Vintage wooden ladders are less and less used both in homes and commercial facilities, being replaced with metallic ones. Most of the old ladders are turned into chips and used as fuel or recycled, but we believe that they can also have a better fate, as charming and rustic decorations in your home. We have searched for inspiration and ideas to share with you and now we are proud to present you not just a few, but 17 interesting and useful ideas to decorate with ladder and blend utility with beauty. Here they are:

#1 Pot Holder

A vintage wooden ladder, carefully cleaned and sanitized, is the ideal solution for every chef’s biggest problem: how to keep pots and pans neatly stored, yet always handy when they are needed. Suspended just above your cooking table, this ladder allows you to keep a lot of utensils and pots and get each of them simply by lifting your hand up. Neat, decorative and useful, isn’t it?

ladder deco 7

Source: Woohome

#2 Bed Curtain Rack

If you are one of those people who prefer absolute intimacy by using bed curtains, a wooden ladder is a practical, cost effective and rustic looking solution. It is a simple DIY project which you and your partner can work on during a weekend. According to preferences, you can leave the wood fiber exposed, or paint it over in a color coordinating with the rest of your bedroom.

ladder deco 16

Source: Drivenbydecor

#3 The Unconventional Christmas Tree

This a very eco-friendly solution for celebrating Christmas without sacrificing a living fir tree. The wooden ladder looks much more charming than a plastic tree and allows you to decorate it in many creative manner. Every year, you can create a different design using the same old ladder.

ladder deco 3

Source: Tidbitsandtwine

#4 Baby’s Wardrobe

Baby clothes do not take up too much space and are so adorable that you wish you could store them in a manner in which they are visibly displayed. A vintage ladder solves this issue: your little one’s clothes will be neatly arranged on the rungs as if they were on a fashionable rack in store.

ladder deco 13

Source: Countryliving

#5 Decorative Wall Shelf

You can add an original touch to your bedroom by installing a ladder just above your bed to serve as shelf and to frame various family photos which you want to display. It is also useful to put away your book after you finished reading and are ready to fall asleep. For maximum impact, you should paint the ladder in a color which creates a strong contrast with the wall paint.

ladder deco 10

Source: Woohome

#6 Herbs Dryer

If you like to preserve and store aromatic herbs and teas, you definitely need to repurpose an old ladder as a dryer for the fresh plants. This is a very helpful and decorative way to prepare your dry herbs without taking too much place in your home or garden.

ladder deco 2

Source: Tidbitsandtwine

#7 Shoe Organizer

Shoes…we love them, we want as many of them as possible, but after a while we run out of storage space! What is it to do? One simple, cheap and great looking solution is using an old ladder as shoe organizer. Now you can go to the mall and get one more pair of shoes, because you definitely have enough space to keep them!

ladder deco 6

Source: Thecottagemarket

#8 Flower Vases Shelf

Purely decorative, a small wooden ladder can be arranged in a corner of your room with various vases with fresh flowers. This is a very pleasant (and fragrant) way of adding a little color and a touch of nature in your home.

ladder deco 14

Source: Popsugar

#9 Towel Rack

If you have no idea how to decorate with ladders in a useful way for your bathroom or kitchen, here’s a simple idea: replace your nondescript towel rack with a ladder. It brings a rustic atmosphere to your home and is also very practical to use, especially in the bathroom, where each member of the family has their owns separate towel.

ladder deco 1

Source: Tidbitsandtwine

#10 China Decorations Shelf

Some people still enjoy displaying small decorative pieces of porcelain and china around the house. As more decorations add up to the existing collection, it gets difficult to decide which one to display and which one to store away. A small stepladder solves the problem, serving as an original shelf for these delicate ornaments.

ladder deco 15

Source: Popsugar

#11 Kitchen Cabinet Extension

This clever and resourceful person found a very unique and space saving manner to add extra storage space and decorate the kitchen. The ladder placed between the two cabinets can store towels, lids or other cooking utensils and adds a particular kind of charm to the kitchen.

ladder deco 17

Source: Drivenbydecor

#12 Magazine Rack

Useful not just in home, but even if you run a small business, the magazine rack helps people pass the time while waiting to be served, or until dinner is ready. If you have run out of inspirational ideas about how to store your magazines and newspapers, here is a very simple and helpful one: use an old ladder.

ladder deco 4

Source: Thecottagemarket

#13 Drying Rack

Drying freshly washed laundry is a challenge. If you place them outside, wind, rain and dust could ruin your work. And there is not much available space inside, either. What is the solution to this conundrum? Well, do you still have your dad’s old wooden ladder? Clean it and affix it to the ceiling and you have gained sufficient place to hang your newly washed clothes to dry.

ladder deco 12

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#14 Book Shelf

Book shelves are quite expensive and you never find one that fits exactly in your available space. An old ladder, on the other hand, is already in your possession and can be cut to measure, if necessary, to be installed exactly where you need it. A little elbow grease and the job is done at no cost for you!

ladder deco 9

Source: Woohome

#15 Greenery Nursery

If you are growing your own vegetables, every spring you have to keep the tender new shoots safely away from children and pets. This reliable old ladder allows you to keep them grouped together, out of everyone’s way and safe until they are ready to be planted in your garden.

ladder deco 11

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#16 Lamp Hanger

What is more pleasant than a romantic dinner lit by vintage lamps dimmed to the right degree? Or a large gathering of friends under the bright light of the same lamps? This clever use of a ladder and a few lamps has transformed a regular dining table into a marvelous one. Don’t you want to have one just like this?

ladder deco 8

Source: Woohome

#17 Shelf Extension

This clever DIY creation makes the most of some shelf pieces by placing them onto and in the extension of a ladder. Now there is enough space to arrange kitchen pots, groceries and even some flowers, and the whole project was completed over a weekend with minimum costs.

ladder deco 5

Source: Thecottagemarket

And now that you know how to decorate with ladders and have gone through all the wonderful possibilities offered by this simple tool, you will probably think twice before throwing that old wooden ladder away.




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