Balconies represent the small escapade out in the open for apartment owners. They are the block version of patios, but not everyone takes advantage of this little space and make the most of it. The main reason for this is the fact that many balconies are really tiny and it is hard to imagine being able to arrange any kind of furniture in it. Today we want to show you that you can create your own pleasant corner in your balcony. These small balcony design ideas are inspired from real homes from all over the world.

#1 A Walk in the Park

This family recreated the atmosphere of a park in their small balcony by installing a bench, ceramic tiles and well groomed leafy plants. Even the wall mounted lamps imitate a public park light post.

small balcony 20

Source: Gooshomedesign

#2 The French Inspiration

One of the most pleasant images is that of a French open air terrace where people enjoy flavored coffee and delicious pastries. This balcony perfectly recreates the atmosphere of a Parisian coffee terrace with its simple and elegant furniture and minimalist plant decorations.

small balcony 1

Source: Stylisheve

#3 Plants, Plants Everywhere

This lady had very few options for her tiny balcony. So she decided to fill it with plants and create her own tiny garden to admire from the room at any moment.

small balcony 9

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Little House in the Prairie

For this narrow balcony there were not many furnishing options either. The owners decided to take inspiration from Western movies and create a looking out deck with comfortable rustic chairs. Can you see the cowboys coming from up there?

small balcony 8

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#5 Rustic Look with Rattan

Rattan is a lagoon plant which is very sturdy once it is dried out and pleated in various pieces of furniture. Rattan furniture is lightweight and comfortable, creating a specific rustic look, inspired by beach houses.

small balcony 4

Source: Stylemotivation

#6 Small Balcony Design Inspiration: Bright Colors

This family opted for a very light green as the main color for the balcony walls and the lounging sofa. The rather large piece of furniture does not look out of place, because its color blends perfectly with the walls, creating a unitary, pleasant aspect. This is a very simple trick to help make any space look larger than it actually is.

small balcony 18

Source: Adorable-home

#7 Arrange a Japanese Tea Room

The tea ceremony is a staple in Japanese culture, defined by simplicity, harmony and a very peaceful atmosphere. Whether you like tea or not, you can create a small Japanese corner where you can sit with your friends and enjoy a pleasant time.

Source: Stylisheve

#8 Save Space with Folding Furniture

Inspired from street cafes, these minimalist table and pair of chairs do not take a lot of space, but are comfortable enough for two people to sit down and have breakfast or some drinks in the evening. In this way, you can create your own little corner on the balcony no matter how small it is.

small balcony 15

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#9 Create the Atmosphere of a Pub

This apartment owner decided to have their own pub at home. Bright colors and a few high chairs did the trick. Now all they need is some friends to visit and the cold pints of beer!

small balcony 17

Source: Goodshomedesign

#10 Arrange a Herbs Garden

Herbs are both useful in the kitchen and pleasant to look at. Plus, they also give out a refreshing fragrance. It is very easy to plant and keep fresh herbs on your balcony and enjoy your own little corner for relaxing and spicing up your food from a natural source.

small balcony 6

Source: Digsdigs

#11 Fill Your Balcony with Potted Flowers

Flowers are a joy to the eye and to the sense of smell. Their sight is sufficient to help you relax and forget about your stress and worries. We can only imagine how many happy moments these people spent in their charming little balcony full of flowers:

small balcony 2

Source: Stylisheve

#12 Extend Your Pantry

This resourceful homeowner who most certainly enjoys cooking found a clever way to arrange their balcony in a useful and pleasant manner at the same time. This little pantry has everything a chef may need and provides a relaxing corner where you can sit down and enjoy reading a book as well.

small balcony 14

Source: Brightside

#13 Install a Swinging Chair

Swinging in a chair on your own balcony, reliving the days of childhood… what can be more relaxing? What is more, this type of furnishing makes the most of a tiny balcony and allows you to enjoy it.

small balcony 5

Source: Digsdigs

#14 Egyptian Inspiration

This tiny balcony is so cleverly decorated that it looks worthy of a pharaoh. With such surroundings, it is understandable if you start feeling king of your small empire…be it just a balcony.

small balcony 19

Source: Adorable-home

#15 Meditation Garden

A meditation garden is your own little sanctuary where you are safe, relaxed, away from all worries. With the stress of the modern life, we should all have such a garden at home. You can arrange one in your balcony with just a little investment.

small balcony 16

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#16 Children’s Activity Area

A blackboard, colored chalk, some toys and lots of cheerful potted flowers – that is the definition of paradise at home for any child. You can create it in your balcony and then enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet while your child is busy creating artwork on the blackboard.

small balcony 7

Source: Digsdigs

#17 A Romantic Corner

A comfortable sofa, candles on the table…this is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the moonlight. What is even better – you do not have to leave home in order to enjoy it, because this scene takes place on your own balcony!

small balcony 10

Source: Topinspirations

#18 Focus on Minimalist Design

A light blue, uniform color all over the walls, window frames and furniture. Repurposed crates as seats. Pillows installed for comfort on the walls. This simple choices in terms of furnishing and decorations helped this home owner create a pleasant and relaxing sitting area on their small balcony.

small balcony 13

Source: Brightside

#19 Coffee Corner

Oh-la-la! What an elegant little coffee corner! And it is located on a home balcony! We can only say that these people must have a very pleasant morning enjoying their coffee every day.

small balcony 11

Source: Stylemotivation

#20 Home Office

If you want a quiet place where you can run your home based business or look over important documents from the office, your balcony is the answer. This small and isolated area from the rest of the apartment is just what you need to install your computer on a desk and place a comfortable chair.

small balcony 12

Source: Brightside

This is the end of our exhaustive list. We have tried to find as many small balcony design ideas as possible, to appeal to all tastes and all budgets. We hope that reading this article has helped you discover a pleasant and useful manner of furnishing your balcony and putting it to good use.

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