There are few toys as beloved as stuffed animals – and not only by children. Some of them look very realistic, others bear a slight resemblance to reality, but they are all fluffy, soft and cuddly. Small children find it easier to fall asleep with their favorite teddy bear of other stuffed animal in their arms. And as years pass, the collection grows…and grows…and grows some more. Suddenly, you are in a room full of these fluffy toys and you can barely move around. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. We have looked around and discovered how other moms and dads solve this problem and selected fifteen space saving and creative ways to store stuffed animals. Let’s see them!

#1 The Hammock

Hammock are so relaxing! Just saying the word makes us think of exotic beaches and carefree vacations. Your child’s stuffed animals will also love a hammock – for keeping them neatly contained and out of your way.

toy 2

Source: CoolMomPicks

#2 The Bird Cage

If you had a pet bird and still kept its cage, now it is time to put it to use again. A neatly painted bird cage is an excellent storage solution for stuffed toys and a cool decoration for your child’s room, as well.

toy 3

Source: MommyInDubai

#3 Wooden Crates

This space saving, ergonomic and rustic arrangement is so easy to make from repurposed wooden crates. What is really great about these crate shelves is that they are placed at children’s reach level, so they can take their toys and learn to put them neatly back.

toy 5

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 Shoe Holders

Did you imagine that a simple shoe holder can provide plenty of storage space for stuffed animals? Just take a look at this clever mommy and her neat skills for placing as many toys as possible in the holder!

toy 8

Source: WooHome

#5 Mesh Storage Basket

These foldable mesh baskets were created exactly for moms who are running out of space for their children’s toys. This hanging basket is also a great solutions for vacations, when your children cannot part with their favorite toys.

toy 9Source: ICreativeIdeas

#6 Small Buckets

Toy buckets are not just for making sand castles at the beach. They can help you store plush and stuffed toys on the nursery wall. This simple and inexpensive storage solution has the advantage that it can be easily expanded as your child collection’s grows.

toy 12

Source: Homedit

#7 See Through Pillow Case

This special pillow case is large enough to hold several stuffed animals. Beside keeping them neatly arranged, the pillow case also protects the toys from dust, which is a great idea since many children hug and kiss their favorite plush toys.

toy 13

Source: Hative

#8 Hanging Pockets

Easy to make at home, these hanging pockets can be installed unobtrusively on the door and hold enough toys. You can install this kind of toy holder on the wardrobe door and even on the bathroom door. It does not hamper you in any way and your children will be happy that they don’t have to give up any of their toys.

toy 15

Source: Shelterness

#9 Tiered Swing

This cute little swing for stuffed animals is a great decoration in itself for your children’s room. You can find it in stores or even make it at home with a few pieces of solid string and some wooden boards.

toy 1

Source: CoolMomPicks

#10 Plastic Chain & Clothespins

This is the simplest and most space saving storage solution for plush toys. A plastic chain with clothespins attached will help you store a large quantity of toys in a corner of the room. Just look how many toys hang from this chain!

toy 4

Source: MommyInDubai

#11 Corner Shelves

These plastic corner shelves can be bought in any home improvement store, are very inexpensive and can be installed on the walls in a few minutes. If you do not feel like placing them close to the children’s beds, any corner of the room will do.

toy 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#12 Under the Bed Storage

We encourage everyone who lives in a small house or apartment to buy double duty furniture, with storage space. This children’s bed has a few shelves fitted underneath it, offering moms sufficient space to store stuffed animals and even a few clothes.

toy 7

Source: WooHome

#13 Wire Baskets

More spacious than corner shelves, these wire baskets are usually found in the gardening area of home improvement stores. By default, they are balcony planters. But as you can see, they can be anything you need them to, including storage baskets for your children’s toys.

toy 14

Source: IcreativeIdeas

#14 The Zoo

These plastic crates with string bars can become your child’s personal zoo for stuffed animals. Lightweight and easy to install on the wall, they offer plenty of storage space and look really nice in the child’s room.

toy 11

Source: Homedit

#15 Tote Bags

Tote bags made of fabric are very spacious, can be easily hanged on a hook on the door and help moms clear the floor in the children’s room. As an extra tip, if you have several children you can write their names on each bag, so that they always know where to put back their toys.

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Source: Hative

As you can see, there are so many fun and space saving ways to store stuffed animals and make a little more space in your children’s room. Feel free to share your own creative ideas and solutions with us!

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