Every great chef needs a set of pots and pans of various sizes. And even if your recognition comes only from your family and friends, you are still a great chef and deserve the best kitchen utensils to prepare your delicious dishes. Over the years, you will probably accumulate an impressive collection of pots and pans with their respective lids. Soon enough, you will run out of space for storing them in traditional cupboards. At this point, you have to use your imagination and find creative ways to organize pots and pans around your kitchen. We took at look at other amateur chefs living in small homes and selected 15 of the most space saving and creative displays.

#1 Organize Pans By Size

This is quite an impressive collection of pans. And there is something extremely satisfying in the super neat organization from the smallest to the largest. This chef surely takes their hobby seriously and always gets their hand on the right pan for the dish they want to cook.


Source: Shelterness

#2 By the Stairs

When you have really run out of storage space in the kitchen, then you should select your best pieces from your pots and pans collection and create a beautiful display by the stairs. A set of rustic looking wooden boards with hooks will provide excellent support for your cooking utensils.


Source: SmallHouseInteriors

#3 Keep Them Handy

The best place to keep pots and pans is right where you need them, that is, above the cooking oven. A simple metallic rod with hooks will help you arrange the items you use most frequently and always have them close at hand.


Source: NiceDecors

#4 Stacking Rack

A simple stacking rack will help you keep several pots in a small space and save useful space elsewhere in the kitchen. This storage solution is most effective for pots and pans you use rarely, because it is quite a hassle getting the ones at the bottom.


Source: Shelterness

#5 Pallet Storage

An old wooden pallet makes an excellent and rustic looking storage place for pots and pans. After thorough cleaning and priming, the pallet can be easily installed on the wall and provided with hooks for hanging pots and pans.


Source: Houzz

#6 A Colorful Display

Transparent glass shelves and a whitewashed wall represent the perfect background for showcasing your collection of brightly colored pots and pans. This arrangement is certainly an eye catcher in any kitchen.


Source: Brit

#7 Minimalism Works Even In the Kitchen

This artful minimalist display of stainless steel pans is completely in tune with the latest interior design trends. If you want your home to look picture perfect, then you should go for this type of storage solution.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 The Color Code

If you have a favorite color and you purchased many pots and pans in this color, the best solution is to arrange them together and display them together. This eye catching arrangement is both space saving and extremely decorative.


Source: RealSimple

#9 Above the Kitchen Island

A clever system of hanging hooks and rods allows this proud chef to keep most of their pans out of the way but always handy just above the kitchen island. You can either buy a ready-made pots hanger from home improvement stores or have a custom one designed to fit your kitchen perfectly.


Source: Shelterness

#10 Pull-Out Rack

This clever custom made hanging rack can be easily fitted under the island or kitchen sink and helps you keep pans stored in an organized and space saving manner.


Source: SmallHouseInteriors

#11 Repurpose a Bicycle Wheel

Did you bust a bicycle wheel and had to change it? Do not throw away the old one! With a little tinkering and cleaning, it can become a useful pan storage solution in your kitchen. Add the fact that you can install it on an axle and make it turn around until you reach the exact pot you want. That’s what we call creative!


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#12 A Window Display

Once again, when you’ve run out of obvious places to store pots and pans, there is only one solution left: proudly display them all over your kitchen. And don’t forget to arrange the best looking ones in front of your windows to show everyone that you are indeed a great chef.


Source: NiceDecors

#13 Under the Sink Storage

Maybe this is will not win the creativity contest, but it is a very neat and useful way of storing pans in a space saving manner. And they are quite easy to reach whenever you need them.


Source: Shelterness

#14 Repurpose a Small Ladder

Ladders are among the top repurposed items in any house. In this situation, they make a great storage solution for pots and pans in a chic looking kitchen.


Source: Brit

#15 The All-Purpose Bar Cart

You don’t have to keep a bar to buy a bar cart. This useful accessory can be the storage solution you needed for your pots and pans in the kitchen. The best thing is that whenever you want them out of the way, you can easily roll them into the pantry and clear the path.


Source: RealSimple

We hope that these creative ways to organize pots and pans in the kitchen are not just useful, but attractive enough to convince you to select one of them and apply it in your own kitchen.

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