If you love being the perfect host for unforgettable New Year Eve’s parties, then you must already start planning. Remember that you do not have to worry about living in a small home – people who love you already know this and a great party spirit does not need a huge ballroom. All you need is love and a little help to create stylish, sparkly and surprising decorations for your home and festive table. And we have no less than 17 great New Year party ideas to share with you. Let’s get started!

#1 Party Hats

Everybody loves party hats, especially if they are one of a kind handmade models. You can create your own with a little glitter and tinsel. Your guests will certainly love wearing them.


Image source: Woohome

#2 Countdown Cookie Plate

This delicious idea can make a great centerpiece for your table. Of course, nobody should start eating the cookies until midnight is about to strike. You can even organize a small contest and see who manages to eat their cookie exactly in the moment between the old and new year.


Image source: Pinterest

#3 Super Easy New Year Party Ideas: Reuse Christmas Globes

Whether you removed your Christmas tree, or you still have it but can spare a few baubles from it, they make a great decoration for your festive New Year’s Eve dinner table.


Image source: Architectureartdesigns

#4 Let Your Children Make the Disco Ball

An old inflatable beach ball, some glue and rhinestones and your children can put their creativity to good use and create a unique and fun disco ball for your party. What do you think about this one, doesn’t it look great?


Image source: Woohome

#5 Use Colored Light Bulbs

If you want to create a party atmosphere quickly and without efforts or major expenses, simply replace your regular light bulbs with colored ones. Now bring some great finger food and good music and the party can get started.


Image source: Viralnova

#6 Pineapple Decorations

Nobody has any use for the tuft of leaves at the top of a pineapple, right? Well, now you can put it to good use as New Year party decoration. Spray paint them in silver or gold and add a tiny pastille candle in the middle. Now you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table!


Image source: Rachelraymag

#7 Effective New Year Party Ideas: Mementos of The Year

Surprise your family and friends with the best moments of the year that is nearly over. Tie vacation or birthday photos to balloons and use them as decorations next to the dinner table. You will certainly have sufficient topics of conversations from the photos you displayed.


Image source: Architectureartdesigns

#8 More Christmas Balls

Use gold or silver colored tiny Christmas balls in champagne flutes as centerpiece decorations, if you are running out of ideas or time. It only takes a few minutes to create this effective eye catcher for your dinner table.


Image source: MarthaStewart

#9 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Adding fairy lights around a wall mounted mirror will create a magical atmosphere, worthy of the most stylish New Year’s Eve party. Try it and you won’t regret it!


Image source: Buzzfeed

#10 Cocktail Umbrellas Wreath

Get your guests into the party spirit from the moment they knock on your door with this delightful and colorful wreath made of cocktail umbrellas. Everyone will marvel at your DIY skills and rich imagination!


Image source: Diyncrafts

#11 Make Your Own Party Poppers

Why should you buy party poppers when you can make your own. Follow the DIY steps here and round up your family to get things done!


Image source: Viralnova

#12 Another Creative Use of Photos

Create large confetti pieces out of photos with family and friends. Apply them on the wall and let everyone enjoy the surprise as they walk inside your living room. You can also think of a game to play with your friends around these photos (remember when we took this photo, who else was with us then, etc.)


Image source: MarthaStewart

#13 Make Decorations from Wrapping Paper

Do you have leftover wrapping paper from Christmas? Do not throw it away. Instead, cut out little circles and hang them together with silver string. Now you have some lovely window decorations for your New Year’s Eve party.


Image source: Architectureartdesigns

#14 Countdown Cupcakes

These delicious little cupcakes will make a lovely dessert as you wait for the big countdown to the New Year. If you are not very certain of your baking skills, order them at your local deli shop.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#15 Customize Your Glasses

All you need is you regular set of glasses, a brush and gold paint. Now, get as creative as you want and make a unique set of glasses for your New Years’ Eve party.


Image source: Buzzfeed

#16 Paper Decorations

This is as simple as it gets! Take some simple white paper and glue it in creative shapes. Now string them across the room and let the party begin.


Image source: Woohome

#17 Drink Stirrers

Use a little tinsel to decorate boring looking drink stirrers and bring a little more glamor to your party.


Image source: Buzzfeed

Now that you’ve reached the end our our recommendations, you are ready to prepare your house for the magical night between the years. Start selecting from the New Year party ideas we shared here and be the best party host in your neighborhood!

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