For some of us, living in a studio was a college experience. For others, it is an everyday experience. New graduates and young families usually cannot a afford a larger apartment and, while they try to save money and build up their credit score, have to live in a simple studio. However, with a little bit of creativity and good old elbow grease, anyone can turn a tiny studio into a charming home. Let’s see some of the most practical space hacks for studio apartments which can help you create a pleasant living space:

#1 Install a Large Mirror

A large mirror with an artistic frame (in this example, rustic weathered wood) is a great way to add some sort of decoration on your walls and to create the illusion that your studio is larger than it actually is. For added effect, place this mirror right next to your bed or sofa. Every morning, you will wake up with the pleasant sensation of looking into a large, airy room.

studio 7

Source: Listotic

#2 Buy a Bed with Storage Space

These beds (and other sorts of modular furniture we will present below) were designed having in mind studio apartments. As there is very little space to install a cupboard, you will definitely be happy when you find this kind of bed in a furniture shop.

studio 2

Source: Brit

#3 Bookshelves Under the Ceiling

As a studio owner or renter, you cannot afford to waste any inch in your apartment. All the vertical space up to the ceiling must be judiciously used. This couple designed a simple book shelf which goes round the entire room. Now they don’t have to shove books under the bed or in the kitchen cabinet anymore!

studio 20

Source: Brainjet

#4 Bet on Multi-Purpose Furniture

This armchair seems to be a sci-fi movie prop, but it is as real as you and I. With more students and new graduates living in small studios, some of them have sought solution for their problem: lack of space. Thus, all sorts of innovative multi-purpose furniture items were created, such as this armchair with integrated bookshelves.

studio 17

Source: Buzzbuzzhome

#5 Create a Loft

Some timber, a couple of workers (or your own self if you are talented and experienced in DIY work) And you have an extra useful surface in your studio: a loft where you can install your computer, some shelves and voila – you now have a small home office or a reading corner.

studio 4

Source: Weburbanist

#6 Delimit Spaces by the Use of Colors

Furniture and carpets can create the illusion of separate living areas, with different functions, if you know how to arrange them and pick the colors. Color coordination brings order into your small studio and helps it look airy and non-cluttered.

studio 10

Source: Makespace

#7 Rethink the Wardrobe

A tiny studio really cannot have a massive wooden wardrobe in it. In fact, it may not have a wardrobe at all. This young lady found a practical and creative way of storing her clothes, adopting the philosophy of a clothes store. After all, if you have nice dresses and blouses, why wouldn’t you show them off?

studio 12

Source: Buzzfeed

#8 Forget About Traditional Space Usage

In a small studio, it is impossible to have a rigorous delimitation between the sleeping area, study/work area and dining area. Instead of trying to create these separate areas, imagine your whole home as an open space affair, where you do not have any specially assigned area (except for the bed and table). In this way, you can let go of many useless and heavy pieces of furniture and create a unique home just for you.

studio 1

Source: Brit

#9 Need Privacy? Use Sliding Doors

Sliding doors with frosted glass panels are the answer if you really want to create a separate sleeping area. This flexible door leaves the space open during the day, and allows light to pass into the sleeping area as well.

studio 9

Source: Listotic

#10 Order a Custom Made Bedroom Set

This modular type of furniture includes a desk where you can install your computer and can be arranged to form a sleeping area, a sofa or one seat. In this way, if you have guests you can quickly arrange the set to accommodate everyone, then put everything back once they leave.

studio 3

Source: Weburbanist

#11 Use Suspended Tables

Every inch of floor is worth its size in gold in a small studio. If you can install anything on the walls or hanging from the ceiling, then do it. This studio owner found a simple and very original idea for a bedside table: a hanging table.  This is both space saving and extremely creative!

studio 19

Source: Brainjet

#12 Customize Every Cupboard

With a little ingenuity and DIY work, any standard kitchen cabinet can hold twice as much things. Look at this one, fitted with extra shelves for bottles and seasoning jars.

studio 5

Source: Weburbanist

#13 Create a Bed Platform

This raised platform serves a double purpose: it creates a lot of useful storage space underneath, and it gives you a sense of privacy and delimitation of your sleeping area. As an extra tip, you can also install curtains to shut off the sleeping area during the night.

studio 18

Source: Brainjet

#14 Install a Floating Desk

For your home office, this long and narrow desk with storage space included is a true life saver. You can do your work, keep important documents and books here, without using too much up valuable space. When you live in a small studio, minimalism is the keyword for furnishing and decorating.

studio 15

Source: Buzzbuzzhome

#15 Rethink the Dining Table

In a small studio, it is all about creating the impression of space which does not truly exist. This person could not fit a proper table for dining. Instead, this board installed right next to the back of the sofa gives the impression that everyone will be comfortably seated at lunch and dinner.

studio 6

Source: Listotic

#16 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This wall mounted mirror turns into a small breakfast table in just a few seconds. In this way, you can dispense with the kitchen table and have a mirror to check your hairdo and/or makeup at the same time.

studio 16

Source: Buzzbuzzhome

#17 Use Reflective Surfaces

Do you want a piece of furniture to “disappear” in your room? Then apply reflective surfaces on it. If you don’t believe it, look at this kitchen island. It almost seems like it is not there.

studio 13

Source: Buzzfeed

#18 Use Bookshelves as Separating Walls

Whether you keep books, china or other decorations on these shelves, this is your decision, of course. But these shelves are very useful for the delimitation of areas with different functions without blocking the natural light.

studio 11

Source: Makespace

#19 Bed and Ottoman

Another clever piece of modular furniture is the single bed which can be packed into an ottoman or coffee table during the day. This is the ultimate space-saving furniture, indeed!

studio 8

Source: Listotic

#20 The Bar Table

This single wooden board installed against the window looks like a bar table and allows you to get rid of your kitchen table. It will make you feel like a forever student, eating at the cafeteria, until you upgrade to a larger apartment, but it does the job without taking up too much space.

studio 14

Source: Buzfeed

Now that we have reached the end of our recommendations for space hacks for studio apartments, we are waiting to hear your own suggestion about furnishing and decorating such a small home.

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