to supplement your already existing wardrobe or clothes racks and help you deal with your expanding quantity of clothes. Let us get started!

#1 Curtain Them Out of Sight

It is easy to create a small storage space with shelves in a difficult corner, but you don’t want it to be visible. For one, you don’t want dust accumulating on the clothes, for another, if you live in a really small home, your bedroom may also be the room where you entertain friends. The simplest solution to this conundrum is to install a shower curtain rod and hide away your clothes under a pretty curtain.

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Source: Apartmenttherapy

#2 Branch It Out

If you enjoy a quirky, rustic decor and are handy with the paintbrush and hammer, you can create this original looking and practical storage solution for clothes out of a branch blown by the wind. The cost of setting up this system is minimal and you can be sure that all your friends will admire it.

clothes storage 15

Source: Lifehack

#3 Logo Code Children’s Clothes

This clever mom has found a simple and efficient way to keep her children’s clothes organized and allow them to find whatever they need without creating a mess in the room. each shelf has an icon symbolizing the moment of day or the type of clothing kept in there. You can do that for your entire family, as well.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#4 Split Wardrobe by Gender

Her dresses and shoes are neatly organized to one side. His coats and trousers on the other side. In the middle, we can probably find bedclothes or underwear just as neatly arranged as the other clothes. Discipline and neat folding helped this couple put an end to the proverbial man-woman battle for wardrobe space.

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Source: Topdreamer

#5 A Rose By Any Other Name…

This small house owner has no space to display all the T-shirt, shorts, shirts and socks on shelves or racks. Instead, they are nicely folded and kept in labeled cardboard storage boxes (you can find them at very cheap prices in and home improvement store). We can assume that the rest of the family is just as neat and remembers to put each item of clothing back where it belongs.

clothes storage 11

Source: Cutediyprojects

#6 Invest in Nice Looking Travel Cases

When there is no place for an extra wardrobe or cabinet, then travel cases are the only solution for keeping extra clothes. Since they cannot be tucked away, they’d better look good and serve as bedside table. In this example, it would be a real shame to hide such nice looking cases under the bed.

clothes storage 2

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#7 DIY Scarf and Belt Shelf

The secret of this overly customized shelf for scarves, belts and ties is very simple: basic PVC pipe cut to size. As an alternative, you can create a honeycomb structure out of plastic or cardboard sheets, but it takes more work. The PVC pipes already have the ideal shape and size to help you organize all your necessary accessories.

clothes storage 4

Source: Buzzfeed

#8 Behind the Bed

It must be quite handy to reach up as you wake up and grab the items of clothing you will wear. It is also very practical to replace the headboard with a clothes rack, when there is no room for storing clothes anywhere else in your tiny home. As the saying goes, waste not, want not.

clothes storage 14

Source: Lifehack

#9 All The World’s a Stage

When installing a second wardrobe would make your room looked to cramped for space, then this lightweight telescopic shelf system will do the trick. And if you have some items of clothing you’d gladly show off, this is the perfect place to store them, leaving room in the wardrobe for less good looking clothes.

clothes storage 13

Source: Allforfashiondesign

#10 The Ever Versatile Transparent Shoe Pouches

There are certain items which small house owners are thankful for existing, and one of them is the transparent storage solution for shoes. These space saving plastic pouches can be kept anywhere: up the wall, behind a door, etc. And they can hold a lot of items, not just shoes. In this case, the pouches are used to store underwear and socks.

clothes storage 12

Source: Cutediyprojects

#11 Repurpose a Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are slowly replaced by plastic pallets in different industries. They are turned into furniture, recycled into pellets for heating or…used in their original shape as a storage solution for shoes. Hint: if you only need one or two, warehouses may even give them for free just to get rid of them.

clothes storage 9

Source: Topdreamer

#12 Stairway to Order

Old stairs are becoming a popular repurposed item for many people. Their rustic charm adds beauty to every home and offers an original storage solution for various items. In this particular case, the reconditioned and painted wooden stairs serve both as a rack for clothes and as a shelf for caps, hats, umbrellas, etc.

clothes storage 5

Source: Buzzfeed

#13 Salvage Vintage Store Displays

Yes, stores have changed the way they display merchandise tremendously, especially clothes, jewelry and purse stores. You may find an interesting item or two in garage sales or at the flea market. This woman found both an old-time jewelry display frame and a bag holder. They help her keep her precious items neatly organized and bring a special retro charm to the room.

clothes storage 6

Source: Allforfashiondesign

#14 The Old Coke Crate

Do you remember the good old Coca Cola bottle crates of your childhood? They do awake wonderful memories. And one of them could be in your own room, helping you keep ties or scarves neatly organized. It will be a challenge finding a wooden Coke crate in good condition, but it’s worth the effort.

clothes storage 10

Source: Topdreamer

#15 Roll It Under the Bed

No other place left for storing clothes than under the bed? Then at least improvise an effortless way to put and take out your clothes. These repurposed cabinet shelves on castor wheel are the simple and space saving solution to your clothes storage problem.

clothes storage 7

Source: Buzzfeed

I hope you find these clothes storage ideas not only original and creative, but practical as well. We are looking forward to see your own personal DIY projects for keeping your clothes neatly stored and organized.

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