Storage solutions must be one of the most frequent searches on Google. Everyone has this problem – even people living in larger homes. We accumulate lots of items over the year and for many of us it is difficult to part with them, even if we know we don’t need them. Some items have a sentimental values, others were expensive when they were purchased and are perceived as valuable still. Whatever the reason, a definite truth is that finding a place where to store these items, and put them away is a huge problem. Buying storage crates and boxes can be quite expensive, so we decided to offer you a comprehensive range of DIY storage boxes ideas, to help you keep your house neat and organized without breaking the piggy bank.

#1 The Laundry Hamper

Laundry hampers are essential in a house, especially if the family has small children. During the summer the quantity of dirty clothes from playing outside is getting nearly double compared to other seasons, so you might need more than one laundry hamper. Instead of buying them – make them. A rigid plastic hoop (even an old basketball hoop or a barrel ring does the work), a yard or two of fabric, a little sewing work and you have created your own original laundry hamper!

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Source: Woohome

#2 Double Duty: Decoration and Storage Solution

The best thing about creating DIY storage boxes is the fact that you can decorate them with drawings, paper cut-outs or in any other manner and display them on a shelf or on top of a cupboard in your house and make them look like decorative items. For instance, these were originally simple cardboard boxes. Covered with gift wrap paper, they look really attractive and worth showing off.

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Source: Instructables

#3 Do Not Throw Away Pieces of Felt

If you had a hat made of felt, or used it to line the inside of a cupboard for fragile items, do not throw the leftovers away. With a little DIY work they can turn into lovely storage boxes for small and medium sized items (such as jewelry, hair pins, silk scarves, etc.)

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Source: Iheartorganizing

#4 Stenciled Boxes

What is the simplest way of knowing where each item is located? That’s simple: having its name written on the box. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping track of your things and not making an impossible mess when you are looking for one. So, get your paint brush ready and start customizing your storage boxes.

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Source: EverythingEtsy

#5 Keep Your Christmas Decorations Safe

It’s still half a year till Christmas, but it is never too early to make sure that your delicate and beautiful Christmas baubles are stored safely. All you need is a sheet of rigid plastic, several plastic cups, some glue and a plastic storage crate. Glue the cups onto the plastic sheet, place everything inside the box and start arranging decorations inside the cups. You can add 2 or 3 layers of plastic sheets with cups, depending on the depth of the storage box.

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Source: Listotic

#6 Are You Shoe It Is In There?

Shoes and boots are quite difficult to store properly, without damaging them or getting them in the way. The best solution is to keep them in adequately sized cardboard boxes. But how will you find the exact pair of shoes you want? That’s simple: photograph each pair, and stick the photo to the corresponding box. Simple and clever, right?

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Source: Architectureartdesigns

#7 Organize Your Toothbrushes

When the entire family needs to use the same bathroom, it gets really complicated to keep toothbrushes clearly organized. Since this is a highly personal item, which shouldn’t be shared with anyone, the simplest solution is to create this crafty toothbrush holder of PVC pipe parts and write everyone’s initial on their respective tube. Now, there is no excuse for leaving your toothbrush anywhere around the sink…

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Source: Woohome

#8 Wheel Away

Toys are some of those items which you cannot really throw away. You will face fierce opposition from the children, even if they haven’t played with them for a long time. The best way to deal with this situation is add castor wheels to a regular wooden box and wheel it under the bed. Whenever the children suddenly get the urge to play with a specific toy, they can easily reach the crate and pull it out.

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Source: Cutediyprojects

#9 Keep Trash Bags Organized

Empty containers of wet wipes are the ideal storage solution for trash bags, and even for doggie bags. You will never again run the risk of dropping the roll of bags and having it spreading all over the floor.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Make Your Own Cork Boxes

Cork is a very versatile material. It is extremely lightweight, but sturdy and it absorbs shocks and vibrations. Thus, it is the ideal storage material for delicate and fragile items, such as dishes and crystal glasses. You can create your own custom boxes with dividers using sheets of cork and pieces of fabric for inside lining.

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Source: EverythingEtsy

#11 Spice It Up

The best way to keep spices and pasta handy without having them in your way all the time is this: place them in mason jars which are attached to a magnetic board above your head. A variation of this storage idea is to glue the lids to the board and simply unscrew the jars when you need them.

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Source: Architectureartdesigns

#12 Repurpose Wine Boxes

Cardboard wine boxes are not really useful because of those many partitions, right? Those partitions are just right to fit a shoe inside, especially flat soled shoes. You can customize one such box for each member of the family and never mismatch a pair of shoes again.

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Source: Listotic

#13 Vintage Travel Cases Get a New Life

Vintage travel cases are usually of a sturdy make and have a timeless charm. One resourceful person decided to add furniture legs and turn it into a small table/ storage solution for the bedroom. Esthetic and useful at the same time, right?

diy storage 11

Source: Architectureartsdesign

#14 Hanging Bins for Craft Supplies

Empty shampoo or shower gel containers can be turned into a series of handy and useful storage bins for supplies you need in your crafting work, such as ribbons, pieces of fabric, buttons and sequins.

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Source: Housebeautiful

#15 Keep All the Balls Secure

Basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, volley balls – they are extremely difficult to store on shelves because they keep rolling away. Here is a simple solution for that: create a unique storage box for them, composed of 2 wooden frames and a few pieces of string.

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Source: Listotic

We are sure that beside these DIY storage boxes ideas you have already imagined a few more, just by reading this article. Good luck with your creative work and don’t be shy to share your ideas with us!

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