It is a true challenge arranging any kind of furniture on a small balcony. Many people simply leave this space unused, or place some flower pots to add a bit of color to their apartment. However, as we will show you below, it is quite possible to arrange a seating area and a small table in a tiny balcony, in order to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or invite friends for a talk over drinks and snacks. We have looked for inspiring ideas and selected the most space saving and charming small balcony furniture and decoration ideas to share with you. Here they are:

#1 Create an All Sitting Area

When you do not have room for anything else but seats, then place a soft and comfortable mattress directly onto the balcony floors, add a few soft pillows and sit down Indian style enjoying some time outside your apartment. Pro tip: cover the balcony railings and you will have complete privacy.

small balcony 14

Source: Woohome

#2 Use a Hanging Table

The best way of saving space on the balcony is by installing a small coffee table hanging from the balcony railings. In this way, you have sufficient leg room for up to three people to enjoy a meal or drinks on a small balcony. It’s incredible how much space you can free up with this ingenious solution.

small balcony 7

Source: Stylisheve

#3 Extend the Room

Some balconies are so narrow, that you cannot properly arrange any kind of regular seating furniture on them. This couple decided to extend the color scheme of the bedroom into the balcony, create a narrow bench with a suspended table for reading and replace the regular door with a French window. Thus, they have practically extended their room outside and made the most of their tiny balcony.

small balcony 12

Source: Houzz

#4 Install a Hammock

Just imagine lying down in a hammock and pretending that you are on an exotic island, not at home. What could be more pleasant? Only the thought that in this way you are also saving space for a three-seat sofa and a coffee table, as well.

small balcony 3

Source: Cuded

#5 Use Foldable Furniture

Deck style folding chairs and tables are a big must for tiny balconies. Whenever you are not entertaining friends or having a meal by yourself, you can put them away and use the balcony otherwise. Beside this consideration, foldable furniture is especially designed to fit in narrow and tight spaces.

small balcony 4

Source: Stylemotivation

#6 Stick to the Bare Essentials

This person couldn’t make any complex arrangements in the tiny balcony they own. Instead of cluttering it and making it uncomfortable to sit in and enjoy some time, she decided to arrange a quiet reading corner, installing a small bookshelf, a comfortable armchair and a single potted plant as decoration. Always remember that less is more.

small balcony 9

Source: Homesthetics

#7 Use Pallet Furniture

Furniture made of recycled wooden pallets is inexpensive, lightweight, easily customizable in color and in configuration. This table and seating area, made of pallets, are taking up very little space and also provide storage spaces underneath.

small balcony 15

Source: Woohome

#8 Install a Swinging Bench

You will probably not have a lot of room for swinging, but this rustic bench looks very charming and takes up very little space on the balcony. And with some care, you will be able to swing just a little bit…

small balcony 1

Source: Cuded

#9 Make Use of Corners

This tiered corner table solves the problem of the very tight space available on the balcony. This clever design helps the owner place their orange juice on the top deck, and some light reading materials on the bottom one.

small balcony 13

Source: Woohome

#10 Use Space Saving Furniture Sets

This set of table and chair is especially designed for the chair to fit neatly under the table when it is not needed. There are many other types of space saving furniture sets consisting of table and chairs, especially designed for small decks and balconies.

small balcony 10

Source: Homesthetics

#11 Install the Seating Area In the Niche

Many balconies have shallow niches for installing a tool cupboard or something similar. Use this niche to  install a bench covered in soft fabric and you have the rest of the balcony area free for a table and a few plants.

small balcony 2

Source: Cuded

#12 Select Mesh Furniture

Mesh furniture gives the appearance of not taking up too much space, thanks to its many perforations which make it see-through. A solid armchair would have looked overbearing in such a small balcony, but the mesh one fits just right.

small balcony 8

Source: Stylisheve

#13 Repurpose Wooden Crates

Wooden crates can be used as seats on narrow balconies. A little cleaning and priming work, some cheerfully colored pillows and you have created a nice corner for sharing confidences with your best friend over a steaming coffee or chilled cocktail.

small balcony 5

Source: Stylemotivation

#14 Use a Ladder as Storage Solution

This ladder was turned into an efficient and space saving book shelf and plants holder. It is one of those simple solutions which people tend to overlook because they seem too simplistic to work.

small balcony 11

Source: Homesthetics

#15 Create a Green Corner

This family decided to become creative in their very small balcony. They installed a bed of artifcial grass and placed seats directly on top of it. It feels like enjoying a picnic outside, doesn’t it?

small balcony 6

Source: Stylisheve

And we have reached the end of our list of ideas. We hope that after going through all these creative small balcony furniture and decoration solutions, you will be able to be inspired and make the best use of the available space on your own balcony.

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