We all love nature and try to spend as much as possible around it.  Every tree, flower and blade of grass we see revives us and fills us with joy, strengthening our ties with the world around us. But as our civilization progressed, we distanced ourselves more and more from nature. We live in apartment complexes, work in steel and glass towers and we have less and less time to walk in a park or escape into the countryside. However, there are still ways in which we can be close to nature – by bringing a bit of it into our homes and offices. Today we will share with you 15 easy and creative ways to have an indoor garden. Let us get started!

#1 Wooden Box Herb Garden

This old wooden box has become the rustic background for a small and beautiful herb garden. With a clever mix of soil and decorative stones, this person has turned an old and useless object into a practical and beautiful decoration for their house.

garden 1

Source: Woohome

#2 A Small Terrarium

A terrarium is a small scale ecosystem enclosed into a jar or a bottle. It self regulates its humidity and can survive for years with minimum intervention from you. If you do not have a lot of time or skill to look after any other kind of indoor garden, this is the right choice for you.

garden 4

Source: Butterbin

#3 Fire Escape Ladder Garden

If you have a small, crowded apartment or small kids and pets, this is a simple and creative way to have a small indoor garden without taking too much space. The vertical installation on the wall will also create a beautiful decoration for your home.

garden 6

Source: Notapaperhouse

#4 Grow a Small Fruit Tree

Exotic fruit trees, such as orange, tangerine or avocado trees are easy to grow in a warm apartment. They usually need a constant warm temperature, lots of water and exposure to sunlight. In exchange for your tender loving care, they will reward you, in time, with delicious home grown fruit.

garden 8

Source: Babble

#5 Compost Garden

Did you know that the leftovers from most herbs and vegetables you use in the kitchen can be regenerated and grow into new, thriving plants? Green onions, parsley, basil, lettuce and more can be planted, grow roots and offer you an endless supply of fresh, bio produce to use when cooking for your family. Try it, we guarantee you won’t regret the small effort made in creating and looking after this small compost garden.

garden 9

Source: Brit

#6 Picture Frame Garden

Got an old picture frame? And do you love succulent plants? Good! You can make your own living picture and hang it on the wall by creating a small and neat arrangement of succulent plants with the help of soil and a grid. The results will wow you!

garden 12

Source: Homesthetics

#7 Bar Cart Garden

Old bar carts have multiple uses in a small home, and we have already shown a few in old articles. Here is another creative ways: you ca use it to create a small and thriving garden. You can assign each tier to a family member to arrange and look after and everyone can boast their own little corner of nature to friends and the extended family.

garden 13

Source: BHG

#8 Peaceful Zen Garden

This small garden can sit on your desk at work or at home. It is a simple concept, based on the yin yang Oriental philosophy and many people state that looking after their own zen garden. All you need is a round tray, white and black sand and compost, a few decorative stones and succulent plants (they fare well in a nutrient poor soil).

garden 15

Source: BalconyGardenWeb

#9 Eggshell Herb Garden

These adorable looking eggheads will certainly cheer you up while cooking in the kitchen…and provide you with fresh and fragrant herbs for your dishes. Easy to create and look after, this small indoor garden is a must have for any dedicated chef.

garden 2

Source: Woohome

#10 Ladder Orchid Garden

Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers and with an impressive number of varieties – in the order of tens of thousands! Some species are very easy to adapt to indoor living and do not require special care. Here is an attractive and space saving manner in which you can have your own small orchid garden: by repurposing an old wooden ladder!

garden 3

Source: Butterbin

#11 Pallet Garden

When you really have no space in your tiny apartment, the only solution for having a small garden is to create a vertical one on your balcony. The frame for this garden? A repurposed wooden pallet. You can plant either small flowers (such as pansies) or herbs for cooking.

garden 5

Source: Notapaperhouse

#12 A Small Zoo

These cute animal shaped ceramic planters are the ideal choice if you want to create a really small and decorative indoor garden. Ideal for succulent plants, which thrive even in difficult types of soils.

garden 7

Source: Babble

#13 Typography Garden

Here is another highly creative idea: arrange small plants to form words in a long tray planter. You can create one for each family member and even gift custom made flower gardens to family and friends.

garden 10

Source: Brit

#14 Suspended Garden

The legend of Queen Semiramis’ hanging gardens lives on, thousands of years later. But it does not have to stay a legend – you can have your own, right in your home, with minimum effort and investment.

garden 11

Source: Homesthetics

#15 Repurpose a Broken Chair

Old chair will get broken sooner or later. Some of them need to be removed from the house, but one or two can be kept and repurposed as a small indoor garden. This original looking garden can sit in any room – even in your bedroom.

garden 14

Source: BalconyGardenWeb

And now, at the end of our list of recommendations, here’s our question for you: what is your favorite from these creative ways to have an indoor garden?

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