Living in a small apartment is a constant struggle to keep clutter at bay and have enough personal space to relax. This is a hard learned lesson for millions of people worldwide. However, human ingenuity is always ready to come up to creative solutions to apparently impossible problems. Making more room in a small home without giving up a part of your belongings is one of these problems. We have looked at ways in which many people manage to store various items and build and adapt various storage solutions and we identified 20 must-have organizers for small apartments. Many of these solutions involve some DIY work, but we are sure that you’re up to it. Let’s get started!

#1 Bike Shelf

This small but sturdy wooden shelf is strong enough to hold a bicycle safely and to offer you some storage space for keys, correspondence, loose change and other such things. Installed in the hallway, it can replace the awkward entrance side table and keep your ecological means of transport safe indoors.


Source: HGTV

#2 The Sliding Wardrobe

In a small apartment, separating walls are a problem to build. This person built a half wall to delimit his home office and cleverly installed a sliding wardrobe inside it. This is certainly an ingenious way of keeping clothes organized without occupying valuable room space with a bulky dresser.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#3 Rethink the Bathroom Caddy

This hanging tiered holder is generally used for flower pots. But where could this mom store all her children’s rubber ducks and other bath time toys? As the saying goes, if it looks silly but it works, it is not silly at all.


Source: Buzzfeed

#4 So Many Kids, So Little Room

Bunk beds are the number one small apartment organizer, when you have several children. Can you imagine fitting 4 regular children’s beds in this room? No, not even if you arrange them against the walls. So bunk beds were the natural choice, leaving the center of the room free for the boys to play together.


Source: Sunset

#5 Opt for Open Shelves

Traditional kitchen cabinets with doors take up a lot of space, both effectively and visually. These simple open shelves offer sufficient and creative storage space both for dishes and glasses, look minimalistically chic, and take up very little space.


Source: BHG

#6 The Pipe Rack

This is a nice DIY project for you and your partner. Pick up a small dolly, some pieces of pipe (remember to add some elbow joints to your list of supplies), paint in your favorite color and you can create a one-of-a-kind clothes rack, which can be easily moved to another room when you entertain guests. Although it would be a shame to hide away such a crafty and beautiful item!


Source: Designsponge

#7 Bed and Breakfast

Do you want to have your own B&B at home? There’s nothing simpler if you buy this useful and original multi-purpose furniture item. It can be converted into a Murphy bed and a dinner table sitting at least three people.


Source: Babble

#8 A Victorian Kitchen

Feeling nostalgic about the Victorian era? You can bring it in your own kitchen with this homemade pots rack made of copper pipes. We can almost see Oliver Twist asking for more food…


Source: Thisoldhouse

#9 The Cupboard Office

Remember Harry Potter living in the cupboard under the stairs? Well, you could be working in the office in the middle of the wardrobe. It’s all about compromising and finding ways to squeeze your clothes in the two sides left, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Source: HGTV

#10 The Unexpected Cooking Corner

Since we were talking about the cupboard under the stairs, here’s a neat way to organize your microwave and cooking ovens. Nothing feels like a delicious meal prepared under the pattering of your children’s feet up and down the stairs!


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#11 Joke’s on the Doorway: It Was Framed!

Really, doorways never get the attention they need when people look for extra storage space. This couple decided to do something about that valuable vertical space. We may say this is the most educated doorway we’ve ever seen, judging by the number of books.


Source: Sunset

#12 Cubby, Cubby On the Wall

You will never appreciate the versatility of cubbies until you buy a few of them and start arranging them like building blocks to create various storage solutions. Only your imagination is the limit to the number of combinations you can come up with!


Source: BHG

#13 Repurpose Mailer Tubes

Mailer tubes are used for the delivery of large architectural blueprints and drawings which cannot be placed in an envelope. They can be bought from any post office or, what’s better, you or your friends may have received mailer tubes with documents. If you cut them and line them with soft cloth (such as velvet), these mailer tubes will become a charming and space saving wine rack for your favorite drinks.


Source: Designsponge

#14 A Touch of Class in Your Bathroom

A vintage airing cabinet which would not fit in your bedroom can be converted by any skilled carpenter into a sink cabinet for the bathroom. You can keep your towels and bathrobes neatly folded in there and impress your guests when they need to wash their hands before dinner.


Source: Thisoldhouse

#15 Keep Old Ice Cube Trays

They will serve you well as mini-containers for your jewelry. Now you will not have to deal with the problem of tangled necklaces or not finding your favorite ring or pair of earrings.


Source: Buzzfeed

#16 Install an Extra Mini-Fridge

Sacrifice the cabinet under the kitchen sink to install a mini-fridge. You will always have your frozen veggies handy when you cook for your family, and free up space in the main fridge for other groceries and drinks.


Source: Babble

#17 What’s Under That Floor?

Not the old man’s beating heart from Poe’s tale, but some out-of-season clothes which could not be stored elsewhere. Creating a hidden storage space under the floor is quite neat. When you are going away for holidays, you can also store valuables in there, such as jewelries or important documents, to keep them extra safe.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#18 Save Those Old Belts

They can be turned into a neat and original storage solution, together with a couple of wooden planks. You don’t believe it? Then take a look and be inspired!


Source: Designsponge

#19 Caddies, More Caddies

The inexpensive and convenient wire caddy must certainly win a prize for versatility and space saving benefits. It can be installed almost anywhere and help you keep things organized and out of the way. Let’s give a round of applause to this helpful storage solution.


Source: BHG

#20 What to Do With Muffin Cups

…when you are not baking muffins. Really, these hand-me-downs from mom take up place and they are useless. Unless you decide to give them a new life and organize your office supplies neatly. Goodbye to the eternal mess on your desk and to the mysteriously disappearing paper clips. Now each item has a definite place to be.


Source: Buzzfeed

And here we are, at the end of our list of recommendations for must-have organizers for small apartments. We hope that you can use as many of these ideas as possible and turn your tiny home into a pleasant and de-cluttered place where you can relax and enjoy family life.

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