As we prepare to say goodbye to winter soon, most of us are looking forward to the warm days of spring. It is the season of renewal, when all trees and lawns come back to life with fresh leaves and beautiful flowers. It is also the season of many rains (the young shoots need it) and coming back home with dripping raincoats and muddy boots. This is why everyone needs a mudroom, no matter how small, to store dirty outdoor clothing and avoid making a mess inside your house. Even though your home is really small, there are still many creative ways in which you can arrange one. Today we will show you how 15 other people managed and share their creative small mudroom ideas with you.

#1 A Colorful Rack

This mudroom arranged in the hallway takes very little space and it is both useful and decorative. The brightly colored coat rack and the simple wooden bench add charm to the entry hallway and give a warm welcome to all family members and friends.

mudroom 2

Source: Shelterness

#2 Statement Furniture

The retro fashion is back in terms of furniture and interior decorations. Large entry hallway pieces of furniture are back in style and can solve your problems regarding storage and seating areas for putting on and taking off boots and coats. This coat rack with many storage drawers and bench is sufficient for a family with children.

mudroom 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Perfectly Clean

This family truly believes that cleanliness is next to godliness. They incorporated a small shower in their mudroom area to wash off dirt from boots and shoes as soon as you walk in their house.

mudroom 6

Source: TheHandmadeHome

#4 The Locker Room

Lockers are present everywhere: in schools, in gyms, in factories…Why shouldn’t you have one at home? It certainly solves the issue of whose coat or whose umbrella is that and keeps dirty boots safely contained on a rust-free shelf.

mudroom 8

Source: DIYShareable

#5 Wicker Baskets

This mudroom concept is very useful for small and narrow entryways. The separate elements arranged in a cluster provide seating area, coat hangers and storage solutions for boots, scarves and hats. The arrangement is proof that with a little imagination you can make a small area count for a lot.

mudroom 10

Source: ComfyDwelling

#6 Country Chic

If you want to make your small mudroom corner a memorable one, here is a clever solution: pick a bold color for the walls, find a vintage country bench and create coat hangers from tree branches (or imitations).

mudroom 12

Source: CountryLiving

#7 To Each, Their Own Space

Are children fighting for coats and umbrellas? Is it hard to find your rain boots among many other pairs? Then create a mudroom storage solutions with a fair share of space allotted to every family member. Everyone will be responsible to keep their own clothes and footwear neatly organized and your problems are over.

mudroom 14

Source: BHG

#8 Recycle Old Crates

Wooden crates are very useful – and when they stop being used for carrying goods, they can still get a second lease of life as storage solutions for the mudroom. Clean, repaired and painted in bright colors, these crates can represent the best solution for storing your rain boots.

mudroom 15

Source: BobVila

#9 Open Shelves

Simple, space saving and useful – this is the best way to describe the mudroom arranged by a family with lots of coats and boots and little space in the entry hallway. The shelves make the best use of vertical space and offer a generous storage space for all the raincoats, boots and scarves.

mudroom 1

Source: Shelterness

#10 By The Stairs

If your house is small but has stairs, you should make the most of the area by them. As this family has discovered, it is also efficient to have boots and coats ready for everyone as they go down the stairs and prepare to walk out of the house.

mudroom 3

Source: HGTV

#11 Upscale Your Old Furniture

In a world of consumerism spinning out of control, more and more people take a stance by repurposing and upscaling old items, instead of buying new ones. This family did just that: they took an old wooden bench, some woven baskets and crates and created a rustic looking mudroom for their entryway.

mudroom 5

Source: TheHandmadeHome

#12 Repurpose a Cabinet

Cabinets used to be popular and everyone had one in every room at one point. But they are too bulky for small homes and they can be replaced for more space saving solutions. However, cabinets can be very useful as replacements of the mudroom – and will give everyone their own space to store their clothes and accessories.

mudroom 7

Source: DIYShareable

#13 Mudroom in a Niche

When your house is small, every corner and niche matters. This family removed the doors of this tiny walk-in niche and turned it into a very useful and space saving open mudroom.

mudroom 9

Source: ComfyDwelling

#14 Steampunk Chic

The steampunk style is the younger generation’s take on industrial items, repurposing them in creative manner. In this situation, industrial sized thread spools and metallic trays have created a minimalist looking mudroom. Trendy, effective and space saving!

mudroom 11

Source: CountryLiving

#15 Customize a Cupboard

This family took a standard looking cupboard and placed supplementary shelves to make the most of the available space inside it. Now, all the members of the family have sufficient storage space for their coats, hats, scarves and boots.

mudroom 13

Source: BHG

As we have reached the end of our small mudroom ideas, we are looking forward to receiving your own ideas, photos and recommendations!

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