We have already discussed various storage solutions, for each room of the house. It is certainly exciting to discover so many places which you could use if you just use your imagination. Today, we will take things one step further. That is, we will show you many useful hidden storage ideas. Why hidden storage? Well, it goes beyond keeping things out of the way. It also means that you can build unlikely storage places around your house where you can keep valuables. When you go away for a holiday, you can stash all the items you care about and increase your chances of keeping them safe while no one is at home. Did we make you curious? Good, because we are about to get started.

#1 Storage Space in the Stairs

It may seem an unlikely place to store various items, but basically, stairs cover a hollow space which is unusable in any other way. Why not turn every step of your stair into a pull-out drawer? Or every other step? This unusual storage space can also become safe from burglars, if you simply place a carpet over the stairs when you leave the house for a longer period of time.

storage 2

Source: Huffington Post

#2 The Mini Wine Cellar

Just under your foot, in the kitchen, could be the ideal place to stash your wine collection. It takes a little construction work, but it will give you satisfaction: wine is kept in the best conditions in this cool and dark area. Plus, you can always use it to hide away other items, like jewellery.

storage 4

Source: WooHome

#3 The Hidden Toiletry Shelf

Many people can’t stand the cluttered shelf just under the bathroom mirror. The cannot shave or style their hair properly because their eyes are constantly drawn by the collection of tubes and cream containers and such. For all these people, here is a simple solution: a thin, pull-out drawer, embedded in the wall.

storage 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#4 The Armchair with a Secret

This comfortable armchair is more than meetsĀ  the eye. As you sit and enjoy your favorite movie or ball game, you can discreetly reach for your secret compartment where you keep your fine malt or box of cigars. Just make sure no one sees you as you grab them…

storage 7

Source: ViralHomes

#5 Another Bathroom Hideout

Bathrooms are greatly overlooked in terms of special storage places. This example shows how easy it is to create a compartment for shampoos and shower gels close at hand, right at the end of your bath tub.

storage 10

Source: Hative

#6 More than Just a Keyboard

At first look, this is just a regular computer keyboard. But take another look. Amazing, isn’t it? Almost all the office supplies you may need are neatly arranged in the hidden compartment underneath it. Clever and practical!

storage 12

Source: DIYnCrafts

#7 Coffee and TV Table

Now, this is a useful table for a tiny living room. When you have guests, you serve refreshments. And when you are relaxing with your family, you lift the top and the TV set pops up.

storage 15

Source: CuteDIYProjects

#8 Money Stash in the Door

As unlikely as it seems, this is a very clever way to keep cash safe. A metal tube embedded in the door, with a fake screw cap is the perfect hiding place for your money.

storage 4

Source: WooHome

#9 Another Stair Storage Solution

This generous storage space can be created in the large stair tile when you change the angle. Extra blankets and bed sheets for the unexpected overnight guest can be kept in there without cluttering your house.

storage 9

Source: ViralHomes

#10 The Pull Out Side Table

Do you enjoy munching as you watch TV? And you probably hate stretching your arm to the coffee table for every bite, right? Here is a simple and efficient solution for you: the pull out side table. Just large enough for a glass and a plate, it is the perfect solution for your comfort and to avoid making a mess on the sofa.

storage 1

Source: Huffington Post

#11 Hidden Wardrobe

There is always an issue of where to keep clothes in a tiny bedroom. No, the chairs are not a practical solution. This man decided to work right into the awkward separating wall and create a practical and dust proof wardrobe which gives easy access to all the clothes.

storage 5

Source: WooHome

#12 Tick, Tock, Hidden Compartment

This neat little hiding place for jewellery is placed right under the wall mounted clock. It is a variation of the so frequently used safe under a painting or framed photo.

storage 8

Source: ViralHome

#13 A Classic Hiding Place with a Twist

Remember the fake section in a bookcase which hides a safe seen all too many times in movies? This is a less predictable way to use the concept: arrange fake book covers on a shelf, away from your library.

storage 11

Source: Hative

#14 Bathroom Tile Compartment

This is both a useful and secret compartment which you can create in your bathroom under any of the tiles on the wall. Practical and nearly impossible to guess, it is a great place to store valuable and sensitive documents.

storage 13


#15 Kitchen Counter Hidden Storage

The columns at the end of your kitchen counter are ideal places to create hidden shelves, where you can store extra books, or silverware.

storage 14

Source: CuteDIYProjects

These are just a few of all the many possibilities you can find around the house for hidden storage ideas. Just think outside the box, and you will identify a lot of places which can be quickly adapted to offer storage space for your valuables or simply for items which you do not use frequently.

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