The coming of spring means many things for every one of us. We can enjoy the beauty of nature coming back to life. Days are longer and warmer, inviting us to go outside for a walk. And we can finally put away the heavy and warm pillow and blankets and enjoy lighter linen on the bed. But where exactly do you put the winter bedding? They are large and voluminous even after folding them neatly. There is no room in the cabinets for summer bed sheets and certainly not among your clothes in the wardrobe. Thankfully, human imagination always finds the right solution for any problem. Today we will share with you 15 different pillow and blanket storage ideas for your tiny home.

#1 The Wicker Basket

Wicker baskets are both useful and decorative. They can be placed in the corner of the room or in any awkward area of your home, which you cannot use otherwise. You can buy as many baskets as you want and stack them one on top of the other, or get one tall basket for all your pillows and blankets.

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#2 Repurpose an Old Armoire

Old armoires with glass doors were used for displaying china statuettes and other decorative items back in the day when people afforded larger homes. Now these pieces of furniture must really prove useful to take up space in your home – and they can, by turning them into cabinets for bedding items.

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#3 The Blanket Ladder

If you have an old wooden ladder, it is an excellent storage solutions for blankets. Apart from saving you space and the money needed to buy another cabinet, it is recommended to keep blankets well aired at all times, especially those made of natural wool. If they are kept for too long in an enclosed space, they may develop a musty smell.

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#4 Repurpose the Mudroom

Some apartments have a mudroom for umbrellas and raincoats. But in a tiny home there are better things to do with this small space. With a few shelves made to size and racks installed on the door, you can store all your winter pillows and blankets in there.

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#5 Above the Bed

This family decided to put to use every single space, including the wall above the bed. The handmade wooden cradle helps them keep their pillows and blankets stored in a space saving manner and always close at hand when they need them.

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Source: HGTV

#6 Sliding Hamper

A lightweight wire frame and sturdy linen create a spacious hamper for large pillows and blankets. Placed at the bottom of cabinet or wardrobe, it can be easily slid in and out for adding or removing contents.

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Source: HGTV

#7 Hanging Organizers

These useful organizers can supplement your wardrobe storage and are easy to install almost anywhere around the house. Ideal also for travel and for rental homes where you cannot make changes in the furnishing, the hanging organizer is a life saver whenever you have extra clothes or linen to store.

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#8 Custom Bed with Storage Drawers

This is a solid investment (pun intended) for anyone living in a small home. Just look at all the drawers you can have for linen, towels and even clothes. Instead of buying an extra wardrobe think of replacing your bed with a custom made one with storage areas.

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Source: Joeknowsri

#9 Pillow Organizer

This one is a very simple DIY solution: you need a flat and solid base, with four large poles embedded in it. Now you can safely stack all your pillows and keep them unobtrusively in a corner of your bedroom or on the hallway.

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Source: Pinterest

#10 Seat with Storage Space

These backless seats are more and more popular, because they are comfortable and take little space in a small living room. To make matters more interesting, many models of seats have a hidden compartment where you can store quite a lot of items, including pillows and blankets.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#11 Adjustable Shelves

These shelving solutions are very useful in small homes. The storage space becomes flexible to store several smaller bed sheets and light blankets, or to fit large and thick woolen blankets and overstuffed pillows. You can make the most of the total storage space and arrange more items than if you had a standard cabinet with fixed shelves.

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Source: HGTV

#12 A Retro Trunk

Retro items are back in fashion. They are useful not only for their main purpose, but as decoration. A nice, large leather trunk is just what you need at the foot of the bed to arrange your thick and warm blankets and pillows.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#13 Under the Bed

If you cannot find a good looking trunk for your pillows and blankets…then put it under the bed. In this case, it does not really matters how it looks, as long as it is functional and helps you save space.

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#14 Under the Stairs

If you happen to live in a house with at least one floor, the space under the stairs cannot be left neglected. It can be used as linen closet or mudroom or both (if the stairs are high enough). Call a carpenter to take a look at the stairs and you will soon have a spacious storage area for your large bedding items and more.

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Source: Houzz

#15 The Crate on Wheels

This neat wooden crate can be very useful once you attach four castors to its bottom. You can fill it up with pillows and blankets and roll it away out of your way.

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Source: Remodelaholic

Here we are, at the end of our recommendations. We are sure that you found at least a few of these pillow and blanket storage ideas interesting and useful and you will adopt them in your own home. Good luck!

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