Whether they do not believe in cutting down fir trees just to adorn them and keep them indoors for a few days, or they cannot find a tree small enough to fit in their homes, many people have abandoned the idea of putting up an actual tree in their living room for Christmas. There are alternative plastic Christmas trees available on the market, in various sizes and colors (silver, red, blue) beside the natural green. However there are people who believe that the concept of Christmas can become fully abstract and not use a tree at all. These people find inspiration in everyday items around the house and manage to use them to create an original looking decoration for the holidays. We have looked around and decided to share with you the most creative DIY Christmas tree alternatives we have found.

#1 Colored Balls Christmas Tree

Whether you have children or pets (or both) you certainly have lots of balls in the house. For a great effect, you should use balls of the same size (although of varied colors). In this way, you can create an easy to set up and easy to dismantle Christmas tree which takes basically no space in your house.


Source: Diply

#2 The Pillows Tree

Decorative pillows, piled one on top of the other make one original and creative looking Christmas tree. Plus, you can always rearrange the pillows, add or take out some pillow and vary the size and aspect of your family’s tree for Christmas.


Source: Demilked

#3 Recycled Paper

Paper and cardboard are always in large supplies in any home. And most of it ends up in the bin for recycling. But you should save some of it, especially nicely colored paper and cardboard. Draw patterns, cut it out and you can paste together your own 100% homemade Christmas tree.


Source: Hongkiat

#4 Beer Bottles Tree

This one is the perfect tree for your bachelor pad, especially if you plan to invite some friends. Although, it is possible that by the end of your Christmas party, most of the tree will be gone…


Source: HandiMania

#5 Floating Christmas Tree

This tree is made by suspending ornaments from the ceiling with transparent wires or thin cables. Beside being an original decoration, it is a great choice with families with pets (we all know that actual trees do not have a long existence around cats and dogs…)


Source: BoredPanda

#6 Book Pile Tree

Book lovers, here is a great idea for an unconventional Christmas tree. You can arrange your favorite books and display your most favorite one instead of the traditional star on top.


Source: Brit

#7 Deck the Worker’s Ladder

Every handyman has a double ladder available for safely making repairs. During the winter holidays, you will certainly not spend time doing repairs. Thus, you can use your ladder as a Christmas tree, by arranging fairy lights around it.


Source: TopDreamer

#8 The Christmas Tree Made of Buttons

Many people have a large collection of mismatched buttons hidden away in drawers. Now is the time to hunt for all of them and start making your own DIY Christmas tree. In the end, you will have a small and creative tree, just perfect for your small home, and you can reuse it year after year.


Source: LifeHack

#9 Popsicle Sticks

Children love popsicles. Here’s an idea: keep all the sticks and use them to create a crafty Christmas tree. Once you have glued them together, you can use a coating of spray paint in any color you wish and then add decorations.


Source: Diply

#10 The Photographer’s Tree

Every fan of photography has a tripod. This handy tool can be easily turned into an unconventional tree by adding a string of beads and fairy lights. And all your photographer friends will appreciate you more!


Source: Demilked

#11 Wine Corks Tree

Wine aficionados, pay attention: instead of throwing away corks, save them for a unique, handmade Christmas Tree. Create a frame, paint the bottom of the corks, and then arrange them inside the frame. There you go, your Christmas decorations are done!


Source: Hongkiat

#12 Wrapping Paper Rolls

After wrapping all the gifts, you certainly have some paper left. Do not throw it away! Instead, roll it, cut it to size and create an inexpensive and space saving Christmas tree for your family. That’s the most affordable and original tree you have ever had for the winter holidays, right?


Source: HandiMania

#13 Egg Carton Tree

Is Christmas nearly upon you and you haven’t found the right tree? Here’s a quick fix: get all the empty egg cartons from the pantry, spray paint them and glue them together like Tetris pieces to form a tree shape. Simple and effective, your Christmas tree will certainly win the originality prize!


Source: BoredPanda

#14 Ribbon Tree

Many people enjoy customizing their clothes with ribbons and some even have a small side business embellishing various items. In this case, you have plenty of leftover pieces of ribbon, which you don’t know what to do about. Here is a quick idea: wrap them around a frame made of wire or sticks and create your own crafty Christmas tree!


Source: Brit

#15 Sticks and Fairy Lights

It is not hard finding some pieces of wood felled down from trees by wind and heavy snow.  Pick them, clean them, cut them to size and install them on the wall. Now that you are done with this step, proceed with decorating your tree with fairy lights, Christmas cards and whatever other ornaments you want.


Source: TopDreamer

And here we are, we have reached the end of our list of the most creative DIY Christmas tree alternatives. We are certain that among all these beautiful and original creations, you will find at least on which you and your family would like to have in your own home. And please feel free to share your own ideas with us, as well!


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