Living in a small apartment does not have to be an ordeal. Everyone is king of the hill when it comes to furnishing and arranging their living space. In many countries worldwide, even people who afford large houses or condos still live in a small home, because it feels cozy and safe and it gives them a sense of modesty. In this article we want to show you some amazing examples of efficient tiny apartments which look and feel as comfortable as larger ones. If you feel cramped in your small apartment, perhaps looking at the way other people arrange their living spaces will inspire you to remodel yours and turn it into a charming, cozy home.

#1 Smart Divisions Are the Key to Efficiency

If you look at the blank floor plan of this apartment, without paying attention to its contents, it feels small. Surely, these people cannot have a living room area, bedroom, separate wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom with a bath tub! However, the clever use of dividers has carefully mapped out the living space, creating room for all these functionalities. This is one of the reasons why it is worth the cost of hiring an architect to help you plan your tiny apartment.


Source: Home-designing

#2 Flexible Furniture Saves Space

In this small apartment there is too little space available to arrange a bedroom and a dining area. In this case, the owners decided to have both functions blended in the same space with the help of a Murphy bed. The bed is lifted up in the morning and the dining table is pulled down. In this way, the family can enjoy both comfort and everyday commodities.

studio2-2 studio2-1

Source: Homedit

#3 Little Cabin in the City

The mountain cabin concept becomes more and more popular among city dwellers. It is a rising trend which did not escape the attention of real estate developers. This model of city cabin takes up very little space, but with a little effort of imagination, you can fit in it everything you need, from the comfortable bed to the flat screen TV and sofa for watching movies.

studio3-2 studio3-1

Source: Dailymail

#4 Light Colors Add Up Space

Make no mistake, this is a tiny apartment. However, the choice of colors – cream, grey, off-white – and shiny, reflective surfaces makes it look much bigger than it actually is. Always remember this golden rule for small apartments: do not use many colors, and opt for light ones if you want to create the illusion of larger space.

studio7-2 studio7

Source: Inhabitat

#5 Do Not Forget about Lofting

Houses with high or peaked ceilings are ideal for arranging a loft. Lofting houses is the cleverest way of taking advantage of the vertical space, not just for storage purposes, but also for creating extra living space. When you stop considering living space as restricted to the floor only, you will come up with an amazing variety of possibilities.


Source: MessyNessyChic

#6 Elevate Areas with Specific Functions

This tiny apartment looks very organized and the bedroom/home office area is clearly separated from the rest of the living space. Thus, the owner sends all visitor a very clear message: this is private area. How was this done? Simply by placing an elevating platform and installing the bed and desk there, with half-dividers to ensure privacy.

studio13-2 studio13-1

Source: Homedit

#7 Managing Difficult Floor Plans

Not all apartments are designed with clear straight lines and angles. What do you do with all the awkward nooks and jutting out of space? In this example of floor plan, difficult areas are cleverly divided and used efficiently as bathroom and wardrobe.


Source: Home-designing

#8 A Cozy Place Called Home

This is another example of an efficient tiny apartment with a challenging floor plan. The owners decided to take advantage of the jutting out windows and arrange a table for two, practical for everyday meals and a romantic setting for candlelit dinners.

studio1-3 studio1-2 studio1-1

Source: Homedit

#9 A Colorful World

We have already stated that light colors are recommended if you want your house to look bigger. But not everyone is willing to sacrifice their love of bright colors for the illusion of larger space. And that’s alright. A small apartment can look charming and colorful, even if it is quite obvious that it is tiny. This tiny apartment is a perfect example that there is diversity in humanity and this is why it is so fascinating to learn about other people’s way of living.


Source: Inhabitat

#10 The Curtain Fall

In some cases, dividers would really shut out various areas in the apartment and turn them dark and claustrophobic. To ensure privacy, the simplest solution is to install curtains around the sleeping area. In this way, you have both privacy and natural light during the daytime.

studio14-2 studio14-1

Source: Homedit

#11 Dealing with Long and Narrow Space

If your apartment is long and narrow, you will have to rethink the traditional division of space among living functions. In this example, the living room and bedroom areas are in open space, occupying more than half of the total surface of the apartment, while the kitchen and bathroom are arranged as cubicles to the right and left sides of the main entrance.


Source: Home-designing

#12 An Office by Day, a Home by Night

This freelance designer is using her tiny apartment as a home office. As it is clearly impossible to have separate living and working areas, she made the best of the situation: flexible furniture with a clean, professional look which doubles as comfortable bed. In this way, she can change the function of the room in just a few moments.

studio4-2 studio4-1

Source: Dailymail

#13 The Most Innovative Hidden Storage Design

The very tiny apartment below is barely big enough to contain one person and an overnight bag. However, this is a young couple’s home and they have all their personal belongings here. How do they do it? By using every available spot for creating hidden storage areas and using modern, minimalist design in every item of furniture.

studio10-2 studio10-1

Source: MessyNessyChic

#14 Another Clever Way of Taking Advantage of High Ceilings

In general, old houses have very high ceilings compared to modern buildings. The person living in such an old house apartment found an extremely creative way of dividing the living space and making the most of the vertical space available. The structure in the center is a wardrobe with a bed atop it. The large wardrobe serves as divider between the living room area and the kitchen area, as well.


Source: Inhabitat

#15 Another Example of Long and Narrow Apartment

This family decided to forget about the open space rule and create as many contained areas as possible. They did that by using colors and curtains to delimit various functions of the space. The great color mix and the way the furniture is arranged makes the apartment look cozy and comfortable.


Source: MessyNessyChic

#16 Use Furniture as Dividers

The bookcase is serving its rightful purpose and acting a a divider between the bed and the rest of the apartment. Note that light still passes through the bookcase, allowing everyone to enjoy sunlight no matter where they are inside the apartment.


Source: Homedit

#17 No Room for the Wardrobe

A classical wardrobe would simply eat up the small space available in this tiny apartment. The solution? A custom made wardrobe, long and narrow, which acts as a divider between the bedroom and the living room and also as a support for the flat screen TV. This is the ultimate art of multi-function furniture!

studio9-2 studio9-1

Source: MessyNessyChic

Now, looking at all these efficient tiny apartments you can really understand that the way you live, the comfort and coziness of your home are totally up to you. With some creative choices and thinking outside the box, you can arrange a wonderful home in your tiny apartment.

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