There are never enough shoes for women, but there is obvious the problem of how to store them, especially for those us who live in the city with small apartment and houses. So let’s take a look at 20 different shoe storage ideas to see if you can take away some for your home!

Classic way: in a shoe cabinet

This is an obvious option for storing your shoes. However if you are living in small spaces, take extra precautions when buying a shoe cabinet: first plan the place for the shoe cabinet carefully in advance, think of used spaces such as hallway or a small corner in your living room, measure the space carefully and find a shoe cabinet that fits the place exactly.

shoe storage ideas corridor

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Vintage cabinet for shoe storage and display

If you find one of those beautiful cabinets that you would want to use as a decorative item, why not display your shoe collection in it also? I love love vintage cabinets as they have the kind of character and personality that becomes the focal point of any room they are in.

vintage shoe storage cabinet

image via this is glamorous

Shoe storage bench

2-in-1 furniture is always great space saver, find one that complements your room style and color and it can serve as a decoration also.

shoe storage benchimage source

Hide them underneath the bed skirt

This under-bed skirt storage are great for storing not just shoes but anything! I think they sell it in some furniture and household stores online under the name ” bed skirt organizer”.

shoe storage under bedskirt

image source

Boxes under the bed

You can get cheap boxes at IKEA and tuck these shoe drawers away under the bed, neat and easy!

under bed shoe storage ideasimage source

In boxes with colorfully printed labels

Gotta love these cute labels for your shoe boxes. You can even name each pair of shoes on the labels or print out fun quotes on them. If you love vintage labels, you can print out label designs on Graphics Fairy, it’s my favorite website for finding vintage labels!

shoe storage ideas box labelsimage source

On a ladder

An old ladder painted in your favorite color would be a perfect place to store and display your beloved shoes.

shoe storage ideas ladderimage source

PVC pipe shoe rack

This could be a simple DIY project for a weekend. You can follow this tutorial to create your own PVC pipe shoe rack.

pvc pipe shoe storageimage source

Stylish hanging mold on the wall

This is a great way to store and display shoes. You can paint the mold in your favorite color or use bars from old picture frames for the style and patterns.

hanging mold shoe rackimage source

Wine crates as shoe storage

Who would think that wine crates could become so effective and beautiful shoe storage just with a coat of paint?

wine crates for storing shoesimage source

Cover shoe storage space with a curtain

Feel that your shoe rack is not pretty enough to show to the world? Hide it away with a nice curtain.

cover shoe storage curtain

image source

Pipe as creative shoe rack

This creative DIY pipe rack does not only hold your shoes but also adds a touch of industrial modern charm to any apartment. Follow this tutorial on Intructables to build your own.

diy industrial plumbing pipe shoe rackimage source

Hanging shoes on a string

Modern art in practice?

hanging shoes on a stringimage source

DIY wire shoe hangers

Visit EPBOT for a wonderful tutorial on how to create your own flip flop and ballerina flat hangers from old metal hangers. These hangers are genius and so easy to create!

diy metal shoe hanger tutorialimage source

Hanging shoe wall art

Be an artist and create an art out of a wood board and use it as a background for hanging your shoes. You can also use wallpaper as the background. The whole shoe board will be a nice decoration for any room in your house.

hanging shoes wall artimage source

Wood pallets as shoe storage

wood pallet shoe storage

image source

Storing your shoes in buckets

Colorful buckets act as great ways to store the shoes that you do not use often.

shoe storage bucketsimage source

In a dresser or chest at your bed foot

A dress or chest at the end of the bed does not only act as a roomy storage for your shoes but also add an instant rustic charm for your bedroom.

shoe storage at the foot of the bedimage source

Hide them away in an ottoman

Look many shoes can be stored in this ottoman! The price for this storage ottoman runs from $150 to $270 on Overstock.

shoe storage ideas ottomanimage source

Under the staircase

Think of all the storage space under these stairs! If later on have my own house with stairs I will definitely do this!

shoe stotage ideas

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