Living in a block of apartments means having less privacy than in a stand alone house. You may have noisy neighbors if you are less lucky, too. However, there is one general issue with living in residential apartments which is prevalent, no matter what kind of community you live in: there is nearly no privacy on the balcony. And for some people this is a real problem, they cannot enjoy themselves sitting out on the balcony with their friends and with all the neighbors looking at them. For this reason, today we will share some practical and affordable balcony privacy ideas, to help you gain control over your entire living space.

#1 Create a Sitting Area

A sturdy wooden screen and a few comfortable seats will not only shut out the view from everyone outside, but also allow you to entertain more guests on the balcony than usual. If you are skilled, this can be a weekend DIY project, however, if you are not comfortable with your craftsmanship, you should hire a carpenter to do the job for you.

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Source: Instructables

#2 Bamboo Screens

Rustic looking, affordable, easy to install and to take down, bamboo screens are becoming more and more popular as privacy screens, not only for balconies. They are dense enough to ensure privacy, but they still allow light to pass through them and create a pleasant atmosphere on the balcony.

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Source: Ofdesign

#3 Rustic Chic

If bamboo is too exotic for your tastes, this rustic reed screen will do the job. Brighten up the atmosphere with colorful potted flowers, decorative pillows and seats and you will have a charming balcony all for yourself and away from prying eyes.

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Source: Designindulgencies

#4 Create a Canopy

Canopies are very easy to install, add more color to your balcony and protect you from unwanted surveillance by neighbors and from the merciless rays of the sun. Thus, you can create your own private lounge and enjoy a cool cocktail in complete privacy.

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Source: Balconygardenweb

#5 Raise Visibility Level with Flower Trays

Depending on what floor you live at, you only need a few extra inches to completely shut off view from street level. There are several ways to do it, including raising the balcony height (if allowed), but the simplest and definitely most esthetic option is to place flower trays throughout the entire length of the top of the railings.

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Source: Minimalisti

#6 Summer Club Style

Do you like those exclusive summer clubs on TV with light bamboo structures and colorful curtains, protecting people from the glare of the sun without blocking their view of the beach and pool? Perhaps your view isn’t just as pretty, but the idea of installing light curtains, which can be easily tied or released, is a great idea for more privacy on your balcony.

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Source: Minimalisti

#7 Camping Style

No time or money for a permanent balcony privacy solution? Then we have just the idea for you to apply in a few minutes on any given day. A simple bed sheet placed over the laundry line, lots of cushions on the floor of the balcony and you can pretend you are out camping. The kids will definitely love the idea!

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Source: Designindulgencies

#8 Wooden Privacy Screen

This kind of screen is a big must if you have a split balcony with your next door neighbor. It is easy to install, does not take up a lot of space and your neighbor will have no reason to protect against it. Usually, blocks with apartments of this type offer a dull and unattractive PAL separating screen between split balconies, so this wooden screen is both useful and esthetic as replacement.

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Source: Topinspired

#9 Reed Again

This time, we do not talk about reed screens, but the actual living plants in pots, arranged strategically around the edges of the balcony to give you extra privacy. Plus, the wind rustling through the reed leaves creates a pleasant, soothing sound and will help you enjoy a very relaxing afternoon or evening during this summer.

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Source: Houzz

#10 Place a Large Umbrella

Beach umbrellas are the best temporary solution for creating privacy on your balcony. Usually, you are only spending time out on the balcony during the hot summer days, so when the warm season is over you can simply remove the umbrella and put it away until next year.

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Source: Ofdesign

#11 Drape Railings in Fabric

This privacy idea is adequate for balconies where there is absolutely no privacy panel behind the railings. You can quickly solve this issue with a large piece of colorful fabric draped over and woven around the railings. Simple and effective, this solution offers you the opportunity of changing the decor of your balcony by replacing the fabric from time to time with other colors and patterns.

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Source: Balconygardenweb

#12 Lucky Bamboo

The bamboo plant is said to bring luck to whoever keeps it in their house. In this case, you will be both very lucky and well protected from curious gazes if you plant a bunch of bamboo plants on your balcony.  Try to cover as much of the exposed area, without blocking your view completely. After all, you can never be too lucky, right?

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Source: Apartmenttherapy

#13 Decorative Sliding Screens

These privacy screens, with arabesque cut-outs are both elegant and practical. They do not block out the light completely, but create a very luxurious atmosphere with filtered light and all the privacy you need.

balcony privacy 5

Source: Houzz

#14 Creeper Plants

Natural climbers and prosperous in all kinds of climates, creeper plants, such as vines or ivy, are the ideal choice for protecting your privacy and offering you a reclusive corner of nature, just for your and your family.

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Source: Ofdesign

#15 Install an Awning

Rolling awnings are also a great and utilitarian idea for protecting your privacy from prying neighbors and your skin from the glaring sun. Plus, it can also protect you from the rain if you want to admire a storm from close quarters.

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Source: Minimalisti

And this concludes our list of recommendations. We hope that out of all these balcony privacy ideas, at least one is to your liking. And once you put it into practice, show us how you enjoy yourself in the balcony in complete privacy!


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