Raising children in a small apartment or house is a challenge for any parent. You have to make the best use of every available inch of space, and ensure that your baby grows up in a warm environment, having their own personal space which gives them the sense of safety and belonging. It is not easy arranging a baby room in a house where each space seems to be already taken up. It takes creativity, sacrificing a bit of the adults’ comfort, but no sacrifice is big enough if it means raising a happy and healthy child. We want to bring our small contribution to your efforts with this inspirational list of small baby room ideas. Let’s get started:

#1 Replace Decorations with Decals

Babies do not see colors for a few months and are unlikely to appreciate fine art when they are a little older, crawling about the floor and every flat surface they can get on to. These colorful decals are practical, inexpensive, lively colored and can be easily removed when your child grows up and wants other decorations on the walls.

small nursery 7

Source: Livingrichcheaply

#2 Be Creative About the Crib and Decorations

This creative mom created a tiny slice of the day and night sky for her baby’s room. To fit in with the general theme of the room, the crib is moon shaped. This original looking crib is not only beautiful to look at, but also very practical – it takes up little space and can be used as a swing to lull the baby to sleep.

small nursery 1

Source: Houseandgarden

#3 Put Your Tetris Skills to the Test

Do you remember playing Tetris? You had to turn around each shape so it fits perfectly with the others already placed in the lower part of the screen, leaving no empty space. These parents seem to be top level Tetris players – look how neatly they fit the crib between the dresser and the wall, and used every available space on the walls and under the crib for storage bins. This baby will probably become a master player, too, when they grow older!

small nursery 4

Source: Minimalisti

#4 Two Babies, Double Problems, Clever Solution

Twins are a blessing….and a challenge. You have to fit it two cribs and twice as many clothes and baby supplies. A determined and loving couple have done their best to create a pleasant space for their baby boy and girl – and the result is amazing. The small baby room does not look cramped at all.

small nursery 8

Source: Jokomp3

#5 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What is the best way to make a small room look bigger? Place a large mirror which reflects it, creating the illusion of depth. Plus, the baby will have lots of fun looking in the mirror, discovering facial expressions and building their sense of identity.

small nursery 12

Source: Thebump

#6 Make Use of the Hallway

This transition hallway from the stairs (presumably) to the rest of the second floor has been converted into a baby room, without impeding the free circulation of people and pets through it. Sometimes, you need to sit back and think outside the box in order to find a feasible idea for placing your baby’s crib and changing table.

small nursery 10

Source: Ramshackleglam

#7 Sacrifice the Closet

When nothing else can be done, you have to do whatever it takes to create a nursery for your baby. This couple gave up their closet and created an adorable little baby room for their child. We are sure that sooner or later they will do their best to move into a larger apartment, but for now they get a round of applause for their creativity.

small nursery 15

Source: Brit

#8 Keep It (Really) Simple

Why make the room look cramped just for the sake of piling furniture and decorations? Stick to the very basics and both you and your baby will be perfectly comfortable. Just look at the cozy atmosphere of this baby room!

small nursery 6

Source: Minimalisti

#9 Go Retro

This mom opted for a retro looking crib on wheels. It takes up very little space, can be easily moved from one place to another and has that charming old age look which fits well in every house.

small nursery 2

Source: Houseandgarden

#10 Use a Table on Wheels for Baby’s Supplies

The best solution for small baby rooms is furniture on wheels which can be rolled out of the way when they are no longer needed or whenever they are in your way as you tidy up and look after your baby. These mobile pieces of furniture are a great idea for every room in your house, not only for the nursery.

small nursery 13

Source: Brit

#11 Put the Focus on the Ceiling

This is an old trick: if you don’t want anyone to notice how small the room is, give them something to look at on the ceiling. This mom created a geometric pattern all over the ceiling, keeping the paint on the walls and the crib in a neutral color.

small nursery 14

Source: Brit

#12 Create the Illusion of Space with Wall Paint

Here’s a very simple trick: the small birds and butterflies in flight painted on the white walls create the impression of movement, of depth of space in an otherwise really tiny nursery. Only when you focus on the crib, taking all the width of the room, you realize how small it is.

small nursery 9

Source: Jokomp3

#13 Bet on Neutral Colors

If you want to eliminate points of reference which make the eye appreciate the size of the room, use an uniform, neutral color for the walls, such as grey, beige or cream. Thus, there are no specific points of focus and the room (even an attic) looks quite large and welcoming.

small nursery 3

Source: Houseandgarden

#14 Paint the Walls

When you have no room for any kind of decorations, then you have only one thing to do: paint them on on the wall directly. This talented mom could start up a small business painting nurseries!

small nursery 5

Source: Jokomp3

#15 Make Use of Vertical Space

This shallow magazine rack is the ideal accessory for keeping your baby’s story books well organized and without creating clutter in a small room. As a general rule – don’t overlook the walls. They can provide valuable storage space for toys, clothes and other things you need for your baby.

small nursery 11

Source: Thebump

And now we have reached the end of our recommendations and small baby room ideas. We hope that you will find them useful, helpful and inspirational in your work of arranging a nursery for your baby.

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