For people living in a small apartment, improvisation has become a second nature. Especially when it comes to finding storage space for basic necessities. One of the rooms which are designed really tiny in a small house or apartment is the bathroom. In some homes it is barely bigger than a cubicle. Where can you store your toiletries, your towels, bath robes and other such things? There is barely enough space to walk between the toilet, sink and bath tub or shower cabin. This is one of those situation when you have to think outside the box in order to obtain extra storage space out of a small bathroom. We looked around and found these examples of creativity for your inspiration:

#1 Skirt It

The simplest way to create extra storage is to arrange some shelves under the sink and then cover up the entire area with a piece of cloth on curtain rings. Arranging the fabric as a skirt around the sink is the simplest and least expensive way to keep your supplies arranged discreetly and yet easy to reach at any moment.

small bathroom 7

Source: HGTV

#2 Wooden Wall Shelves

A few pieces of old wooden boards can be cut to size, cleaned, primed and painted will make excellent storage shelves. They can be installed easily anywhere on the vertical walls of your bathroom, but especially around the sink and bath tub in order to keep your toiletries close at hand.

small bathroom 14

Source: Diynetwork

#3 Above the Door

One of the vastly overlooked storage areas in a tiny bathroom is the space above the door. A simple shelf supported at both ends with inverted edges will give you some valuable square inches of space for keeping small but indispensable items such as toilet paper rolls.

small bathroom 1

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Mason Jars Do The Trick

Seeing how versatile they are, mason jars should be renamed all-purpose jars. They can be arranged and installed in various ways, fitting the tiniest available space and offering valuable storage for all sorts of small sized items – the kind which you badly need and which tend to get lost very easily. This woman has created her own little makeup studio next to the bathroom mirror with the help of a wooden board and a few mason jars.

small bathroom 5

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#5 Hook It Up

Hooks are very useful accessories everywhere around the house. In the bathroom, they can be attached to the shower curtain rod and offer extra storage space for the bath loofah, shower gel, body and hair brushes. As you can see, a few hooks can replace an entire bathroom shelf.

small bathroom 10

Source: Shelterness

#6  The Trusted Storage Bins

Really, if you live in a small house you should keep a large stock of these space saving storage bins. They can be nested when you are not used, and it is very easy to customize them with labels and keep every item close at hand and neatly put away when you don’t need it.

small bathroom 12Source: Diynetwork

#7 The Ladder Shelf

The old wooden stepladder is one of the most overlooked old items which can be repurposed and become really useful. This family has gained valuable storage space in their bathroom by doing a little DIY work on an old ladder and turning it into a beautiful and useful item.

small bathroom 6

Source: HGTV

#8 Create Storage Space Around the Bath Tub

It takes a little investment and a specialized craftsman’s work, but it is really worthwhile when you realize how much extra storage space you gain by installing these angled shelves around your bath tub. They replace an entire bathroom cabinet, which takes more space than you have available.

small bathroom 9

Source: Shelterness

#9 Give Old Barrels New Purpose

There is an increasing trend to reuse almost anything made of wood: pallets, ladders, and even barrels. This talented and resourceful person sliced a barrel in three and also obtained the shelf materials from the lid. This ingenious extra storage out of of a small bathroom looks great, giving the whole space a timeless rustic look.

small bathroom 13

Source: Diynetwork

#10 Custom Made Cabinet

When no standard cabinet model you can find in store fits your small bathroom, the only solution is to design your own. This family had to find a solution for the very narrow space available – and they came up with this simple and effective design with pull out shelves.

small bathroom 2

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#11 Wooden Crates

Cleaned, sandblasted and painted in cheerful colors, these old fruit crates have gained a new lease on life as storage cabinets for towels. Minimum investment, lots of fun getting them ready and extra storage space for your tiny bathroom – what more do you want?

small bathroom 15

Source: BHG

#12 The Secret Door

What is behind that extra door? Only a very shallow bathroom cabinet storing various toiletries. This is a very simple solution if you do not want to display various items visibly on shelves in a small bathroom. As an extra storage ideas, you can install hooks on the outer side of the door for bath robes and towels.

small bathroom 3

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#13 The Cabinet Above the Toilet

When there’s a will, there’s a way – and this could not be truer than in the case of this home owner who was determined to gain extra storage space in their small bathroom. The simple but effective design of this cabinet works around the toilet perfectly, without becoming inconvenient for anyone using it.

small bathroom 8

Source: Shelterness

#14 Hanging Baskets

The decorative reed baskets helped this small bathroom owner arrange their toiletries neatly, while creating a pleasant decorative design. Never underestimate the potential of decorative boxes and baskets of any kind to become useful storage solutions for every room in your house.

small bathroom 4

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#15 Use the Inner Surface of Cabinet Doors

When you have a really small bathroom, no surface can be overlooked if it can become a potential storage space. This family exemplifies this judicious thinking with the tiny but necessary storage shelves built against the inner surface of the cabinet door.

small bathroom 11

Source: Diynetwork

Now that we have reached the end of our list, we hope that you managed to identify at least  three or four ways in which you can squeeze extra storage out of a small bathroom and keep all your toiletries well organized.

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