Everyone enjoys a little craft hobby of sorts. From decorating simple clothes with various rhinestones and beads, to creating small handmade items, people express their creativity in many ways. Some of them, however, live in a small home and have no spare room to use as workshop. We want to help everyone express their talent and enjoy a hobby, so we have prepared a comprehensive list of creative and space saving craft storage ideas. We selected these ideas keeping in mind the need to use every inch of space efficiently, and also the fact that you can’t afford to invest in expensive furniture and decorations. Let’s get started!

#1 Old Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are usually discarded after you prepared the last omelet. Nobody gives them the second look. You should save them and put them to good use. An empty egg carton can store your scissors and colored sewing thread in an organized and space saving manner.


Image source: DIYNetwork

#2 Paper Roll Dispenser

This old kitchen paper roll dispenser will be a great help for any talented fashionista who enjoys embellishing clothes with ribbons. Now you can keep all your ribbon spools neatly arranged side by side and place some jars with colored buttons and other small decorations on top.


Image source: BHG

#3 One of the Simplest Craft Storage Ideas: Salt and Pepper Shakers

All that glitter and tinsel which you want to use for various designs and decorations will be very easy to store and apply if you place them in salt and pepper shakers. Not only that they do not take up a lot of space, but they also help you avoid accidents, such as pouring too much glitter.


Image source: Decoratingfiles

#4 Coffee Holders

Don’t let your parents throw away that aluminum 4-cup coffee holder. Take it and use it for ribbon spools or balls of yarn. Look how neat and tidy your craft items are now!


Image source: Pinterest

#5 Magnetic Knives Board

This simple kitchen tool will serve you well in your craft work. Keep all your scissors neatly organized and always handy by keeping them on the magnetic knives board. As usual, the best ideas are also the simplest.


Image source: Decoratingfiles

#6 The Walk-In Closet

One of the best space saving craft storage ideas is turning a small walk-in closet into your storage cabinet/ workshop. You are already used to living in a small space, so you will certainly adapt to this tiny workshop area.


Image source: DIYNetwork

#7 The Elegant Ribbon Stand

This works both as mannikin for creating clothes, ribbon holder and elegant decoration for your room. Your friends will certainly admire this exhibit!


Image source: Decoratingfiles

#8 The Tiered Tray

This tiered tray for cookies served with tea will help you organize a lot of your supplies for your craft work. It takes up little space and helps you stay organized.


Image source: HGTV

#9 See-through Pouches

These pouches are fashionable during the summer as make-up carrier bags when we go on holiday. For the rest of the year, you can use them to keep buttons, rhinestones, small spools of colored thread and other small items which you need in your craft work.


Image source: Pinterest

#10 Drawers and Cardboard

Wrap fabrics and ribbons tightly around a piece of cardboard and then store a lot of different pieces in regular pull-out drawers. You can color code each drawer and never have to rummage around to find the exact shade of fabric you need.


Image source: HGTV

#11 Making Every Nook and Corner Matter

Every house has small spaces which are difficult to put to use. There is no way you can fit a fridge, and it is located in an inconvenient area of the house to make a preserves cabinet. But you can use this narrow space to store your supplies. A few rail shelves and you can clear up your bedside table, vanity and wardrobe.


Image source: Pinterest

#12 Hidden Walk-In Craft Storage

Two nicely patterned curtains and you can always hide your craft supplies storage when you have guests or simply when you are not in the mood for doing any work.


Image source: Realsimple

#13 Thread Jars

Put your balls of yarn or thread in jars with a pierced cap. Put one end of the thread through the hole in the cap and your thread will never get tangled (or take up too much space).


Image source: Artsandclassy

#14 The Tiny Labeled Cabinet

You can fit this small width cabinet in any corner of your room and keep all your craft work neatly away. The labels will help you stay organized and never lose an item.


Image source: Artsandclassy

#15 Ice cube Trays

These colorful trays are extremely useful for storing small items without occupying too much space. Now you do not have to invest in various containers and storage boxes.


Image source: BHG

#16 Old Soda Crates

Wooden crates will give your room a rustic look and help you put away your work supplies when you don’t need them. All you need to do is clean them, apply a layer of transparent primer and place them as hanging cabinets on the walls.


Image source: Artsandclassy

#17 Hanging Caddies on the Door

We really mean that you should use every available surface. The door, for instance. These caddies will fit in nicely with the look of your room, they will never be in your way and you can store a lot of items in them.


Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#18 Recycling Old Utensils

This old grater can hold pens, spools of thread or anything else you need. It gives your craft corner a retro look, as well. Why should you spend money on containers when you have this option?


Image source: DIYNetwork

#19 The Pegboard

Cheap, efficient and space saving – these are three reasons why a pegboard is the right choice for you if you have run out of storage space for your craft supplies. Put it up on the inside of a cupboard door and you’ve solved your problem!


Image source: Craftaholicsanonymous

#20 Painting/ Storage Cabinet

This is the classiest and most artistic way to disguise a storage cabinet: under a painting. Beautiful and efficient at the same time!


Image source: Artsandclassy

And we’ve reached the end of the recommendations! Which one of these craft storage ideas works best for you?

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