If you are lucky enough to have a garden, no matter how small, you should count your blessings and make the most of it. You can grow flowers, fragrant herbs, vegetables, or arrange a little retreat for you and your family to relax and enjoy being closer to the nature. Ideally, you should hire a landscaping company to arrange your garden, but if this is outside your planned budget, there are ways to work around. After all, so many people find joy and pride in looking after their gardens and beautifying them, many times on a shoestring budget. We decided to take a look at their achievements and share them with you. Therefore, here are 17 amazing small garden on a budget for inspiration:

#1 Repurpose an Old Chair as a Swing

We all have that old and creaky chair, whose legs are uneven and which does not fit anymore with newer furniture. Before you decide to throw it away, think again. You can easily saw its legs off, repaint it, attach it to the veranda roof or on a sturdy metal frame and turn it into a swing for your children (and the child in you, as well).

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Source: Buzzfeed

#2 Arrange a Romantic Bench around a Large Tree

What is more pleasant than sitting under the bountiful canopy of a tree on a hot summer afternoon, enjoying its shade? Tree benches are an old and beautiful tradition in DIY garden improvements. They are very easy to make or, if you do not trust your carpentry skills, you can get one made for a very affordable price.

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Source: WorldInsidePictures

#3 Turn a Tree Stump into a Picnic Table

Tree stumps are not a pleasant image in any garden. If you had the misfortune of having an old tree felled by a storm, you can turn it around. The stump can form the solid base of a lovely and rustic picnic table. Thus, you can still honor your beloved tree and keep its memory alive.

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Source: NaturalLivingIdeas

#4 Leftover Stones? Create a Retaining Wall

If you just finished paving your alley with natural stone and realize you have quite a large quantity left, do not just leave it in a pile in a corner of your garden. Instead, you can create a rugged looking retaining wall. The best placement for such a wall is in the vulnerable areas of your garden, where earth is usually carried away by heavy rains. Apart from beauty, retaining walls improve the stability of the soil around your property.

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Source: BHG

#5 Opt for Evergreen Trees and Bushes

Do you want a beautiful, green garden all the year round? Evergreen trees of the coniferous family (fir tree, pine tree) as well as specific types of bushes are the answer. These arbors never loose their lush green leaves, winter or summer. You can also use your living fir tree in your garden as a Christmas tree year after year.

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Source: CountryLiving

#6 Have a Bird Feeder

An old pair of coffee cup and saucer can be repurposed as a bird feeder in your garden. You will enjoy the cheerful chirping of birds all spring and summer long in exchange for this small kind gesture.

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Source: IdealHome

#7 Create Unique Stepping Stones

A bagful of pebbles, various paint tubs and your own imagination – that is all you need to create amazing stepping stones for the path in your garden. This is one of the simplest DIY family projects for this summer, with long lasting results.

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Source: BalconyGardenWeb

#8 Add Color with Ornamental Grass

Various species of ornamental grass have spectacular colors, from burgundy to bright orange to crimson red. Arrange them between flower beds and regular lawn grass for an amazing effect.

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Source: Freshome

#9 Keep Mosquitoes Away with Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a decorative plant with a very useful property: it chases mosquitoes away. This is something you certainly want, without having to use various chemicals to keep the pesky insects away. Lemongrass is easy to maintain and looks beautiful in any garden.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#10 Turn an Old Log into a Flower Planter

Felled trees leave not just the unsightly stump, but the log itself. You can give it away for firewood, or you can make it a staple in your garden, by hollowing its trunk, adding soil and fertilizer and then planting flowers. More and more people opt for this ecological upcycling of felled logs. They are a natural element in the garden and add to its beauty with just a little work.

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Source: WordlInsidePictures

#11 Have a Tire Pond in Your Garden

Water features are always charming in gardens. If you follow the concepts of feng shui, you will certainly need one to achieve the full chi of your garden. Of course, an actual pond is too expensive, but you can always make one from an old truck tire, insulating foil and decorative stones.

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Source: BalconyGardenWeb

#12 Create a Bird Bath

If you decided to feed birds in your garden, why wouldn’t you go all the way and offer them water to drink and bathe in? Birds suffer from heat just as we do, and they will appreciate a place to cool off and quench their thirst.

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Source: NaturalLivingIdeas

#13 Install a Hammock

Your garden should be your private retreat for rest and relaxation. And what is more relaxing than sitting in a hammock, enjoying the shade of trees and the chirping of birds? All you need is to install two sturdy poles or to make use of the trees in your garden.

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Source: BHG

#14 Create a Visual Focal Point

If you are not keen on long and tiring gardening work, here is a quick tip for beautifying it: create a small retaining wall from stones or bricks around a tree and fill the enclosure with flowers.

garden 9

Source: CountryLiving

#15 Repurpose Old Drawers as Flower Planter

That old chest of drawers may have outlived its usefulness, but its drawers can still be made useful. This resourceful person arranged them in the tiny garden as flower and herb planters.

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Source: IdealHome

#16 Make Your Own Wind Chime

Wind chimes are very pleasant to listen to as the breeze breathes through your garden. Their cheerful clinking will immediately improve your mood. If you want a truly unique one, use old keys, painted in bright colors, and hang them from a tree branch with pieces of string.garden 14

Source: BalconyGardenWeb

#17 Mix and Match Colorful Perennials

Perennial flowers are those which keep blooming year after year, without having to replace their bulbs. Their bright colors will adorn your garden for years to come, if you give them a little tender loving care. Look at this amazing mix of flowers – you could spend hours looking at them for hours without tiring.

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Source: Freshome

And we have reached the end of our recommendations. As you can see these small garden ideas on a budget are easy to achieve and maintain and will make your garden a more beautiful place to enjoy than before. Good luck with your own gardening projects!

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