Everyone loves art in one form or another. Paintings, sculptures, photographs or small handmade decorative items are found in every home, large or small. They are an expression of our personality and a part of the effort to make our homes look and feel welcoming and beautiful. However, people living in small homes need to be careful about how they display these decorative items, otherwise they will achieve the opposite effect, making the room look smaller and overcrowded. This is why we decided to look at how other people deal with this problem and share their solutions to display artwork in a small apartment. Let us take a look:

#1 Coordinate Artwork Colors with the Rest of the Room

This room has a predominant color scheme: black and white. This color palette extends to the painting displayed on the wall. This strategy has a decluttering effect: the room feels more spacious and not at all crowded by furniture and decorations.

art 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Organize Art Around the TV Set

Do you want everyone to pay attention to your art collection? Place it around the TV set. Everyone looks at the TV and they won’t fail to notice the decorations around it. This also helps create a visual focal point in your living room.

art 4

Source: Artspace

#3 Put Artwork High Up the Wall

This room is not very spacious, nor very high. But the paintings displayed up the wall, close to the ceiling, give the impression of added height. Also, this option frees up wall space for furniture and looks original compared to traditional artwork display.

art 5

Source: Zatista

#4 Enhance Tight Spaces with Large Artwork

If you place tiny photos or paintings in a small niche, you will make it look even smaller. On the contrary, pick a large, striking piece of artwork and the space will suddenly feel larger, with a strong personality and purpose in your home.

art 8

Source: DigThisDesign

#5 Do Not Be Afraid to Display Unconventional Artwork

Do you want to distract visitors from the small size of a hallway or room? Go for unconventional artwork choices. This family decided to display a collection of colored spoons. That’s certainly original!

art 10

Source: Mashable

#6 Mix Sizes

One way to create a visual display of artwork is to group paintings or photos of visibly different sizes. This grouping is also used in museums to draw attention to the larger artwork.

art 12

Source: RainAndPeacock

#7 Mix Different Types of Artwork

You do not have to group paintings together and decorative bowls somewhere else. This family decided to create an original collage of various artwork items, including mirrors. And it looks marvelous!

art 14

Source: BHG

#8 Coordinate Artwork with the Function of the Room

This dining room displays a painting depicting fresh, delicious oranges. This choice is extremely interesting, and becomes more and more popular among people. Coordinating artwork with the functions of the rooms is also useful for small children who are still learning their table manners and how to respect their parents’ personal space.

art 15

Source: HGTV

#9 Create Your Own Collages

Art does not have to be expensive – even you can create it from postcards and photos. Pinterest-style collages are more and more popular among homemakers who want to beautify their house on a budget. Place these collages in front of vanities or in niches to create a vignette.

art 17

Source: Decoist

#10 Do Not Forget the Door

As a teenager, you used to pin posters of your favorite music and movie stars on the door. Why should you not use the door as artwork display as an adult? This family found a creative way to coordinate the color of the door with the colors of the painting to make it pop out.

art 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#11 Integrate Artwork on Book Shelves

Book shelves are not meant only for storing books – they are an ideal artwork display. You can use statuettes cleverly as bookends and separators between groups of books. Make sure to keep them similar in size, so that none of the pieces steals the show.

art 3

Source: Artspace

#12 Create Layers

Larger paintings create a beautiful background for a smaller framed photos placed on a side table in front of them. Do not be afraid to layer artwork, as long as you confine them to a small area. Otherwise it will give the appearance of carelessness and hoarding.

art 6

Source: Zatista

#13 Really Small Space? Choose Minimalist Art

Stencils, pencil drawings or these old time maps of famous cities are the ideal artworks for tiny spaces. Minimalist in complexity and color palette, these types of artworks, together with black and white photos embellish small spaces without crowding them.

art 7

Source: DigThisDesign

#14 The Frame as Artwork

When choosing artwork placement, consider the frame. Do not go for boring, standard ones, but pick a frame which stands out and works well with the decorative style of the room and the overall color scheme.

art 9

Source: Mashable

#15 Create the Illusion of Open Space

An open vista marine or mountain landscape will actually trick the viewers into perceiving more depth in the room, if the placement is strategic, somewhere with lots of natural light. Be honest, don’t you just want to jump in the painting and run to the sea?

art 11

Source: RainAndPeacock

#16 The Art of Symmetry

There is something extremely satisfying about the art display in this room. All the pieces are of the same size and placed at precisely the same distance one from the other. If you love order and neatness, you will certainly try such an arrangement of artwork in your home.

art 13

Source: BHG

#17 Create a Larger Frame

Not sure if your favorite artwork stands out in a room? Then put a frame around it! This family created a nicely shaped frame and painted the wall within the enclosure a slightly darker color – but sufficient to make the photograph pop out.

art 16

Source: HGTV

This was quite a journey! And you can see how many original ways there are to display artwork in a small apartment in a manner that does not create clutter. Good luck with your decorative work!


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