Most young couples have to be content with a tiny home, until they build a good credit rating to get a good deal or a mortgage loan for a larger apartment or house. While they wait for the moment of moving into a larger home, the miracle of life takes place in their tiny apartment. It is not easy raising a baby in a studio or bachelor’s pad, but human resilience and creativity finds the right solution for every problem. Many babies live a happy life with their parents in a restricted space. Today we will share how they managed to adapt to living with baby in a small apartment and made the most of it.

#1 Invest In Multiple-Duty Furniture

This young family is not going to afford a larger house anytime soon, so they decided that it is worthwhile buying this large piece of furniture which contains the baby’s crib, storage space for clothes and diapers, changing station and playpen. Actually, the baby’s entire universe for the first 2 years is contained in this space saving unit.


Source: Avso

#2 Buy a Foldable, Lightweight Stroller

The baby’s stroller is one of those items which you must have and do not know where to store in a small home. Modern models are made of sturdy, but lightweight aluminum and can be folded down and…even hung up a door! These smart strollers are a light saver when you have to go up and down stairs and find a good storage place.


Source: Buzzfeed

#3 Rethink the Baby’s Cabinet

Actual wooden or PAL cabinets take up space, no matter how sleek they may look in the store or online catalog. What you don’t need is one extra piece of furniture to be in your way as you want to tend to your baby’s needs. Instead, opt for this traveler’s wardrobe, consisting of canvas cubbies on a steel rods frame. Practical, colorful and space saving, this low-cost solution is the best way to declutter your baby’s room


Source: Popsugar

#4 Sharing Is Caring

When there is really no way to have a separate room for your baby, then the logical thing is to install the crib in the master bedroom. After all, during their first year of life, babies need constant attention and human contact with their parents. In this way, you can also save money you would have spent on expensive and high tech baby monitor systems.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#5 Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is an artistic expression and has nothing to do with lack of space. People living in large mansions opt for minimalist furniture and decorations. So do not feel guilty about applying this principle in your baby’s nursery. Your decor idea may even be trendier than you thought!


Source: Mom

#6 Arrange the Closet as Changing Station

The shallow depth of a regular closet is uninviting for most purposes. However, it is just the right size to install a changing topper and shelves with all the things you need for changing the baby.


Source: Mommyish

#7 Put the Baby In the Closet

Some closets are just wide enough to fit a crib inside them. In this way, you have a safe place for the baby, and more free room to place a rocking chair, the changing table and the playpen for the moment when the baby grows up a bit.


Source: Popsugar

#8 Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Floating cupboards, which are installed directly on the wall, are your best friends if you live in a tiny apartment and need to arrange a nursery for your baby. A clever arrangement of classic and floating cabinets will create a niche just enough to fit the crib and create a self-contained corner in the room only for the baby.


Source: HGTV

#9 No Space for Decorations? No Problem!

If you feel that any kind of shelf with decorations would be too much for an already tiny nursery, then you forget that you have the whole surface of the walls to turn into art. No need for very special skills, you can buy cut-out stencils or be bold and start creating your own original art together with your spouse. The child will love it even more growing up and knowing its story.


Source: Nursery.Mybentolunch

#10 Use a Folding Changing Table

If you have to cope living with baby in a small apartment, there is one golden rule: buy anything foldable. In this case, the changing table. You only need it a few times per day, and for the rest of the time it can sit propped against a wall and out of your way.


Source: Buzzfeed

#11 Look for a Crib with Storage Shelves

This type of crib is both space saving and convenient when you want to change your baby’s clothes during the day or night. It is made of solid wood and can be a great hand-me-down for other family members or friends once your child grows out of it.


Source: Popsugar

#12 Go for Lightweight Furniture

The design of this crib allow light to pass through it and therefore makes it seem almost not there at all. It is only a visual trick, but it is sufficient to make you believe that this small corner nursery is not as tiny as it really is. Add the fact that the crib is on wheel and can be easily moved, and you’ve got yourself a winner for tiny homes.


Source: HGTV

#13 Opt for White

This small nursery looks quite spacious because the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture are all white. A few cleverly scattered colored decorations prevent it from looking dull and featureless. If nothing else helps make a small room seem larger, an all-white color theme will.


Source: Nursery.Mybentolunch

#14 Take Advantage of Corners

Those two windows are awkwardly placed at corners next to one another. But this clever mom turned the disadvantage into an advantage. The baby’s crib fits perfectly in that corner and the little one can enjoy the double view on sunny days.


Source: Avso

#15 Be Smart about Privacy Dividers

This baby has its own corner in their parent’s bedroom. The young couple wants to enjoy this privacy and so they installed a system of cubbies where they store the baby’s clothes and toiletries. Storage space and privacy divider all in one!


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#16 Rethink the Traditional Nursery Look

Your child is unique, so why should their nursery look like a catalog page? With some creativity and a bunch of non-traditional decorations, this couple made the most of a tiny nursery space and turned it into something spectacular.


Source: Popsugar

#17 Get Creative with Plant Hangers

Plant hangers are great on balconies…and as wall-mounted storage solution for plush toys. This simple and great looking design is both decorative and helpful for the your parents sharing their tiny house with a new baby.


Source: Mommyish

#18 Repurpose Old Furniture

Old armoires are stylish, have a decent capacity of storing various linen…but they are still quite voluminous for a small home. Unless you decide to save some money by purchasing only a changing topper and place it on top of the armoire. This is a great way to keep your beautiful furniture and save some space in your house.


Source: Mom

#19 Fold-Down Changing Table

For the truly tiny apartments, this DIY solution is probably the only one that works if you want to have a separate changing table for the baby. Up and down in a moment and never in the way when you do not need it!


Source: Mommyish

#20 Proudly Display Your Baby’s Clothes

Baby clothes look like tiny works of art. So why wouldn’t you display them in a clever arrangement, especially if you have run out of space in the cupboard? All you need is some creativity and the proverbial elbow grease.


Source: Mom

And now that we have reached the end of our recommendations, we can’t wait to see your own solutions for living with baby in a small apartment and share them with our readers.

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