If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a basement, then you should learn how to make the most of this space. A lot of people ignore the huge possibilities offered by the basement and use it simply for keeping things they do not need anymore, in a disorganized manner which takes a lot of unnecessary space. Living space is very precious – it makes you feel comfortable and at ease – so you should do your best to free up as much space as you can in your room, and organize storage rooms efficiently. Today we will show you 17 great basement storage ideas which will certainly inspire you to put order in your basement.

#1 Children’s Study Room

The basement is a remote place in the house, away from noise and from distractions, such as the TV or video games. Thus, it is an ideal room to organize your children’s desk for study and doing homework. A little paint job in bright color, sufficient sources of light and any other furniture and equipment you consider useful, and you have created the ideal place where your children can study undisturbed.


Image source: HGTV

#2 One of the Best Basement Storage Ideas: Can Organizer

Don’t you like the way stores arrange their merchandize according to the FIFO (first in first out) system? This guarantees that the products which have a shorter expiration date are taken by customers and sold first. You can implement the same clever system in your basement with this simple system of vertical racks.


Image source: Theownerbuildernetwork

#3 Your Own Wine Cellar

Everybody loves a glass a good wine. What if you had an entire collection of wine bottles and a nice bar to serve your guests in the basement? It is the ideal environment – naturally cool and dark – to preserve wine over a long time and even help it age properly.


Imge source: HGTV

#4 Slide Out Shelves

This idea is a real space saver. You can store as many items as you want on these shelves, without occupying the whole space of the basement. You can either order these shelves or embark on a DIY project.


Image source: Familyhandyman

#5 Washing and Airing Room

No need to take up valuable space in the bathroom or pantry by installing the washing machine and the airing cabinets there. These can be very well fitted in the basement, offering you a functional space away from the valuable living space upstairs.


Image source: Countryliving

#6 Hanging Caddies

These simple to install storage caddies will help you store a lot of items against the wall, thus saving storage space on the floor and in the corners.


Image source: Decoratingyoursmallspace

#7 Cupboards Under the Stairs

Do not waste any inch of space, not even that behind the stairs leading down to the basement. This clever system of cupboards makes the most of every inch of vertical space.


Image source: Tinyhousetalk

#8 Pegboard for Tools

Here are all your tools, neatly organized and always ready to get whenever you need them. This pegboard can be installed anywhere, but the recommended option is on four sides of the support pillar of your house. That space is generally not used in any way – now you have a great way to use it!


Image source: Decoratingyoursmallspace

#9 Labeled Storage Bins

Keep various items organized in these textile storage bins with labels and never lose track of any of them. This works great for off season clothes and bedsheets or children’s toys.


Image source: HGTV

#10 Colored Lockers

Now every family member can keep their items safely stored in these colorful lockers, which take up little space and can create a lively atmosphere in your basement.


Image source: Countryliving

#11 Entertainment Den

You’ve been planning on this for years, but you just don’t have any spare room to arrange a games and entertainment den for you and your friends. Have you considered the basement? Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it is the best place to arrange a pool table, the music system and even a bar with some drinks.


Image source: Home-Designing

#12 Your Reading Retreat

Have you exhausted all the options in terms of finding a quiet nook to enjoy a good book, away from noise and interruptions? This cozy sofa together with the bookshelves are just what you need in the basement. Invent some ghost stories and no one will bother you while you enjoy your favorite novel!


Image source: Xplodia

#13 Foldable Shelves on Casters

Store a lot of items in the smallest possible space with the help of these ingenious foldable shelves on wheels. You can add up more elements to it when you run out of storage space so this is the kind of solution which is continuously adaptable to your needs.


Image source: Pinterest

#14 One Extra Bedroom

Always have one guest bedroom available in your small house by turning the basement from an indifferent storage space into a warm and inviting living space. You can also retreat there on those days when you feel like spending some quality time just with yourself.


Image source: Home-Designing

#15 Hanging Racks

If the floor is already taken up, you can take advantage of the ceiling and install these simple but useful racks. You can keep your fishing lines, skis and other sports equipment safely and without cluttering any other place in your house.


Image source: Pinterest

#16 Home Office/ Library

If you work from home, the basement is the ideal place to perform your daily tasks in peace and quiet, keep your books, records and client files and take part in video conferences without any disturbance from the rest of the family.


Image source: Andrearazzauti

#17 Home Cinema

Naturally dark and quiet, the basement is the perfect home equivalent of a cinema hall. Install your large screen TV and sound system, a few comfortable armchairs and sofas, tables for snacks and, voila! – you have your own cinema at home.


Image source: Portcitrus

We hope that this article was useful to you and you found our basement storage ideas interesting and easy to implement in your house in order to make your home life more relaxed and comfortable.

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