Many people, although living in a small apartment, have one specific benefit: a balcony. However, very few of them know how to make the most of this space, how to create a pleasant and relaxing area for the warm summer days and nights. One of the simplest and most beautiful ways of decorating a balcony is arranging a small garden with a few potted plants and, why not, herbs you can use as seasoning in the kitchen. As always, we are here to help you with lots of practical and beautiful balcony garden ideas. Let’s get started!

#1 Use Challenging Areas

This balcony has an angled side wall which is not really esthetic or useful. However, the clever and resourceful owner saw the opportunity of arranging an original an eye catching garden, by creating a flower bed all over its surface. Once the plants grew, you don’t see the wall anymore, only this beautiful arrangement of flowers.

blacony garden 20

Source: Stylemotivation

#2 Create Magic with Fairy Lights

Fairy light add subtle accents, make small spaces seem bigger and turn a simple arrangement of ivy and a few other pots into a magical garden by night. There is nothing more charming than to enjoy a quiet, romantic evening under the stars and the fairy lights.

balcony garden 18

Source: Balconygardenweb

#3 Make the Most of Corners

If you want to save the main area of the balcony for a table with a few chairs, then you should consider aligning earth boxes to the edges and creating a symmetric arrangement of shrubs. Modern and art & deco, this type of balcony garden will save you valuable space and add a touch of living greenery to the urban landscape.

balcony garden 8

Source: Houzz

#4 Old Pots and Cauldrons? Turn Them Into Flower Pots

Nicely cleaned, with the aluminum surface sparkling, this old washing cauldron now decorates a balcony and has nice flowers planted in it. And it also serves as support for a couple of pots, also with apartment plants in them.

blacony garden 2

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#5 Discover Your Inner Zen

Zen gardens are extremely popular and relaxing. Their simple and rigorous arrangement stimulates peace of mind and meditation. You can create your own zen garden in the balcony and use it whenever you need to get rid of stress and negative thoughts.

balcony garden 14

Source: Woohome

#6 Lots and Lots of Pots

You do not need a lot of horizontal area to arrange a beautiful garden on your balcony. A few shelves and lots of potted plants and flowers creating a beautiful mix are sufficient to create your own corner of Eden.

balcony garden 10

Source: Decoist

#7 Create Your Own Mini-Park

If you don’t look beyond the railing, this looks like a peaceful and romantic park, with a bench inviting you to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers around you. It is in fact a balcony, but it is so cleverly decorated, that you feel as if you stepped out of your house and into a new environment altogether.

balcony garden 5

Source: Architectureanddesigns

#8 Use Plant Trays for Railings

If your balcony is really small and cramped, the best solution for creating a garden is turning the railings into flower trays. In this way you won’t be the only one enjoying the beautiful flowers – everyone passing by your house will stop and give them an admiring look.

balcony garden 3

Source: Gardenista

#9 Add Some Shade

Do you remember the cool and refreshing atmosphere in grandma’s garden covered by vines or other creeper plants? You can create your own, with a little DIY work and the tireless work of the vines. You can select between a wide selection of creeper plants which also make beautiful flowers and create a beautiful living wall on your balcony.

balcony garden 19Source: Woohome

#10 Less Is More

Instead of cluttering your garden with various mismatched pots and plants, find a few statement pots from the same range of products and create a focal point of attention on your balcony with an artistic arrangement. This modern and minimalist look is in great fashion, especially among busy people who do not have the time to look after many plants and flowers.

balcony garden 7

Source: Houzz

#11 A Touch of Wilderness

Balcony garden ideas are not always about rigorous order. This home owner wanted to recreate the idea of a wild grove where they can take refuge from the stressful and busy modern world. And it does look like a beautiful natural sanctuary, indeed.

balcony garden 9

Source: Decoist

#12 Use Decorative Items on the Balcony

This old Mediterranean style house came with two large decorative vases made of white-stone. Though artistic on their own, they had the potential for more. So they were turned into flower pots by a resourceful owner who does not like to waste any square inch of space.

balcony garden 16

Source: Minimalisti

#13 Combine Esthetics with Practical Use

Instead of going to the marketplace for all the fresh herbs and lettuce, this clever person devised their own small garden in the balcony. What can be more pleasant than to pick your own herbs for a delicious and well seasoned meal or for a fresh salad?

balcony garden 13

Source: Balconygardenweb

#14 Create Your Own Exotic Garden

Ferns, brightly colored and scented flowers, lush and green leaves…this looks like a tropical forest. Add a few pieces of garden furniture, Oriental rugs or large and colorful pillows and you have your own exotic garden – right out of your apartment and into the balcony!

balcony garden 6

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#15 Yes, You Can Have Trees

Who said that you cannot enjoy the solid beauty of a tree in your balcony? There is only one basic rule – to live at the last floor and not inconvenience any upper floor neighbors. And here’s one little extra tip: go for exotic fruit trees – such as lemon, orange or avocado trees. They are both great looking and useful (in a few years, of course).

balcony garden 17

Source: Minimalisti

#16 Solution for Barely There Balconies

Some balconies are not really balconies – but rather wrought iron railings around the window. Do not despair! With a little creativity you can have a balcony garden even in these conditions. Here’s the proof:

balcony garden 15

Source: Woohome

#17 Give a New Purpose to Old Ladders

Old wooden stepladders, properly cleaned and primed, are ideal choices for arranging decorations and flower pots and creating a small but charming garden on your balcony. This is a very simple and effective way to save space in your small balcony and have some room for a table with chairs or a tanning bed.

balcony garden 12

Source: Balconygardenweb

#18 Dress the Railings

There is nothing simpler than planting creeper plants which will go up the railings and create a beautiful, living wall around your balcony. Even the cat seems to love it!

balcony garden 1

Source: Woohome

#19 Make Great Use of Vertical Space

Not enough space for all the pots of flowers you would like to have? No problem! This simple but sturdy system of vertical railings allows you to place your apartment plants as high as the ceiling of the balcony.

balcony garden 11

Source: Balconygardenweb

#20 Statement Plants

Instead of many small plants, choose a large one, which draws attention and decorates the balcony in a stupendous manner. For added effect, place int in a hanging pot, making it visible from any corner of the balcony.

balcony garden 4

Source: Decoist

This is the end of our list of recommendations. We hope that among all these balcony garden ideas you will find at least one which you love and would like to put into practice in your own balcony. Good luck!

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