A baby needs almost as many clothes and personal care supplies as an adult. However, compared to an adult, a baby will need a brand new wardrobe once every few months. In this situation, keeping all the clothes, diapers, lotions and baby powder bottles becomes a challenge. Since traditional nursery closets are either too bulky or too expensive for many families, we have decided to see how other moms and  dads keep their baby’s clothes and supplies neatly ordered. We investigated this issue thoroughly and managed to come up with fifteen awesome and practical nursery closet organizer ideas for you. Let us show you what we found and liked:

#1 Use Door Caddies to Keep Toys and Small Items

The issue of keeping squeaky toys, wet wipes and other small supplies nicely ordered must be one of the biggest problems mothers have. This one had a very simple and practical idea: bathroom caddies installed on the walls and easily reachable whenever the baby wants a different toy to play with.

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Source: Containerstore

#2 Use Vertical Space Cleverly

This niche is not very spacious if you are not careful about making every square inch matter. A combination of textile storage totes, clothes hangers placed on the inside of the door and a travel clothes storage unit helps these parents keep their baby’s clothes nicely folded and ready to be used at any moment, without disturbing the other items.

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Source: Houzz

#3 Colorful Cubby Closet

This space saving closet looks great in any child’s room. There are so many different ways of making the best use of this type of cabinet – color coding clothes, arranging them per day of the week, season, etc. As your child grows up, this cubby organizer can be used for storing toys, books, school supplies, etc.

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Source: Interiorpatio

#4 All the World Is A Stage

Children love puppet shows. They adore looking at the stage, waiting for the curtains to pull back and for the show to start. So, why shouldn’t they have a perpetual puppet theater stage instead of a regular closet? This idea is not just charming, it will help you save some much needed space by removing the closet doors.

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Source: Bdesignr

#5 The Reliable Peg Board Saves the Day

There are a few items which seem to be useful for all kinds of storage solution. One of these items is the peg board. It is useful in almost every room in the house – including in the nursery. This mom has carefully painted and installed a peg board above the changing table and placed all the bare necessities in baskets and caddies attached to the board: baby powder, baby oil, wet wipes, diapers.

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Source: Hirerush

#6 The Clothes Store Approach

This family has two sons and each of them has a lot of favorite clothes and toys. How could a standard sized closet niche accommodate a piece of furniture big enough to hold all the clothes? The answer is – it couldn’t. So the parents dispensed with the idea of a closet and instead opted to do what clothes stores do: installed as many clothes racks and baskets as they could. This solution maximizes the use of the storage space to the greatest extent.

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Source: Bdesignr

#7 Hanging Closet Organizer

This inexpensive storage solution for clothes was originally created for people who travel a lot for business and need to keep their clothes neatly arranged from hotel room to hotel room. In time, people realized that it is a very useful solution for expanding closet space at home. Now, there are special models for baby clothes, in bright colors and adapted in size for tiny dresses, trousers and shoes.

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Source: Unique-baby-gear-ideas

#8 Separate Clothes by Age Tags

Families who have young children close in age have a hard time keeping their clothes separated and not mixing them up. Some parents will keep their babies’ clothes as they grow up in the idea of handing them down to the next child or gifting them to an expecting relative or friend. Here is a simple way to keep them clearly separated, without having to expand the nursery closet: with colorful tags separating them by age group.

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Source: Mysweetnestblog

#9 Repurpose a Kitchen Cabinet

Traditional kitchen cabinet were designed to display beautiful soup bowls, silverware and fine porcelain tea cups. They are perfectly sized and with sufficient compartments to be used as nursery closet, keeping both clothes and toys neatly ordered and arranged.

nursery organizer 4

Source: Bdesignr

#10 Design a Customized System of Shelves

Niches for wardrobes are usually shallow and do not offer much storage space if you do not plan to use every bit of the vertical space carefully. This father decided to create a simple but efficient system of wooden shelves, without doors. In this way, the niche is used to the highest capacity and it can be re-configured at any moment as the child grows.

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Source: Interiorpatio

#11 Wall Shelves

If you do not have any space for a nursery closet…then don’t use a nursery closet. This clever mom with a little DIY talent created a system of simple wall shelves with a small clothes rack attached at the bottom. This small arrangement is functional and looks good, too.

nursery organizer 7

Source: Unique-baby-gear-ideas

#12 Use an Airing Cabinet as Changing Table

You can find changing table toppers in every baby furniture store. So, instead of buying a standard changing table, choose only the topper and place it on a regular airing cabinet. The large drawers are sufficiently spacious for storing diapers, clothes and other items which you usually need when changing the baby.

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Source: Mysweetnestblog

#13 Use Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizer are life savers for moms. They can hold anything from toys, to personal care products, to small clothes and towels. And they can be easily installed on a door, so that you do not have to clutter the room with yet another piece of furniture.

nursery organizer 3

Source: Bdesignr

#14 Sort Clothes by Week Days

Save time and keep everything neatly ordered with this simple system of labeling clothes shelves and arranging the baby’s clothes by days. From now on, you don’t have to spend time wondering how to dress the baby, simply grab what’s on the shelf for the respective day.

nursery organizer 10

Source: Immocercle

#15 Crib Pouches

This simple and effective system of pouches made of organic cotton help countless new moms change their baby’s clothes and bibs quickly and without having yet another cabinet or shelf system installed in the nursery. It is the best solution for keeping bare necessities where you need them – right next to the baby’s crib.

nursery organizer 14Source: Hirerush

And this concludes the list of our nursery closet organizer ideas. We hope that you will be able to find inspiration to create the most practical and space saving solution to keep your baby’s clothes and supplies organized without breaking the piggy bank.

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