Curtains are versatile accessories in any home. They offer privacy and decorate a room. Chosen carefully, they can make a room look larger and more airy. And there are so many different styles of curtains, so many creative ways to use them around the house, that we thought that it would be useful to see how different people arrange curtains or, indeed, what novelty materials they use as curtains. We also think it is useful to share creative ways to use curtains because usually changing the curtains changes the look of the entire room. Thus with one simple and affordable change, you can redecorate the room and give it a new vibe. Let’s get started!

#1 Tea Towels as Roman Shades

Roman shades are a specific type of curtains which can be lowered or pulled up by sections. Thus, you control how much privacy and sunlight you have in the room. For the kitchen, these colorful tea towels are a great choice as Roman shades. Using the right combination of colors, you can add a cheerful note to your kitchen.

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Source: BHG

#2 Progressive Length

This curtain is made up of five pieces of identical material, but of different length. The geometric precision of the design gives it an original and creative look. This style of curtain can be used in almost every room in the house. The light and airy material of the curtains make them appropriate even for small rooms.

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Source: Otletes

#3 Porch/ Balcony Curtains

If you live in a house with a porch or have an open balcony, curtains are the simplest accessory to gain more privacy. In the hot summer days, the curtain is also useful to protect you from the sun and the insects. Choose a curtain with the same color as the walls of the balcony or the banisters of the porch.

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Source: Decoist

#4 Repurpose a Curtain as Table Cloth

As years go by, portions of the curtains, especially those with printed patterns, will fade out due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight. It does not mean that you have to throw away all the curtain. Find an area not affected by fading and cut it out to the right size to serve as table cloth.

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Source: Homedit

#5 Separate the Dining Area from the Living Room

As we explained quite recently, curtains are very useful in tiny apartments to serve as partitions instead of walls. In this situation, the dining area is separated from the living room by a thick curtain which creates privacy and retains the smell of food.

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Source: MyDomaine

#6 Rethink Curtain Holders

Instead of the traditional sash or tasseled rope, look through your jewellery collection and find a bracelet of an appropriate size and color which you have not worn in a while. Alternately, a man’s tie can do the job just as well.

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Source: HGTV

#7 Layered Look

Here’s how this creative curtain arrangement works: get equal sized curtains with the same print pattern, but in different colors – complementary colors for best results. Arrange them one next to the other, each on different bars, so you can move them independently one from the other.

curtains 13

Source: Curbly

#8 Loopy Circles

These are not actual curtains, but a creative and youthful replacement. Depending on your temperament, you can opt for the traditional Oriental bead strings, or these colorful loopy circles. The string curtains can also be used instead of doors in tiny apartments.

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Source: Brit

#9 Repurpose a Silk Scarf

Got bored with that see-through silk scarf? Do not throw it away, it will make a lovely overlay for your plain white curtains!

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Source: BHG

#10 Two-Tone Overlap

This creative arrangement is perfect for the bedroom. The two colors must be chosen carefully, though: they should not be complementary, but they should not create a strong contrast, either. Test the samples in sunlight and artificial light until you find your perfect combination.

curtains 3

Source: Otletes

#11 Island Style

This DIY bed canopy makes you think of exotic vacations on faraway islands, under the tropical sun. The arrangement is both decorative and useful for more privacy, or to keep away insects during the summer.

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Source: Decoist

#12 Pets Need Their Privacy, Too

Your furry or winged friends need as much privacy as you, especially if you keep late hours and they need their sleep. This cute little curtain is just what you need to ensure that your pets have their own quiet and private corner in the house.

curtains 8

Source: Homedit

#13 Create a Shoe Closet

You don’t want your favorite shoes to gather dust, but you don’t have enough space for a proper closet, either. Here is the solution: a pretty curtain to cover a niche where you installed a space saving shoe holder. Decorative and practical, the piece of curtain really ads style to your room and helps you keep your shoes in pristine condition.

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Source: MyDomaine

#14 Sail Away

Embrace the navy spirit with this unconventional curtain rod made of sturdy rope (with sailor knots if you know how to make them) and dark blue curtain to match.

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Source: HGTV

#15 Statement Kitchen Blind

A simple, but powerful message. A light and natural toned curtain. This is all it takes to add more charm and personality to your kitchen, and keep prying eyes away from your secret recipes.

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Source: Brit

These are just a few example, but there are many, many more creative ways to use curtains. Feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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