If you’re a long time subscriber to our blog, you must have notice that we generally offer inspiration, suggestions and ideas for ingenious storage or affordable decorations for your small home. Well, today we decided to do something different. We were brainstorming potential topics for today and suddenly we realized: why shouldn’t we combine out two major themes and come up with storage solutions which also look great and enhance the pleasant look of people’s homes? So today we will focus on cute storage ideas – solutions to de-clutter your house and create great looking decorations at the same time. We’ve looked around, put our own ideas to test and we’ve come up with this comprehensive list:

#1 You Can Leave Your Hat On

Hats are not just practical, to keep us warm and shield us from wind and rain. They are cult objects as well. Some top actors and entertainers made a specific hat model their trademark and throngs of fans adopt this item of clothing. So, a hat is an object of art as well as a practical item. Instead of stowing it away on a wardrobe shelf, create an attractive display of all hats in the house, like this one. Also, being mounted on the wall, it helps save storage space.

cute storage 12

Source: Lifebuzz

#2 The Trophy Bike

A lot of people choose to ride a bike to work – a healthy and eco-friendly option. But where do you store the bike once you have returned home? If you maintain and clean it properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t display it as decoration on the wall, hanging on a few cleverly placed pegs. The bike in the photo really looks great, adding a touch of color to the room and integrating perfectly with the other decorations.

cute storage 8

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#3 Smartphone Holder

While some people have the last generation smartphones with wireless charging feature, many others still plug in their phones when the battery is running low. And they frequently stumble or step on the phone left on the floor. Not anymore! Take any empty shampoo or shower gel container, cut it according to the model below, and you’ve solved the issue of charging your phone without stumbling into its wire.

cute storage 1

Source: Brit

#4 Lego to the Rescue

Have you run out of idea how to keep internet and charging cables for your laptop and tablet easily available when you need them? Now there is no need to damage your desk by taping them with scotch tape – little Lego heroes will do the job for you.

cute storage 17

Source: Cutediyprojects

#5 Makeup Brushes Holder

Ladies, you know the struggle: so many brushes, so little space to keep them well organized! Well, here’s a simple, cute and efficient solution: a glass, some decorative stones (transparent or colored – that’s your choice) and, voila! The problem is solved.

cute storage 4

Source: Cutediyprojects

#6 Repurpose the Fireplace

Summer is nearly here and you certainly don’t fire up the fireplace. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it in any way. This family has decided to arrange books in an attractive manner and thus offer everyone a good read during the evening, without cluttering the coffee table.

cute storage 9

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#7 Shoe Art

Shoes are essential but space taking items. Especially if you are a big fan of different model and each family member accumulates 5 or 6 pairs of them. Here is one very useful and attractive idea to keep them organized without cluttering your hallways with a shoe rack. By the way, those are pieces of PVC pipe glued together.

cute storage 19

Source: Housebeautiful

#8 Those Pesky Cables Again

It is a never ending fight: you put cables neatly under the rug or by the walls and your children make a whole mess out of them. It gets even worse when you don’t know which cable goes into what device. Well, here’s a simple hack: empty toilet paper tubes. Decorate them with some leftover ribbon and optionally write on each tube what type of cable it holds.

cute storage 14

Source: Diyhshp

#9 Repurpose Old Tin Cans

Some tin cans, especially those which contained sweets, tea or coffee, look really great and you feel sorry that you have to throw them away. Then don’t. Instead, create a modular desk unit to hold your supplies (pens, scissors, paper clips, etc.).

cute storage 2

Source: Brit

#10 Rustic Tableware Holder

Old cutting boards can still serve a useful purpose in your kitchen. Pin some colorful pouches onto them and you have just created a set of charming and space saving tableware holders.

cute storage 7

Source: Woohome

#11 Spruce Up the Hallway

Old wooden crates are very useful as shoe organizers, especially after you clean them thoroughly and paint them in complementary colors which go well with the wall paint. As always, cute storage ideas are also simple and clever!

cute storage 3

Source: Brit

#12 Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

…can you also serve as storage shelf? Yes, of course it can, with a little DIY work and a great finishing paint job! And the end result looks really good!

cute storage 18

Source: Housebeautiful

#13 Another Clever Use of Lego Pieces

Possibly you have to do some negotiating work with your children (or secretly buy your own set). However, once you have got the pieces, you can design your own 100$ original tableware holder and expand or modify it as you find it necessary. Who says that only kids play with Lego?

cute storage 6

Source: Woohome

#14 We Shoe Like Your Display

Winter boots are by now put away….if you really have enough space to do so without damaging them. We’ve thought of a clever solution to keep them safe and without cluttering your home…and we found this. There’s no doubt, boots like these are worth showing off!

cute storage 11

Source: Lifebuzz

#15 The Magnetic Makeup Holder

Ladies, once again a simple and attractive looking solution for keeping your makeup items well organized. It may come as a surprise, but the tiny eye shadow or blush containers stick onto a magnetic board. Now all you have to do is get creative!

cute storage 5

Source: Cutediyprojects

#16 Do Something Nice with Egg Cartons

Egg cartons pile up week after week and you simply want to throw them away, right? Well, only if you have way too many of them. However, a part of them can be painted over in bright colors and serve as cute and useful organizers for your jewelry.

cute storage 20

Source: Cutediyprojects

#17 Create a Home Office in Minimal Space

In some homes there is really no space to have a corner for yourself to do some work and check your emails. If you are also a home business owner, things are quite complicated. Where will you keep all the office supplies you need every day? Here is a great looking and space saving idea:

cute storage 13

Source: Diyhshp

#18 Bracelet Organizer

These days, not only women but also men wear various types of bracelets: for statement, for friendship or in support of a cause. But once you take them off, where do you keep them? Here is a very simple and useful solution: on empty soda bottles!

cute storage 10

Source: Lifebuzz

#19 Crafty and Helpful Hanging Baskets

These baskets are very useful in hallways. You can put your keys, scarves and mittens in them and also use a hanging plant to grow artfully around the ropes holding the baskets.

cute storage 16

Source: Cutediyprojects

#20 Reuse Old Sushi Mats

If you love Japanese food, you probably have quite a few sushi mats in your home from deliveries. They are practical on the dinner table to keep cutlery neatly arranged on them, but with a little DIY work they can also turn into space saving storage pouches for makeup brushes.

cute storage 15

Source: Bustle

We hope that these simple and cute storage ideas are really helpful for you to put order in your home and decorate it at the same time without spending too much money.

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