While some people still miss the summer days, most of us are extremely excited about the arrival of autumn, because it brings us one of the most beloved events: the celebration of Halloween. Started as a 100% American celebration, the night when spooky creatures come to life and children go to trick or treat has become popular worldwide. Since it’s already October and time is short (just as your available budget) we decided that this is the right time to help you prepare for Halloween without breaking the piggy bank. Therefore, today we will share with you twenty budget friendly Halloween decoration ideas for your home. Ready, steady, boo!

#1 Floating Glowing Ghosts

What could be spookier than a courtyard invaded by ghosts ready to take over your house? And not any kind of ghosts, but those which glow in the dark! You will certainly have your friends and neighbors do a double take on your front yard with this decoration. And it only requires some cheese cloth, fabric starch and a battery powered lantern per item to make! If you don’t want to ruin so many useful batteries, replace the lantern with glow in dark spray paint.


Source: HGTV

#2 The Mummy Door

Would people really dare walk inside your house when you have a huge mummy guarding the door? Actually, it is just a clever use of gauze and non-permanent marker, but the effect is certainly convincing!


Source: Reader’s Digest

#3 Spooky Window Silhouettes

Look at that congregation of witches and black cats! That house surely has its Halloween party rolling! And to think that it only took the family a couple of hours to cut out various cardboard shapes, spray paint them in black and place them in the windows. But great decorations are usually the result of creativity, elbow grease and a very small investment.


Source: Diyncrafts

#4 Floating Bats

Oh, look at all the bats in this room! Is this where they’ll have the Halloween dinner? Precisely, and the family did a little DIY work with cardboard and double-sided tape to create this clever arrangement. Anyone ready for their spooky, bat infested photo?


Source: Cuteditprojects

#5 An Elegant Twist

Everyone has a Jack’O Lantern in their house, but why wouldn’t yours be a little different? Use a marker to define various arabesques on the surface of the pumpkin, then a small and sharp knife to cut them out. Once you place the candle inside, the result will be spectacular!


Source: Goodhousekeeping

#6 Who’s Watching Me?

Those menacing glowing eyes in the bushes will make the bravest Halloween party guest stop at least for a while. In truth, they look so real, as if a monster is about to jump. However they are made of toilet paper tubes, with cut-outs and a glow in dark tube placed inside them. Alternatively, the eyes can be made from cardboard pieces and sprayed with glow in dark paint.


Source: Diynetwork

#7 Outdoor Hanging Bats

We have some bats indoors, it is time to place a few outdoors as well. You only need some black cardboard and puppet eyes (which you can buy from any crafts store). Cut out the bat shapes, stick the eyes and then find the best places to arrange them hanging upside down.


Source: Listotic

#8 Candles Wrapped in Black Lace

A very simple but useful accessory for your Halloween dinner table, these candles wrapped in black lace will bring a note of gloomy elegance to the scene.


Source: Countryliving

#9 Spiderweb Coasters

Coasters are a must have if you don’t want to spoil your table cloth or lacquered wooden table. Since it is Halloween, they cannot be simple coasters, but custom made ones, of sturdy string and a few decorative plush spiders.


Source: Reader’s Digest

#10 Even the Trees Have Eyes

Yes, lots of spooky things happen on Halloween. Trees grow eyes…or maybe just a couple of white beach balls with black vinyl patches stuck on them. A very simple, but effective trick!



#11 Bloody Hand Prints

Why spend money buying this type of Halloween decoration from the novelty store, when you can make it at home with your kids – and have lots of fun, too? The full tutorial can be found here.


Source: Diyncrafts

#12 The Pallet Jack’O Lantern

A durable and reusable version of the traditional carved pumpkin is the Jack’O Lantern made of recycled wooden pallets. You can let you kids unleash their entire creativity painting the scary face which will greet your Halloween guests.


Source: HGTV

#13 Scary Mason Jars

The cheapest and best decorative pieces for the fireplace are the dependable mason jars, painted with various scary faces and with lit candles placed inside. They are also a safer option compared to other decorations, because there is no risk of fire once the candle burns down.


Source: Cutediyprojects

#14 The Dark Wreath

Well, this is a scary way to welcome guests…but they will love the creative idea of using a feather boa and some decorative spiders to create this spooky wreath. If you use a non-permanent spray paint on the wreath, it can be reused for other occasions, as well.


Source: Diynetwork

#15 The Ominous Decanters

These vintage apothecary bottles can be found in garage sales or on Ebay. They will certainly make your guests think twice before asking for a drink…until they realize it’s just wine or bourbon!


Source: Goodhousekeeping

#16 Decorate Your Garage Door

This horror movie scene can appear on your own garage door without a lot of work, and it can be safely removed after Halloween. It consists of simple cardboard or vinyl cut-outs stuck with double sided tape on the garage door.


Source: HGTV

#17 Spiderwebs on the Walls

This is a very simple and effective Halloween decoration which is very easy to make and costs next to nothing. Your children will certainly love to create these spooky spiderwebs and select the best places to put them on the walls.


Source:  Listotic

#18 The Haunted House

How can you have a haunted house without ghosts? That is impossible! So, grab some gauze, water, starch, some wire, an empty bottle and a ball and create your own floating spooky ghost. For a step by step tutorial, see here.


Source: Diyncrafts

#19 Repurpose Old Halloween Costumes

It is unacceptable to wear the same costume twice, but all the time and work to make them must be rewarded once more. And they can be – by reusing your costumes on your carved pumpkins. Everyone will be absolutely amazed by your seasonal display.


Source: Goodhousekeeping

#20 Paper Bag Luminaries

For everyone’s safety, these luminaries should only be placed outdoors. Also, consider replacing the candle with a lantern or glow in dark tube. These precautions being met, you can start punching out your favorite designs!


Source: Diyncrafts

We hope that you like our suggestions and that among all these budget friendly Halloween decoration ideas you found at least one which you will put into practice. As always, feel free to share with us your own ideas and photos!

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