We live in a global village thanks to the internet and long distance flights. But globalization means more than travels and trade and political scuffles between various groups: it means discovering new cultures and embracing elements from them, enriching our lives. Being a citizen of the Earth these days is all about being open to new ideas, designs, colors and tastes. And many people turn their homes into beautiful examples of how well various cultures can coexist into the same room. Today we are all about celebrating diversity and multicultural tendencies and we will show a large variety of global style ideas for your home.

#1 Eclectic Artwork

For their entry hallway, this family opted to display a beautiful collection of Vietnamese and Guatemalan sculptures. Looking at the collection as a whole, it look like everything belongs together. You would not imagine that the pieces have their origin on different continents and culture.

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Source: BHG

#2 A Dressing Room from All Over the World

The privacy screens are Moorish, the chair is Italian and the bronze table is Chinese. But together, all these items create a chic atmosphere of luxury and style. The antique look of the Chinese table is complemented by the bright colors of the design painted on the chair. The partition is there to give us a peek inside, but never a full disclosure of the room.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Brass and Arabesques

The Moorish style is a distinctive one and it can be found in all the areas of the world where this civilization set a foothold, especially in Spain. The defining elements of the Moorish style is the generous use of metals such as bronze and brass and the delicate arabesque designs and mosaics. This family opted for a ceiling lamp and a wall piece which display the amazing craftsmanship of Moor artisans.

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Source: QuercusLiving

#4 An Indian Retreat

The pillow cases and bedspread are of traditional Indian inspiration, both in design and in choice of colors. The Indian culture is rich in beautiful, vibrant colors and designs depicting animals and arabesque details. If you want to brighten up the entire room with a single element, the Indian bed linen set is your best choice.

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Source: TheRoomIdeas

#5 Chinese Prints Work In Any Room

Chinese people are amazing in their ability to miniaturize everything and to paint fantastic landscapes and animals in great details. Chinese teacups, porcelain statuettes and prints are in great demand all over the world. Their beauty and attention to detail will really make your room look more bright and will create a visual focus for everyone walking inside it.

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Source: BHG

#6 Scandinavian Minimalism

Scandinavian people are no-fuss, no-nonsense individuals. They like their home to be neat, clean, comfortable and uncluttered. They developed a specific word for this kind of house: hygge. Hygge is all about minimalist design, without any decorations which do not serve a useful purpose. This bathroom is a perfect example of Scandinavian hygge style.

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Source: HGTV

#7 Eastern European Chic

Embroideries and crochet work is specific to Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. These incredibly minute handcrafted works come in a wide variety of sizes and designs and are used as spreads for walls, coffee tables and, literally, every flat surface you can think of. This family decided to pick a large sized crochet piece and use it as the main decoration for their bedroom.

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Source: Plascotrends

#8 Classic English Style

There is something very soothing in a classic English living room: it looks warm and comfortable without being overbearing in decor and the color palette. It is simple, no-nonsesiscal and it gives the sense of pleasant hours of quiet reading or conversation with family and friends.

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Source: BHG

#9 A Headboard to Remember

This bed would look completely unremarkable were it not for the impressive headboard. It is of Moroccan origin and it display the classic, rich decorations favored by this culture. Also, it has a simple color palette favoring gold and steel grey – metallic colors being among the most frequently used in Moroccan art and architecture.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Patterns Galore

Ethnic patterns and prints are the number one decorative motif of this room. They come from Indian and Mexican heritages and show an amazing unity in the creative minds of these two different cultures. You can find a rich variety of decorations and accessories with ethnic designs, from pillows, to carpets and curtains.

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Source: QuercusLiving

#11 A Stylish Lamp

This bedroom is quite small and awkwardly shaped and there are not many options to make it stand out. However, the high and angled ceiling offers the opportunity to hang a spectacular lamp from it. Again, the Moroccan style is at play here, with a simple design and elements of burnished bronze to give it a unique character.

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Source: BHG

#12 Leopard Print

Animal prints are popular and go out of fashion in cycles. Right now, this leopard print looks amazing as wallpaper and it adds an atmosphere of safari camp to the room.

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Source: TheRoomIdeas

#13 French Refinery

The French people have always loved elegance, sumptuous designs, rich decorations and a luxurious style. Along the century, French styles ruled over fashion and interior design, and this is also true today. This living room is a classic example of baroque style: gold color used liberally, sumptuous and intricate decorations and accessories and an overall feeling of leisure and plenty.

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Source: HGTV

#14  The Whisper of the Sands

This Saharan style living room plays on the basic color of sand and rich Oriental designs and decorations. It could truly be the room of a prince of the dessert, a retreat from the glaring sun and heat into a world of exquisite comfort and relaxation.

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Source: Plascotrends

#15 A Breath of Wind from the Tropics

Bamboo chairs and bright colors, lots of natural light and a sense of relaxation – this is the spirit of the Caribbeans embodied in a simple American living room. Why dream of exotic retreats when you can have your own at home?

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Source: BHG

Whew, what an amazing journey through cultures this has been! Hopefully, you have found the inspiration you need to incorporate one of these global style ideas for your home. Good luck!



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